7 Best Spray Paints for Plastic in 2024

The best spray paints for plastic will entirely transform the look and feel of your plastic objects or household items. Best Spray Paints for Plastic

It’ll easily revamp your house and yard chairs to gain or train a bold color. Check this guide on how to paint plastic.

Spray paints for your plastic must be designed to adhere to different plastics like Rust-Oleum effectively.

s: 7 Best Spray Paints for Plastic in 2024

1. Rust-Oleum 267116 Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover

Rust-Oleum 267116 is excellent spray paint for painting your plastic household items and furniture. Luckily, the paint requires no primer, but you’ll require to clean the surfaces thoroughly.

Rust-Oleum 267116 Painter's Touch Ultra Cover Check Price on Amazon

Rust-Oleum 267116 is also quick-drying, and hence you can spray-paint the objects, and it’ll be ready to use within 20 minutes. It’ll give you a soft-gloss and great finish.

Further, Rust-Oleum 267116 can be sprayed on different outdoor and indoor plastic objects. But you must be cautious that the spray paint releases some smell for indoor purposes.

Luckily, this plastic paint is budget-friendly or priced reasonably and hence suitable for most homeowners. You’ll get this spray paint for plastics in a variety of beautiful colors.

You can use Rust-Oleum 267116 both for exterior or interior plastic surfaces. This oil-based paint is durable and comparatively low odor and thus suitable for most plastic objects. 

The paint’s impressive gloss finish will quickly restore the beauty of the plastic items. Great coverage on the exterior or interior surfaces – about 12 square ft for every Rust-Oleum 267116 can. 


  • Variety of applications like on unglazed ceramic, masonry, metal, plaster, plastic, and wood (see also these deck stains for wood)
  • Chip-resistant and suitable oil-based plastic paint
  • Soft gloss and excellent finish for a new and fresh look
  • Durable plastic spray paint that won’t need a primer


  • Moderate paint smell

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2. Rust-Oleum 327874 Plastic Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 327874 offers great consistency, it’s durable and can be used for multiple purposes (not just plastics) – with quick dry time – about 20 minutes.

Rust-Oleum 327874 Plastic Spray Paint Check Price on Amazon

Rust-Oleum 327874 offers a consistent finish on surfaces like unglazed ceramic, plaster, wicker, metal, plastic, and wood – both their exterior and interior surfaces.

This model of plastic paint is usable on a variety of surfaces, and hence it’s not limited to just plastics. Luckily, Rust-Oleum 327874 will give high instant surface and painting results.

This plastic spray paint will offer long-lasting surface protection thanks to the spray tip that spray’s at any angle and thus cuts the level of finger fatigue while reaching all the challenging corners.

Further, this paint offers excellent coverage on the exterior plus the interior surfaces – about 12 square ft for every can to enable fast and effective project completion.

Just like in the Rust-Oleum 267116, this Rust-Oleum 327874 has a comfort tip that’ll lessen the finger fatigue that would be caused by continuous spraying.


  • Quick-drying after spraying in just about 20 minutes its ready to touch
  • Offers smooth coverage and exceptional durability
  • Rust-Oleum 327874 provides a vivid color, full and smooth coverage with excellent durability.
  • Thus, you’ll get some fresh shine on the plastic items and household objects.


  • None found

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3. Colorbond 3047 Plastic Plastic Acura Charcoal

Colorbond 3047 is also plastic, vinyl, and leather spray paint (with molecular bonds) that can be used on household items and Auto interiors. Luckily, the surfaces don’t peel, cracks, or flake.

Colorbond 3047 Plastic Plastic Acura Charcoal Check Price on Amazon

On drying-time, the OEM specified Colorbond 3047 is quicker – it’ll be dry to touch in just 10 minutes to give the plastic items a supple feel. One paint container will easily paint the whole car’s interiors.

Besides household plastic, the Colorbond 3047 will also sweetly finish your interior plastic automobile objects. Thus, this paint will heolp0 you keep your car’s interior in superb condition.

Colorbond 3047 is a durable and high-quality plastic paint that includes an innovative formula that won’t flake, crack, or peel. The long-lasting plastic coating won’t come off quickly.

Luckily, the Colorbond 3047 comes in the Acura charcoal (among other colors) that’ll make your plastic look brand new while also giving the vinyl keeps its supple and beautiful feel.


  • Consistent and flake-proof finish
  • Quick-drying in just 10 minutes ready to touch
  • Multiple applications including household items, vinyl, leather, and car interior plastic parts
  • Steering wheel appropriate plastic spray painting
  • Great for interior vehicle components plus it won’t peel or crack


  • Colorbond

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4. Krylon K02329007 (No Priming/ Sanding) Spray for Plastic

Krylon K02329007 Fusion is also a high-quality plastic paint with our experts prefeeing the patriotic blue color from the broad range of colors.

Krylon K02329007 (No Priming or Sanding) for Plastic Spray Check Price on Amazon

Krylon K02329007 Fusion will stick excellently on the various plastic items including car interior parts made from plastic. Further, it’s suitable for wicker, metal, and wood.

This spray paint will readily and quickly dry for touch in just 15 minutes, which it’s only a tiny part of the time taken by other spray paint models to dry.

The plastic spray painting won’t need any priming or sanding, and thus the application is simple. But to make the plastic surface chip-free, you’ll require to allow about seven days for the paint to dry thoroughly.

It gives a super-bond fusion on your materials, including plastic with no priming or sanding. The paint will readily bond to resin, PVC, and plastics.

This plastic spray paint will work well with vinyl materials, including the plastic components of your motorcycle but use soap, hot water, plus rubbing alcohol for proper bonding.

It has a suitable spray tip (the EZ-touch 360-dial) that’ll make the plastic spraying task simple with limited fatigue. So, you can easily restyle, restore, and revive of plastic items.

For painting PVC piping, you’ll not require to sand the surfaces before painting, and it’ll look beautiful like its newly painted. But you’ll also have problems removing it even using paint thinner.

Finally, Krylon K02329007 Fusion is relatively well UV-resistant, and it’ll hold up to the harsh weather conditions, including the sunlight.

  • Suitable for spray painting plastic on the outdoor plus the indoor spaces.
  • It is approved for various materials – suitable for wicker, plastic, metal, and wood.
  • Availed in a range of beautiful colors
  • It creates a smooth surface finish that will not chip
  • Finish isn’t very smooth

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5. Testors Acrylic Plastic Paint Finishing Set

Testors Acrylic Paint is recommended for many materials, including plaster, canvas, metal, paper, plastic, and wood. Further, it’s approved for use by young crafters scouts and hobbyists.

Testors Acrylic Plastic Paint Finishing Set Check Price on Amazon

The fast-drying, water-based Testors Acrylic Paint is equally easy to dry and clean using water plus and soap, plus it’s non-toxic. Luckily, you can air-brush or simply brush it on the required surfaces.

Testors Acrylic is equally a high-quality plastic paint (like other acrylic paints for pouring), but it’s packed in tiny bottles suitable for scout projects, woodworking, and crafts projects.

Further, I loved that this paint is also relatively quick-drying to give a durable coating that won’t easily scratch, flake, crack, or peel. Thus, the painted surfaces will be flawless for longer.

Besides, the Testors Acrylic set contained a number of color options that’ll be appropriate for your various finishes. Some of the colors include gloss green, gloss yellow, gloss white, and gloss orange.

  • Durable and non-toxic plastic paint
  • Easy to apply multiple coatings since its quick-drying
  • Balances excellently between matte and gloss
  • May require double coating

6. Krylon K08987000 SUPER-MAXX Plastic Spray Paint

Krylon K08987000 SUPER-MAXX offers the best rust protection and requires no priming or sanding to apply. It offers great durability and adhesion in plastics, laminates, wood, and metal.

Krylon K08987000 SUPERMAXX Plastic Spray Paint Check Price on Amazon

Krylon K08987000 SUPER-MAXX is an excellent spray paint that’ll p[protect your metal and plastic items (both for outdoor or indoor spaces) against corrosion, damage, and rusting.

The incorporated primer implies that the homeowner won’t have to purchase the same separately before doing the plastic paint job. The paint will bond to different delicate surfaces like wood.

Its flat-black color could be dull for most homeowners, but this might be one of the factors that’ll help prevent material using or UV damage – but plastics won’t rust and thus less useful feature.

For fish tanks spraying, you’ll need to consider aquarium safe plastic or glass paints. But this paint has some quality-control problems.

This plastic paint needs reduced, preparing for practical application. Simply use some water and towel to wipe the surfaces, allow to dry, masks off, and finally spray paint.

The significant issue is that Krylon K08987000 SUPER-MAXX puts adequate paint down. So, you’ll require to run the sprayer fast to allow the paint to flow excellently.


  • Has an incorporated primer
  • Krylon K08987000 SUPER-MAXX works excellently underwater compared to other brands.
  • Excellent dust protection
  • It’ll adhere well but you must allow a few days of curing at over 70 degrees f period to submersion.


  • Dull color

7. Krylon Camouflage Plastic Paint – Olive & Ultra Flat

Krylon Camouflage is suitable for plastic, plaster, glass, vinyl, metal, and chrome — quite the versatile paint. Luckily, it’ll give a beautiful finish with limited issues of wearing out, chipping, or peeling.

Krylon Camouflage Plastic Paint - Olive & Ultra Flat View Price on Amazon

Krylon Camouflage produces a non-reflective and ultra-flat finish that’ll excellently cover your plastic items. It’s also great in saving time since it requires no sanding or priming.

The versatile paint is considerably quick-drying and won’t require much effort even in painting a firearm or a gun-metal. It’s also appropriate to use on automotive or household items.

The camouflage colors in this paint are tremendous, plus the model is budget-friendly and gives you some smooth experience. Thus, you’ll readily create a plastic camouflage color.

But you may get a stencil to allow easy creation of camouflage on your plastic items. It’ll quickly bond to your plastics and thus makes it effortless to paint such objects.


  • Has colorful and vibrant colors
  • Excellently priced plastic paint
  • Great bonding with the plastic
  • Needs no priming or also sanding
  • On drying time, Krylon Camouflage is equally fast as you can tough in just a few minutes, but it’ll be ready to hands within like 1 hour.
  • To become fully chip-resistant, allow about 1 week to cure fully.


  • Curing process on plastic is slow


On the best spray paints for plastic, gloss models (either oil-based or acrylic) can be used combined with suitable undercoat and primer to paint plastic.

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