9 Best Camera for Beginner Filmmaker 2024

Are you tired of smartphone photography or filming? Then you should invest in an entry-level camera that gives you high-quality footage. Best Camera for Beginner Filmmaker

It enhances your creativity with limitless controls. But which is the best camera for beginner filmmakers?

Well, below is a review of seven best cameras to get you started in your film-making career or hobby. Related: 7 Best Laptops For FL Studio

Reviews: Top 9 Best Camera for Beginner Filmmaker 2024

1. Canon T7i Rebel SLR Digital Camera – #1 Pick

Begin your filming and photography with a camera that goes hand-in-hand with your smartphone. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which allows you to operate the camera using your smartphone. You can also directly transfer files to the smart device without removing the SD card.

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It makes use of a 24.2 sensor which together with the Digic 7 processor provides a better noise handling ability. The 6fp shooting speed gives you clear and sharp images even in fast-moving scenes. Canon T7i uses a 3’’ touchscreen with a 1080p resolution to provide an HD display.

5-axis stabilization is a high-end technology incorporated in this camera to stabilize your videos whenever the camera shakes during shooting. Image stability can also be enhanced by using IS-enabled lenses.

It’s compatible with a variety of lenses including macro lenses, STM lenses, telephoto lenses, macro lenses, and wide-angle lenses.

It won’t give you 4K videos, but you will comfortably get 60p footages compared to the 30p in the previous T6i / 750D’s.


  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • 3’’ touch screen
  • 6fps shooting speed
  • Excellent noise handling ability
  • 5-axis stabilization


  • Does not give 4K video

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2. Canon Mark III Full HD DSLR Digital Camera – #2 Pick

Since the introduction of the DSLR cameras in the 2000s, canon 5D Mark III has become a popular camera among filmmakers. It comes with a 22.3MP image sensor capability which gives you sharp images even when printed on large posters.

Canon Mark III Full HD DSLR Digital Camera Check Price on Amazon

The provision for interchangeable lenses gives you a chance to use different lenses depending on the task at hand. With this camera you buy the lenses separately. For instance you can get a standard lens which can be used in a wide range of filming tasks.

It’s also compatible with other lenses such as telephoto lenses, macro lenses, wide-angle lenses, and specialist lenses. However, it’s advisable to check for compatibility before purchasing a lens for your camera.

Canon now uses DIGIC 5+ Processor which provides six times better image processing compared to the previous DIGIC 4. The shooting speed is faster than that of its predecessor with up to 6fps. This allows you to capture quick-moving scenes with better clarity and sharpness.

Overall Mark III comes with a lighter body and a more prolonged battery life.


  • Fast shooting speed with 6fps
  • 3MP sensor
  • Compatible with a wide range of lenses
  • Flash and SD card slot
  • Prolonged battery life


  • Not Wi-Fi enabled

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3. Nikon D3500 Compact Digital Camera DSLR -#3 Pick

If you’re beginning photography or filming, you’re ready to go with the Nikon D3500 camera. Though not new in the market, D3500 has proven to be an excellent performer in the filming industry.

Nikon D3500 Compact Digital Camera DSLR Check Price on Amazon

A guide mode is available to take you through the camera and its key features in case you’re using it for the first time. Plus it comes with an improved body layout and controls which makes it easy and comfortable to use.

With the 24MP image sensor and the absence of an optical low-pass filter, you are sure to get better image quality compared to Nikon D3400. The shooting speed is about 5fps while its sensitivity range is 100 to 25600.

Although it doesn’t provide 4K videos like some competitors, it still capable of recording 60/50p resolutions as well as other lower resolutions.

Nikon D3500 camera does not come with a lens. But it’s usually offered with a Nikon lens at an extra descent price. I’d recommend this lens for beginners although you can always upgrade when need be.

What’s more, the long battery life allows you to cover up to 1,550 images with a single charge.


  • Useful guide mode to get you started
  • High quality images
  • Remarkable battery life
  • Compact design


  • Not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled
  • Not touch screen

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4. Pentax K-70 Full HD Weather-resistant DSLR

Whether you’re an experienced or novice filmmaker, you won’t be disappointed by the premium features you get in this Pentax K-70. From its functionality to its weather-proof and dustproof construction, everything in this camera will give you value for your money.

Pentax K-70 Full HD Weather-resistant DSLR Check Price on Amazon

At the core of its good functionality is the 24.24MP sensor which works together with the anti-aliasing filters to give you high quality images and videos. The axis sensor helps correct movements to stabilize you shooting.

In addition, there’s a provision for correcting motion to further enhance the stability of moving objects.

With the ISO 100 – 204800 sensitivity, you can shoot your images or videos regardless of the prevailing lighting conditions. The 1920 x 1080 resolution enables you to shoot full HD videos. However, it won’t do 4K videos.

The flip out screen comes in handy when shooting videos. It can be tilted at various angles to facilitate convenient operation. What’s more, with the built-in Wi-Fi, the camera is fully compatible with the relevant apps in your smartphone.


  • High image and sound quality
  • Weather-resistant and dustproof
  • Image correction technology
  • HD video shooting
  • Autofocus capability


  • Only 11 autofocus points

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5. Canon Full HD Rebel T7 (EOS 2000D)

Canon’s EOS 2000D DSLR camera is an improvement from the Canon 1300D. It’s now equipped with a 24MP sensor which gives you better performance and noise control than the 18MP sensor in the predecessor.

Canon Full HD Rebel T7 (EOS 2000D) Check Price on Amazon

In addition, the sensor is capable of ISO 100 to 6400 sensitivity which can be expanded to 12800. However, the image processor remains at DIGIC 4+ just like in the Canon 1300D.

As an entry-level camera, Canon uses a previous 9-point phase-detection system in this camera. However, it still delivers a quick and accurate phase-detection that will be ideal for beginners.

With a shooting speed of 3fps, you don’t expect to capture fast-moving moments with this camera. However, with the limitless JPEG buffer and sufficient memory in your camera, you’ll still be able to capture swift movements.

Its video recording ability boasts of up to 1080p resolution meaning you’ll get full HD videos. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi to enable quick file transfers to your laptop. Although there’s no touch screen, the device comes with comfortable controls for quick navigation.


  • Affordable
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Easy to use controls
  • 24MP sensor
  • Sufficient battery life


  • Not touch screen

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6. Nikon D5600 Full HD Digital Camera

With Nikon D5600, you don’t have to undergo all the learning process involved with a new camera. An upgrade from the D5500, this camera comes with easily adaptive controls and tools that will be ideal for any beginner filmmaker.

Nikon D5600 Full HD Digital Camera Check Price on Amazon

Of great importance is the 24.2MP sensor which contributes to the overall good performance in both imagery and video. It gives you about 5fps shooting speed which allows you to capture quick-moving scenes with better clarity and sharpness.

With a sensitivity of ISO 100 to 25,600 and the EXPEED 4 processor, you don’t expect to get some disappointment due to lighting shortcomings. Although you won’t get 4K videos, you’ll be good to go with the 1080p resolution which gives you full HD.

The presence a viewfinder enables you to capture what see through the lens and filter unwanted features. It’s also responsible for blocking out sunlight from the view path.

The 3.2’’ touch screen boasts of about 1.037m dot resolution and the ability to swivel to allow convenient usage.


  • Quality touch screen platform
  • 5fps speed is good go filming
  • Allows wireless file transfer
  • Full HD video recording
  • Ample battery life per charge


  • Not 4K video enabled

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7. Canon DSLR Rebel SL3 Full HD Camera

This is one of the most affordable DSLR camera which is 4K video enabled. Its compact design makes it one of the lightest and smallest among its competitors.

Canon DSLR Rebel SL3 Full HD Camera Check Price on Amazon

Like the Rebel SL2 and many of canon’s latest DSLRs, this camera comes with a 24.1 sensor and a built-in phase detection mechanism.

Such a configuration allows for quick and accurate phase-detection and focusing on both imaging and filming. Shooting speed remains at 5fps like in the Rebel SL2. However, with the 4K video configuration, you’re sure to get high-quality videos from this camera.

The optical viewfinder allows you to see and frame your target shot while operating the control buttons. It’s equipped with a 9-point AF system whose work is to ensure you get a sharp focus immediately after looking through the viewfinder.

Rebel SL3 also boasts of DIGIC 8 processor which enhances the quality of your videos and images. It promotes image sharpness regardless of the lighting situation and minimizes background noise.

Other features that make this camera stand out include the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the touchscreen which contribute to the overall ease of use. Plus the battery life per charge is incredible compared to many cameras in this class.


  • 4K video configuration
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quality images and full HD videos
  • Quick and sharp focusing
  • Touchscreen, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled


  • Video cropping associated with 4K video

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Now you’re ready to take up your filming tasks with an entry-level camera. Apart from good performance, a good camera for beginners should be easy to learn the settings and controls.

As you have seen most of the popular camera brands have easily made it to this list. That’s because of their consistency in making high-quality cameras for all levels including beginners.

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