Best Elite Dangerous Mods 2019 – Guide

Look: I sure love Elite: Dangerous! However, I leant how I can make it better using Elite Dangerous mods, apps, and tweaks. Frontier developed as space simulator which is amazingly big.

Bottom Line:

Recently, a gaming friend using ED joysticks from asked me what are your thoughts about and download links for amazing elite dangerous mods?


I must state that most the mods available are sound and visual such and HUD Recolour and edfx as they will not modify or affect gameplay.

Strictly speaking, there are no Elite: dangerous mods but there are many third party tools if you are in the PC Master race.

Best Elite Dangerous Mods in 2019

1. Roccat Power-Grid

2. TrackIR

3. Voice Attack

4. Head Tracking

5. HUD Recolour

Voice Attack

Voice attack is a third party voice recognition software which will execute custom macro commands.

It allows you to create anything from custom macro to simple keystrokes and then speak your commands to operate Elite Dangerous.

So, how much will such a great software cost you?

Well, voice attack has a free trial for $8 that you can use for the first 21 days while deciding if you need to upgrade to the premium Voice Attack.

For voice attack, you’ll only require a microphone to work with the software. However, the elite dangerous mod will work bets in areas that have less ambient noise.

Further, you might need to train Voice attack if your voice has an accent to allow it to understand your voice correctly.

The Elite dangerous mod mimics the ship commander you see in TV series and sci-fi games.

In such cases, the commander utters some instructions to a computer in the ship, which immediately executes the same.

Interestingly, in the case of the Voice Attack, the software is able to talk back to you as you issue commands.

Also, you can set some custom commands for the Voice Attack that it can utter after listening to some initial commands.

Further, you might need to check out the Elite: Dangerous Voice Pack that could give you some pre-created key inputs and command profiles.

HUD Recolour

HUD Recolour modifies the regular onboard computer “star” orange color and changes it to various shades and different areas.

Every pop-up HUD is the foundation of each Elite dangerous gaming. You might need to have a varied collection of bling ion the ship cockpit. But you cannot alter this in the game.

Arkku in his site will enable you to tweak the HUD recoloring.

However, you could require getting the GraphicsConfiguration.xml file to modify the HUD color.