Logitech Wireless f710 Gamepad 2019 – Review

The Logitech Wireless f710 Gamepad is an easy to pick a Wireless PC controller but it will be very difficult to put away. F710 is a wireless gamepad for Windows PCs and it uses the Nano USB receiver. Logitech was the first innovator of gamepads and they have done some good developments with their new … Read more

Best Controller For Rocket League 2019 Guide

With a good controller, it’ll be much easier to do aerials and have favorable triggers. Also, with the controller, you can speed up slowly, which is better for dribbling. From my 5 years of Rocket League, I recommend either the DualShock 4 Controller or Steam controller is the Best Controller For Rocket League (in swift auto racing combined with soccer) for … Read more

Best Flight Simulator Yoke 2019 – Reviews

There has been increased innovation and upgrades in modern gaming devices such as the best flight simulator yoke, particularly aiming to achieve more realism in virtual piloting. However, the flight simulator yokes vary depending on materials, price, and brand. Also, the devices vary on realism capacity, customs mapping ability of the buttons, and compatibility with … Read more

7 Best Joystick for Elite Dangerous 2019 Guide

Finding the best joystick for elite dangerous and Hotas joysticks just is not an easy task. Consider Compatibility, top Design Quality, Ease of Control, Buttons and triggers configuration. I’ll review the top joysticks available. I’m convinced the best joystick for Elite Dangerous is Saitek X52 Pro Flight to pilot elite dangerous (ED) spaceship and conquer the ED galaxy. No other … Read more

5 Best Controller for Retropie 2019: Retro Gamepad

The “reluctantly” good gamepads lack analog sticks and broader functionality such as compatibility with 3-D titles, and extra buttons, which is unlike the Best Controller for Retropie that I review in this post. I conducted an analysis for Best Controller for Retropie using 2D games such as Darkstalkers, Samurai Shodown II and The Last Blade. You … Read more