Best Shoes For Waitressing 2019: Non-Slip & Comfy

It’s always tricky to choose non-slip waitress shoes, that are dress code policy compliant, for servers who hoist heavy plates and trays in fast food joints & dining restaurants. You’ll serve many customers and stay on your feet for long hours. Hopefully, this guide will help. To wear while serving drinks and food in different joints and … Read more

10 Best Athletic Shoes for Lower Back Pain in 2019

I had experienced many lower back pain issues before I invested in great running shoes. Given, I tried other remedies to reduce repetitive loading stress on my spine but now I needed some prevention measures. As a typical runner, stretching hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and the core may help you warm-up your muscles before running. Reviews: 10 Best Athletic Shoes for Lower Back … Read more

5 Best Walking Shoes For Lower Back Pain 2019

With the many shoe brands on the market today, it can be tricky to choose good walking and athletic shoes to ease your back pain. But we all need great shoes that would support the lower back pain and thus alleviate pain even for waitresses. To avoid Corns, Nail problems, Athlete’s foot (study), Collapsed arches and Back pain and  … Read more