7 Best Spider Spray for Yard 2024 Reviewed

Spiders can be a nuisance in your yard and other outdoor spaces.

Also, spiders can be difficult to get rid of and you don’t want to use harsh chemicals on your lawn.

  • So, in this blog post, I review the best spider spray for yards – including for different-sized yards.

In this guide spider spray review guide here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Our #1 Pick: Ortho Bug-Clear Spiders Spray for Yard

Ortho BugClear is a powerful, broad-spectrum spider killer that has a quick kill cycle and provides residual control for longer-lasting insect control.

Luckily, the yard spray will kill scorpions, hornets, spiders, fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and ants – exterminating these bugs within minutes of spraying.

Ortho Bug-Clear is an effective means of eradicating the bugs that have invaded my yard – the spiders will have a 0% recovery rate.

For anyone who is outside a lot and would like to do general pest control around their property, it’s worth the investment. It is affordable, and I use it in my Florida home because I live there with my family.

Living in a backyard full of tall grass and never mowing it can be an invitation for spiders including House Spiders.

In our spider spray review looking for an outdoor spray with a high kill rate of spiders, Ortho Bug-Clear emerged top.

But why?

  • Treats 1,400 square. ft. perimeter or of foundation and 5,300 square. ft. yard
  • Simple spraying with your garden hose
  • Kill spiders on the yard, fruit trees, vegetables, shrubs, trees, flowers, ornamentals, home’s perimeter, and lawns.
  • Long-lasting and fast (in minutes) spider killing
  • Kills spiders, fleas in the yard, mosquitoes, ticks, ants

For just the cost of a sandwich, this Ortho Bug-Clear kills spiders on contact. Spraying onto our yard vines was quite convenient and inexpensive.

2. #2 Pick: Ortho-Home Spider Defense – Lawn & Landscape

Apply the Ortho-Home Spider Defense on the house foundation. Also, your pets and humans too can get back to the treated areas – once the chemical dries.

  • Ortho-Home Spider Defense granules are not a bug spray, but they do just as good of a job.
  • Spiders will be hesitant to cross the perimeter you create if Ortho-Home is sprinkled around your home.

Ortho Home Spider Defense protects up to 2,000 sq ft against spiders on open space and thus it’ll be cost-effective but ensure correct sprinkling and apply it twice.

Once the granules are laid down they start to work almost immediately.

It’ll effectively control the bugs like centipedes, ants, and spiders for about 3 months.

This powerful spray attaches to your hose, shoots out quickly with a great distance and coat coverage. It’s odorless and clear, so it doesn’t hurt plants or lawns.

Unfortunately, this chemical bathing is not a “pet safe spider killer”. It has to dry (apply in the morning) and you must keep your pets in for a while.

3. #3 Pick: Mdxconcepts Pet-Safe Spider Spray

MDX Concepts is non-toxic and safe for people, pets, wildlife in your home – no poisons or harmful fumes.

It’s made of 100% plant-based essential oils, so they create a nice scent while killing the spiders.

Our products are carefully designed to be safe for pets and humans alike while being target-specific as thus it won’t harm the non-target organisms like beneficial bugs.

My grandmother had a crickets and spiders problem. Her living room was the focal point of this problem; every night, I would hear a chorus of chirping crickets during the winter months.

I applied the spray evenly across the entire house, especially in areas where I knew bugs and other pests might live (dark corners). Once sprayed, there was no sign of pest activity.

  • The subtle and natural smells left by these chemical-free ingredients will also leave my home smelling fresh for days to come!

MDXconcepts is not only quick in stopping the insects that come to your home, but also lasting.

  • It has an all-natural solution to keeping pests and insects outside of the house while still preserving a safe environment inside for you and your family.

4. Spectrum Cutter-Backyard Spider Repellent

Spectrum Cutter-Backyard will treat around 5,000 square feet of your yard or lawn for spiders and other bugs such as earwigs, lady beetles, harvester ants, fleas, carpenter ants, and crickets for ~ 12 weeks.

  • The only thing that I can find wrong with this product is that it doesn’t have a very good range.
  • It sprays only about 10 – 12 inches away from the nozzle, so you need to be near your target to get the full effect.

Mdxconcepts Petsafe Spider Spray is a product that has more to offer than just bug repellant. It also provides protection from ants, mosquitos, and gnats.

  • Attach Mdxconcepts Spray to an outdoor garden hose for landscape spider treatment), and lawn treatment.
  • I mixed one bottle of this concentrate (or 2) with water and it lasts close to six weeks.

Mdxconcepts is made of essential oils like spearmint, rosemary, and peppermint, which allows safe spider control both outside and inside and keeps them away.

5. TERRO-T2302 Spider Spray

The TERRO-T230 can be used on spiders, scorpions, and centipedes. This product is not harmful to humans or animals when sprayed indoors.

TERRO-T2302 Spider Spray has a quality that sets it apart from other spider sprays: its versatility. This aerosol spray is an all-in-one solution to a spider infestation.

  • It also has no toxic fumes so you won’t have any respiratory problems as a result of use.
  • The spray comes with a straw applicator that releases the liquid in an even stream – for better coverage.

First, spray the surface of the spiders directly and ingest the toxins. Next, spray any areas where spiders are lurking in your home such as on furniture outside or inside garages.

TERRO-T2302 Spider Spray targets spiders and their eggs where they hide. This includes cracks and crevices, sparsely populated areas like your firewood stack, or major foundation cracks indoors.

You should notice results after only a few sprays. Your lawn may also be bug-free and too clean for other bugs like ticks and roaches to survive in your home.

How Can I Keep Spiders Out Of My Yard?

Spiders can be helpful to regulate pest insects like flies, and some pesticides work against spiders like the black widow spiders.

  • However, chemical pesticides are hard to use and not always desirable.

Ridding your yard of trash will discourage spiders from coming indoors or living near your home.

1. Remove the Hiding Areas

The spiders will hide in piles of leaves, paper towels, and clothes – cozy and dark places. Place these items in a garbage bag or outside for the week to remove the hiding spots.

  • If you have potted plants, prune them so that there are no low-hanging branches.
  • Pull all weeds where they might be able to come up from underneath in the flower beds when it rains.

Remove any clutter on your property like boards, rocks, or debris that may provide shelter for insects during unfavorable conditions such as rainstorms.

  • Make sure if you do move these things around though you don’t disturb animal nests too!
  • Also, keep the flower beds super weed-free and clean.

2. Remove Spider Food

If you want to keep spiders out of your yard, remove their food sources.

  • To keep spiders out of your yard, you must evict the insects that they feed upon from your property – e..g by tightly sealing the garbage bins.

Find out where the spiders like to live. (Do you have plants, a woodpile, or brush piles?).

Get rid of any webs and detritus that may be around crevices, behind shutters, corners, and windows (& windowsills) inside the home with a pressure washer.

  • This will reduce the spiders’ (and other insect’s) nesting sites close to homes. Spiderlings are good at finding nooks and crannies that we miss during normal cleaning routines.

To keep spiders and other bugs out of your yard, reduce outside lighting – this reduces the spider’s food and thus their population.

3. Use Biological Control

Spraying pesticides is a surefire way to keep spiders out of your yard, but it also kills the good bugs and other creatures that are necessary for healthy lawns.

Pesticides can even make you sick if they get on your skin or in your mouth when someone walks through the yard.

  • One solution is to save all those old egg cartons, cut off the ends, fill them about halfway with water from a jar (or use spray bottles), poke some holes in each end with an ice pick or nail then bury them.
  • This will attract beneficial insects like wasps (e.g. mud dauber) who prey on spider eggs as well as aphids who eat plant sap and are attracted by plants such as tomatoes.

Spiders tend to avoid eucalyptus, so you can plant a tree like this in their yard for some relief.

4. Use Essential Oils

Yes, you can use essential oils in your yard to keep spiders away. You will need a few supplies, but it is worth the effort.

Spiders such as the wolf spiders do not like strong smells and are repelled by substances with citronella, cinnamon, cedar, clove, peppermint, rosemary, garlic, and Lemon oil.

  • Apply these oils to any areas of your yard that might be vulnerable to spider entry such as doorways or windows where they could easily get into your home if you don’t have screens on them already.

Some people even spray their entire yards with this solution just for good measure! Keep in mind that some folks find the smell overwhelming so go sparingly.

  • It’s also wise to keep away from plants and grasses since spraying too much can harm them and make your lawn unhealthy looking too.

Ideally, you want to apply essential oils at least once every two weeks for the best results.

What Kills Spiders Instantly?

There are plenty of chemicals that will kill spiders instantly, but if you can manage it safely, make use of a chemical called Carbon Tetrachloride.

  • Carbon Tetrachloride is a liquid that is commonly used as an industrial solvent, but it can be found in some paint removers.

It will kill spiders very quickly and easily when they come into contact with this chemical.

What you need:

  • A spray bottle (or container) filled with water or other substance to make the spider walk across
  • Carbon Tetrachloride

How to use it:

  • Spray Carbon Tetrachloride onto your surface where there are likely to be spiders (this could include under furniture, on window sills, or around doorways).
  • Be careful not to over-apply! The goal here is only for the spider(s) to contact enough of the carbon tetrachloride so that they die; we don’t want any

Vinegar – How to use it:

This has been the best option for me and I haven’t seen any new spiders on my outdoor surfaces since implementing this solution!

  • Mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle, then spritz around your home or property.

Treating inside as well is very important because they can find their way back outside easily enough when you’re not looking.

  • You’ll want to make sure that corners are thoroughly cleaned out, and curtains need to be replaced if they have holes that could serve as entrances.
  • You may also want to check under furniture like tables at night before bed so that you don’t get bit during sleep by an unsuspecting spider who’s made its nest there recently.

One that is readily available at the grocery store, for example, is concentrated bleach (over 11-percent). Whether you’re looking to kill one spider or an entire colony and its eggs, bleach is a great option.


In summary, on the best spider spray for the yard, there is a wide range of products available on the market that people can use when looking to buy.

  • Some sprays may kill bugs instantly while others take days before they work so it’s important to do some research beforehand if you’re not sure which suits your needs better!

In general, though, the best way to prevent spiders from finding their way into your yard is by making sure that you mow, weed, and otherwise keep it tidy.

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