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Best Hackintosh Laptop 2018 – Guide

 Nothing excites the technology world like the competition between Mac and PC. Most people when in need of a computer they opt for these exclusive monoliths in the computer world tech. A hackintosh is simply…

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Best Raspberry Pi Models 2018 – Comparison

 Raspberry Pi is popular among the single-board super-computing enthusiasts, and is described as a small Linux-based computer on a small single board. Raspberry Pi 1, released in 2012, may be used with the PC monitor…

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Best Motherboard For Gaming 2018 – Reviews

 Best Motherboard For Gaming are truly the unrecognized heroes in PC gaming. You’ll have every periphery plugged into it: power fans, CPU memory, and graphics cards. However, you ultimate motherboard have properly spaced out graphics cards’…

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How To Choose A Motherboard – Step By Step Guide

 Despite that the RAM, graphics card, and processor will directly affect YOUR PC’s performance, a motherboard will influence the gadgets you can install and run on your computer. Motherboard performance, in addition to the Wireless PC…