7 Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture in 2024

Are you looking for the best paint sprayer for furniture? I’ve reviewed sprayers that are easy to use and give your furniture an excellent finish. Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

The sprayers have a suitable canister that’ll make painting easy and quick.

Spray painting is inexpensive besides being suitable for indoor & outdoor applications. Key considerations for the paint sprayers include cost and performance.

s: 7 Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture in 2024

1. Graco 17D889 Furniture Handheld Sprayer TrueCoat 360 VSP

Graco 17D889 is an exceptional handheld sprayer loved by many DIY homeowners. Further, this sprayer for furniture can spray in all directions and it won’t lose prime.

Graco 17D889 Furniture Handheld Sprayer TrueCoat 360 VSP Check Price on Amazon

The sprayer’s control system has variable speed allows one to get to their required settings to match either of your heavy-duty or small detailed project.

Graco 17D889’s Reverse-A-clean tip allows very easy cleaning of the sprayer such as twisting the tip plugs to clean effectively. Its suitable furniture spraying like decks, fences, and interior projects.

For safety, the sprayer has a storage case that’s durable and thus all the accessories and tips will be safe. It’s also versatile enough plus the compressed air to give excellent and professional finishes.

This Graco 17D889 has a sensitive trigger that’ll allow you to change the device’s spraying speed varying with the pressure applied on the trigger. This gives an excellent spray pattern for a neat finish.

You can easily paint your shiplap wall within a short time with lesser amounts of overspray for a cleaner look. The spraying tips and tools are reusable and simple to clean.

The variable speed control enables an artist to work on the furniture while controlling the paint flow for a beautiful finish. Thus the carried spraying speeds will be great for your home furniture.

This Graco 17D889 won’t require regular refilling while you’re spray painting since it has a big paint bag that’ll hold a large quantity of paint.


  • Comes with a big paint bag to avoid regular retelling
  • For safety it has a storage case that’s durable
  • Effective painting even with dense materials
  • Its spray tip is also reversible for easier cleaning
  • Budget-friendly and equally durable
  • Its bag technology is FlexLiner and Liner bag that’s recyclable


  • None


2. Spraytech 0518080 Furniture Max HVLP Painter Sprayer

Spraytech 0518080 is a great furniture paint sprayer great for weekend warriors, hobbyists, and homeowners. Use the 20-feet hose will connect your sprayer gun to its turbine.

Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture Check Price on Amazon

Spraytech 0518080 is very maneuverable, lightweight, and small because the gun has no turbine. Its 570-watt-2-stage turbine is can handle paints thick & thin materials – different liquid viscosity.

With the 20-foot hose connected to the sprayer’s turbine, you won’t hold the full 11-pound sprayer. You’ll only need to move the lightweight guns around as you spray even antifouling paints.

The sprayer’s HVLP gun will give excellent and continuous finishes with a fine coat with limited overspray. This sprayer is great for DIYers & beginners plus the gun is easy to assemble or operate.

Spraytech 0518080 has an excellent design that’ll make it easy to paint on your cabinets, furniture, and house – avoid the time-consuming and tiring rollers or brushes.

The sprayer gun has a plastic cup (45 oz.) and a metal cup (32 oz.) and its light for easy maneuverability even around tight corners. Further, the large cup will be great for exterior jobs that are large.

The sprayer’s 7-gallons-per-hour flow rate is excellent for small or medium-sized projects. It has 3 fans; round fan, vertical fan, and a horizontal fan (1-10 inches) to spray objects of different shoes.


  • Wagner 0518080 has two convenient air filters that’ll hinder any dust from damaging the painting finish.
  • Limited paint overspray
  • Lightweight sprayer
  • Also, the two-stage turbine is very powerful yet small enough for easy handling.
  • Variable pressure allowing praying of both thin and thick painting materials.


  • Relatively noisy


3. Critter 22032 Sprayer 118SG Siphon Paint Gun

Critter 22032 Sprayer is a great tool that enables carpenters and woodworker to give their woodwork and furniture a beautiful finish. Its suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

Critter 22032 Spray 118SG Siphon Paint Gun Check Price on Amazon

Critter 22032 Sprayer is designed from a glass jar and metal gun – which results in a weight of 1.6 pounds, which is great to effectively handle smaller or medium-sized projects.

Therefore, it’ll easily spray paint aesthetic woodwork, furniture, ceilings, walls, doors, or cabinets with its great air regulation plus a small compressor.

Further, the sprayer is simple to clean – just pour some thinner and use a paper towel to effectively wipe the tube and jar gasket – both for polyurethane or lacquer finishes.

Its glass jars (1.6-pound) is standard jar but adapts to other spraying jars by removing the siphon gun’s lid. The device has simple air compressor settings working well on 90 PSI as its average pressure.

Its spray gun has an attached compressor plus you can fill the Mason jar with a variety of painting materials including swing set stain, lacquer, or paint.


  • Critter 22032 Sprayer conveniently comes with an instruction manual, jar gasket, and a tube.
  • Its small spray gun makes it great for beginners on furniture painting.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple to clean, use, and carry (very portable and lightweight)
  • Has mason jars that’ll adapt to other jars
  • Allows paint to eject consistently


  • The sprayer’s gasket will have a shorter life span due to prominent and rapid wear that’s also worn out easily by a primer.
  • No air compressor

4. HomeRight C800766 Furniture Power Sprayer Tool

HomeRight C800766 is an entry-level painter sprayer that offers quality at a budget price. It’s also lightweight and easy-to-use to provide high-calibre furniture finishes.

HomeRight C800766 Furniture Power Sprayer Tool Check Price on Amazon

For HomeRight C800766, you might require that the latex paints are over-thinned (compared to other regular latex paint sprayers) to avoid clogging while in the spraying operation.

This sprayer is suitable for beginners and its equally affordable – an excellent gateway tool for handling small projects. For the long hours of painting this device, is conveniently lightweight.

HomeRight C800766 offers excellent control with its adjustable paint flow with its straightforward adjusting nob. So, it’s possible to adjust the paint flow for the specific work.

Luckily, this powerful HomeRight C800766 sprayer is not loud or noisy and hence it won’t cause environmental noise pollution and thus appropriate even for sensitive ears.

On durability, this sprayer will last longer to offer you excellent services. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the tear and wear as you move between furniture painting job sites.

The reversible tip on this sprayer’s 2800 PSI motor and thus it’ll be super easy to clean. Further, the advice won’t tip easily because it has very sturdy legs.

  • Doesn’t have buildup issues that may otherwise lead to splitting
  • Offers quiet sprayer operation as it lacks air compressors thus causes lesser noise pollution
  • Allows an adjustable Paint Flow
  • Durable sprayer
  • Has a turn knob for getting vertical or horizontal spray patterns suitable for different painting jobs
  • Simple-to-use sprayer
  • Thick paints require thinning

5. Tacklife SGP15AC (3 Spray Patterns) Electric Sprayer

Tacklife SGP15AC sprayer is a device with many functionalities besides being also highly versatile. The 3 nozzle sizes allows 3 varied furniture spraying patterns and thus it’s highly adaptable.

Tacklife SGP15AC (3 Spray Patterns) Electric Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

Tacklife SGP15AC has an adjustable knob thats simple to use and adjust pressure while you’re sprayin the furniture. The sprayer gun is designed to give different spraying patterns for better finished.

The device has a removable canister that allows easy cleaning since you’ll simply eject the paint and clean the sprayer. It’s equally compact and lightweight for better maneuverability.

The paint sprayer is fully dismantlable for easy cleaning. For example, you can recover the canister and also use a funnel to examine the paint viscosity o0r add paint – simple eject the cover.

Tacklife SGP15AC comes with its large container for paints and hence it’ll be possible to fill it with enough paint for the whole painting job without constant refilling.

Further, the sprayer has a wide opening on the container and thus it’ll be easy to add paint – which makes the task simpler and equally faster.


  • Big sprayer paint container
  • Recomended sprayer for working on big painting works
  • Has 3 sizes of nozzles for a beautiful finish
  • Allows 3 varied spraying patterns for objects with different shapes.
  • Its canister is removable
  • Most accessories are removable such as its canister and filter


  • The device is bulky and most artists or homeowners might find it challenging to move around.


On the best paint sprayer for furniture, Spraytech 0518080 has variable air pressure (from 1.50 PSI to high of 2.63 PSI) to effectively handle both thin and thick painting materials.

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