7 Best Blackout Curtains in 2020

If you’re like most of us, you hate that dazzling sunlight entering through your window or door during the lazy mornings. If you need to change your room into a sleep cave, then purchase and correctly install the best blackout curtains, in addition to using great sleeping recliner.

Blackout curtains will help block harmful UV and sunlight rays or insulate against cold or heat in your Media/Gaming room, living room or bed room.

After thorough research and consultations with light, sound and noise cancellation experts, I recommend the Deconovo Room Darkening Blackout Curtain (Best for bedroom), the Basics Blackout Curtain (for short Windows) and Half Price Drapes PTCH-BO130907-120 Blackout Curtain (for large size doors or windows) as the best blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains have acoustic deadening and thermal insulating characteristics, and thus would be good for day time sleepers and night shift workers, hence thus improving their sleep!

Deconovo Room Darkening Blackout Curtain is only black in color but comes a various rich and vibrant colors. The curtains are made of polyester fabric (triple weave 230 GSM) that will do thermal insulation, light blocking and saving energy.

Try the trusted Basics Blackout Curtain. It comes in 52″Width by 84″Length and 52″Width by 63″Length, with three choice colors. Also, it has two panels having coordinating tie-backs. It’ll block harmful UV rays, light, sound and heat or cold. It is 100% Polyester of triple-weave fabric.

Third in line is the Half Price Drapes PTCH-BO130907-120 Blackout Curtain that has 56% Nylon and 44% Polyester with Plush Blackout Lining. It also has a 3 inches Pole Pocket with Hook Belt. However, the Half Price Drapes is sold only per panel.

Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtain has 4 panels, 2 sheer drapes and 2 blackout drapes. You can lay sheer drapes onto blackout panels for romantic impression. Also, add sheer drapes along the panels for variable coverage of light. Blackout panels are 100% polyester triple-weave fabric.

Willow Jacquard White Grommet is a 100% polyester white blackout curtain that blocks light and regulates temperature. The Curtain Panels has a textured decorative panel and the fabric has a foam layer for thermal insulation and blocks light. It has a formal look and panels are machine washable.

NICETOWN 3-Pass Microfiber Curtains will fold and drape greatly to your windows. Also, they have a soft and good look and a heavy fabric but does not collect dusk. It will block about 85%-99% UV rays and light, and triple weave fabric reduces noise. It is machine washable.

Reviews: 7 Best Blackout Curtains in 2020

1. Deconovo Room Darkening Blackout Curtain – Best curtains for the bedroom

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The Deconovo Room Darkening Blackout Grommet Curtain is a perfect blackout curtain for infants, seniors, shift workers, and late sleepers. This is one of the best curtains for the bedroom.

Note that the curtain will protect your housewares and furniture from unfavorable fade from the sunrays that could otherwise get in through the windows and doors.

If you’re worried about dust hitting your kid, then know that the Deconovo Grommet Curtain will not attract mites or dust.

Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Review 

Silver Grommets

The Deconovo Grommet Curtain has six silver looking grommets for every one of the 42 inches curtain. The holes for the gorments are big to accommodate most of the curtain rods available commercially.

Further, the grommets are designed not to rust and thus favorable as they won’t mess your curtains and room.

Quality Design

The Deconovo Grommet Curtain has a unique stitch with no uneven edges or hems and no loose threads. Further, the curtains are machine washable and at under 30 °C.

2. Basics Blackout Curtain – For Morning sleep-ins and Afternoon naps

AmazonBasics Blackout Curtain are short blackout curtains that will give your house an adorable blue look. It is created using a triple-weave fabric (double paneled) to reduce light, noise and control heat.

AmazonBasics Blackout Curtain
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Each of the curtains panels comes in 52 x 63 inches size and thus effectively covered my bedroom’s 47 by 27 inches window. It has cuffs created from velco while the back side of the blackout fabric is white in color.

AmazonBasics room darkening curtain will help assist become highly dark and thus excellent for morning sleep-ins and afternoon naps.

Equally, if you are worried about room privacy, the AmazonBasics Blackout Curtain will blackout both light, noise and block any peeking eyes from the outside.

Also, the blackout curtains will help you create a quiet indoor environment and thus enhance your sleep. Further, its blackout features will help protect your upholstery and carpet from sunlight rays and thus prevent their fading.

They are excellent for office, gaming or media room and thus reduce the computer or TV screen glare.

AmazonBasics Blackout Curtain Review 

Triple Weave Fabric

The AmazonBasics curtain will come in 2 panels that are created from a fabric that is polyester (triple-weave 240 GSM).

The triple-weave technology will assist block light, and insulate from cold (during warmer) and heat (during summer) room conditions.

Luckily, I found that the AmazonBasics curtain is light and soft, as opposed to other brands that are foam-backed and have tough liners.

Velcro Ties and Rod Pocket

It has a rod pocket that will readily allow any decoration or standard rod. The curtain has 2 Velcro ties that you can use to easy to pull the panels.

3. Half Price Drapes PTCH-BO130907-120 Blackout Curtain

 Half Price Drapes PTCH-BO130907-120 Blackout Curtain
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The Half Price Drapes PTCH-BO130907-120 Blackout Curtain is created from the polyester nylon (165Gsm) that provide very smooth panel to reflect and simmer light in your room.

The Half Price Drapes panels help to block light and regulate room temperature. Notably, the faux silk taffeta will come with native “Crinkles”.

Notably, the best fullness panels should be about 2-3 times your window’s width. The blackout curtain has 44% Polyester and 44% Polyester.

Half Price Drapes PTCH-BO130907-120 review

Quality and elegant drapes

The Price Drapes PTCH-BO130907-120 has beautiful, elegant and quality drapes. The blackout has high-quality sheen and will block light.

The drapes are heavy and can slide on the rod and also have a pleatable backing tape. Further, the curtain will contain some sheen that makes them look elegant.

However, if you paint your room’s walls dark it will reduce dazzling of light in addition to the blackout curtain blocking out the light.

Great Pattern

Price Drapes PTCH-BO130907-120 has an understated and enduring pattern with faux silk taffeta.

It will provide welcoming interiors created through conventional inspiration. Further, the curtain is created from soft and plush fabric.

4. Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtain Mix & Match Tulle

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The Mix & Match Tulle Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtain will allow natural light through the tulle sheer lace and you can block out light using the blackout curtain.

It has the triple weave fabric that will prevent harmful UV rays and sunlight from getting into your room.

It has a sheer curtain panel and a blackout curtain panel, all that are 100% Polyester.

It’ll give you a romantic look that will make your media or gaming room lively. The panels measures 52W by 84L and includes 8 antique Bronze grommets.

 Best Home Fashion Blackout Curtain Mix & Match Tulle  Review 

Romantic appearance

The Best Home Fashion Blackout Tulle Lace & solid blackout Curtain will be an excellent treatment for your windows as it couples the romantic and dreamy appearance to transform your room décor.

The blackout curtain and the Tulle sheer Lace will combine to give you and elegant look.

Triple Weave fabric

Its triple weave fabric allows you to black out light since it has dense black threading in between to block light.

More Panels

The Best Home Fashion Blackout curtain will come with 4 fashionable curtain panels that will make it easier to layer and thus block or allow light into your room.

Versatile Grommet Top

Every curtain panels will have eight amazing and easy to use stainless grommets which will make it easy to layer your curtains.

5. Willow Jacquard White Grommet – White Blackout Curtain

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The Willow Jacquard White Grommet combines the contemporary and casual feel into your gaming, media, bedroom or living room.

The drapery has a layer of Triple-Pass foam and also Silver grommets that are at the panel’s top.

Also, the grommets have spacing to allow the drapery to produce smart pleated collections if open.

Luckily, this curtain falls under the much sought after white blackout curtain that you’ll find both attractive and effective.

However, you can choose other colors that will match your decor needs.

Willow Jacquard White Grommet Review

Trendy curtain panel

The blackout curtain has a pair of trend curtain panel that will block out light and is thermal-insulated for ultimate comfort during your summer.

Also, the panel will block drafty winds from getting into your living or office space. You’ll most likely love the simple design of the blackout curtains and their ease of installation.

Complementary Décor design

It has a simple design that will complement your room décor. You can simply slip the decorative rod to the grommets to easily achieve an excellent feel.

6. NICETOWN 3-Pass Microfiber Curtains 

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The NICETOWN 3-Pass Microfiber Curtains will play more than the role of blocking light from getting into your room.

The clients will thus require less energy to heat or cool their gaming room, office or bedroom.

Therefore, your room will be warm during winter and thus cut grid power consumption.

It has grommet ring top that is strong and you’ll find it easy to install. Further, you can easily side the grommet ring on the rod smoothly.


NICETOWN 3-Pass Microfiber Curtains  Reveiew 

Multi-layered fabric

NICETOWN 3-Pass comes with its multi-layered and heavy fabric that will cut the quantity of light coming through your windows.

Also, the blackout curtain will thus serve as energy-saving solutions and hence will appeal to the green- mindful clients.

Blocking Noise

If you are a day sleeper or a night worker, the NICETOWN 3-Pass blackout curtain will block both noise and light from getting into your bedroom and thus allow you to get sweeter sleep.

The curtains will reduce the noise and darken your bed or resting area to sooth you to a comfortable sleep.

Increased privacy

The curtains will give your space an amazing bliss.

For example, you can push them down while you are playing your favorite video games such as Elite Dangerous or if you are watching TV in your media or living room.

Blackout Curtains for Nursery

Maybe you need to block out light and sun rays from the nursery.

Notably, if your kids get enough sleep, you’ll also be happy and can accomplish more of your goals. I will outline how you can use Blackout curtains, depending on the kid’s age.

Kids below 6 years

According to an article by National Sleep Foundation, Newborns and Kids in general sleep the longest: about 14 – 17 hours sleeping time.

Therefore, it is important to create a conducive environment that would enhance sleeping in the young ones.

Nursery Blackout curtains are important!

After kids paint, draw pictures and maybe take a walk, they’ll need to take a rest in their bed, probably in the nursery when they are very young.

Notably, you’ll need to put off the toys and spread the beds on the floor. Therefore, to make the room conducive for sleeping you’ll need to put up Blackout curtains for the nursery.

Characteristics Of Best Nursery Blackout Curtains

The Best Nursery Blackout Curtains should be designed with a blackout lining, have excellent noise reduction and thermal insulation.

Notably, all the nursery curtains aimed to reduce light should be labeled “Blackout”.

Dark color and high quality

However, you should note that the material quality is a critical aspect in blocking out light from the nursery. The nursery Blackout curtains would require to be have thicker fabric.

Also, the dark color will give you better results when it comes to blocking light. However, the white blackout curtain as also effective when they have the right fabric, linen, and reinforcement.

Despite that you might prefer bright colors for the nursery, you should remember that dark Colors will be more effective as Blackout curtains.

Reducing Noise

But note that velvet curtains, which are most effective in blocking noise, would not be readily available in brighter colors. Therefore, consider this aspect if you need to reduce both noise and block light.

If the nursery is near a noisy road, you might need to purchase a blackout curtain that would also reduce noise coming to the room.

Over 2 Panels

To reduce noise, you should install more curtain panels as opposed to the normal 2 panels for light blocking.

Notable, you should buy panels that are three times the width of your window. This will enable the curtain to extend about 10 to 20 inches below and below the edge of the window.

I recommended the NICETOWN Three Pass Microfiber as the best Reducing Noise for the nursery.

Wrap Up

We’ve covered the blackout curtains I consider to be the best in their class.I recommend the Deconovo Room Darkening Blackout Curtain as I like its quality and effectiveness in blocking both light, heat, and noise from any gaming, media or bedroom.

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