7 Best Acrylic Paint for Canvas in 2024

If you’re a beginner or expert painter/ artist hunting for the best acrylic paint for canvas, then relax you’re in the right place. Best Acrylic Paint for Canvas

Well, the canvas is a critical part of your art – but you must get the best to your acrylic paints, your artwork, and style. 

The paint’s acrylic polymer emulsion allows the water to evaporate and hence thus give you quality durable paint. Luckily, acrylic paint is acid-free. See Also: top paint strippers for woodSo, let’s get started!

s: Top 7 Best Acrylic Paint for Canvas in 2024

1. Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint for Canvas, Fabric, Ceramic, Wood

Crafts 4 ALL Acrylic offers unique and vibrant colors for your canvas, fabric, ceramic, or wood. This is safe and won’t leach, plus it gives the fabric a great linen texture. The set o 24 colors have a unique formula that’ll make it more vivid.

Best Acrylic Paint for Canvas Check Price on Amazon

Crafts 4 ALL Acrylic is a PREMIUM quality paint will I’ve you a butterfly texture, and hence it’ll be easy to apply other paints. The acrylic paint is awesome for blending, mixing, and layering with no worries of wrinkles or nubbins.

The paint is formulated to give excellent color clarity and top brilliance plus top consistency that enable easy blending and mixing. The non-toxic paint is quick to dry to leave durable, highly pigmented, and vivid.

Time testing generated excellent results – the colors will be vivid and won’t fade quickly. Therefore, I also noted that the light-resistant acrylic paint sets would be practical on your canvas. You’ll get unlimited color shades for your various projects in mixing, layering, and blending.

Crafts 4 ALL Acrylic will be a great gift and art kit for both kids and adult artists that enjoy versatile acrylics. It’s great for nails, scrapbooking, painting, and canvas art and will work well for most painted surfaces like art chalkboard, blackboard easel, decorative wallpaper, ceramic, or plastic.

Luckily, the company includes a bonus of 3 nylon brushes. These brushes and acrylic paint will be excellent for painting glass, wood, paper, and canvas.


  • Crafts 4 ALL Acrylic is opaque, smooth, top-grade paint, and comes in many color varieties great for hobbyists, students, and semi-professionals.
  • With a thick consistency to give a brilliant texture on your work.
  • The acrylic paint will be excellent for primed canvas – after putting on the paint, you’ll only need to allow it to dry.
  • The colors were vibrant and well pigmented. Also, it’ll dry quickly on canvas – fast drying.


  • None


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2. Liquitex Heavy-Body Professional Acrylic Canvas Paint

Liquitex Heavy-Body is a great high-viscosity acrylic paint for canvas – you’ll love its consistency that’s thick and will work great with knives, brushes, printmaking, collage, and experimental.

Liquitex HeavY Body Professional Acrylic Canvas Paint Check Price on Amazon

This artist-grade Acrylic paint comes in 22ml (48) tubes that’ll work well for artists that are working with acrylics. Therefore, the range of colours is both bright and vibrant.

Liquitex Heavy-Body has high pigment quantities that’ll give permanent, brilliant, and vibrant colors. It’ll have an excellent surface drag for exceptional blending and handling.

I would recommend this Liquitex Heavy-Body for large and small artworks, all artists (both noobs and experts), and works excellently with Plein Air.

The main characteristics of this acrylic paint include excellent color brilliance and clarity, plus a buttery, thick, and smooth consistency besides having being flexible after drying.

While this Liquitex acrylic paint is considered as heavy-body suitable for impastos and enhancing the canvas and artwork texture, I noted that they have a thinner flow.


  • Restocking is considered quite easy since it comes as a set of colors
  • Budget-friendly acrylic paint
  • Student- and artist-grade acrylic paint selectecion
  • Paints sold individually or in a set


  • Not suitable for lqargescale projects

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3. Grumbacher Acrylic Academy Paint Mixing Set

Grumbacher Acrylic Academy is an excellent student-grade acrylic canvas paint set giving performance similar to professional-grade acrylics. You can buy acrylic sets or individually.

Grumbacher Acrylic Academy Paint Mixing Set Check Price on Amazon

Grumbacher Acrylic Academy gave me an amazing experience painting my canvas. The spectacular feel of this paint plus the smooth consistency is quite astonishing for its budget.

The color sets are bright and poopy with their many pigments and thus gives a vibrant appearance on the canvas. Further, I noted that this acrylic paint is considerably lightfast and permanent.

The 48 acrylic canvas color selection includes metallic, iridescent, and process color shades with exceptional ASTM lightfastness. Thus, they’re highly-pigmented but also have excellent tinting strength.

The budget acrylic canvas paint set will have both plastic (200ml & 75ml) and metal (90ml) tubes. The quality of the paint will work well for students, art conservationists, and professional artists.

The Grumbacher Acrylic Academy offers great vibrancy and consistency giving a bright outlook great for beginner and student canvas painting.


  • Durable acrylic paint set that considerably permanent and lightfast
  • Quality USA-made acrylic canvas paint
  • Excellent vibrancy and consistency
  • Variety of colour selection for the 48 options
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Budget-freindly
  • Affordable acrylic paints for many artists


  • Not considered professional-grade

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4. Winsor & Newton Galeria 2190517 Acrylic Canvas Paint

Winsor & Newton Galeria is a high-quality Acrylic canvas paint that’ll give your professional outcomes. You can use it when mixed (with gels & Acrylic mediums), diluted, or directly from its tube.

Winsor & Newton Galeria 2190517 Acrylic Canvas Paint Check Price on Amazon

This budget-friendly acrylic canvas paint will give you vibrant results comparable to regular professional-grade acrylics. Expert artists love this model with an expansive lineup of 57 colors.

Winsor & Newton Galeria produces a considerably uniform surface with vibrant and rich colors. The smooth and thick paint is also durable besides being simple to mix and clean too.

Further, the acrylic paint comes with a suitable usage recipe with clear application instructions. You can get the print in 34 appropriate sizes – 500ml, 250ml, 200ml, and 60ml.

Winsor & Newton Galeria offers an exceptional balance between professional-grade acrylics and kid or beginner-grade paint. You’ll love its great permanence and lightfastness with amazing pigments.


  • Expansive color lineup of 57 colors
  • Great selection of tube size
  • Budget-feiendly acrylic paint
  • Approved for usage by beginner or intermediate artists


  • None

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You’ll easily get primary colours and other options including white, black, and versatile brown great for most of your acrylic artwork with permanence and lightfastness – best acrylic paint for canvas.

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