10 Best Motherboard for i7 6700 (non-K) 2019

In August 2015, Intel launched the 6th gen processors, one of which was the Core i7-6700k after which came the Core i7-6700. Core i7-6700 a good performing motherboard to achieve top outcomes just like the i5 7600k motherboards. The Core i7-6700 CPU is a quad-core chip that is very fast. It has a Intel HD 530 that is clocked at … Read more

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7 Best Motherboard for i5 6600k 2019 Reviewed

i5 6600k CPU i5 processors come with 3.5 GHz 4 cores, which takes lower energy and allow 4k resolution, particularly for gaming and content creation purposes. Z170 motherboards are considered to be highly powerful motherboards with the i5 6600k. I sought mobo recommendations from experts for my first PC build, and I am convinced that ASRock Z170M EXTREME4 is … Read more

Best Laptop Tablet Combo 2019 – Reviews

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Best USB Bluetooth Adapter for Windows 10 2019

Best USB Bluetooth Adapter for Windows 10 can help you reduce the excessive internet wires running all over and allow more mobility with your devices. Also, Windows 10 or any upgraded windows OS might not support Bluetooth devices, like Bluetooth adapters, running on older technology. The USB Bluetooth adapter will easily connect to your Windows 10 … Read more