7 Best Trail Dirt Bike for Beginners 2024

What’s the best trail dirt bike for beginners? When it comes to dirt bike riding, the motor cross is the favorite option for most riders. Best Trail Dirt Bike for Beginners

However, trail riding represents a cheaper alternative to motor cross in addition to requiring minimal skills.

If you are looking to get started on the trails without the intimidating Nature of motorsport, you need the excellent trail beginner dirt bikes.

Reviews: 7 Best Trail Dirt Bike for Beginners in 2024

1. Yamaha TTR-230 – #1 Pick Trail Dirt Bike

The TTR-230 represents a perfect choice for beginners looking for a quality trail bike with plenty of power. It is powered by a 223cc 4-stroke SOHC, two-valve engine.

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You get exceptional comfort with this option thanks to its low and comfortable seat, which facilitates easier rider movement. This bike’s 223cc SOHC 4-strike engine produces broadband power for efficient and predictable performance.

Designed for youngsters and adults looking for adjustable seat height and a small chassis, this off-roader represents one of the best choices for beginning trail bike riders.

Air-cooled and featuring two valves, the engine gives you enough power distribution making it an ideal option for beginners looking to master their skills.

An easy-shifting 6-speed transmission gear will allow you to tackle a wide range of terrains. With a seat height of 34.3” and smooth, torquey power, you have all you need if you are a beginner.

For greater rider mobility, this unit offers racing-derived ergonomics thanks to its competition-style seat-tank junction design. The low seat height design sits on top of a long-travel suspension, making it ideal for a wide range of riders.


  • Smooth push to start option
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to ride
  • Easy to maintain


  • Relatively pricey

2. KTM 250 XC-F – #2 Pick

This brand is renowned for its strong performance thanks to its highly developed engine, which is built into a race-designed chassis.

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You get a combination of a torque engine and a lightweight, agile chassis with this bike, making it an ideal choice for beginning trail bike riders.

KTM engineers featured a new cutting edge DOHC engine in this unit, setting the stage for the next evolutionary phase in racing and development. This bike’s engine offers you a torque of 4 nm and a power output of 6000-7000 rpm and a displacement of 250cc. The 4-stroke 1-cylinder powerhouse powerful performance is reinforced by a 6-speed transmission system and a multi-plate clutch.

The lightweight and agile chassis around which the 250-CXF is built are just what you need if you are getting only getting acquainted with dirt trail racing. One of the best-selling features of this dirt trail racer is the multifunctional counterbalancing shaft feature, which allows you to balance the mass-forces, making it the ultimate beginner’s choice for those worried about maintaining balance.

The transmission system features a specially designed six-speed Enduro gearbox with shorter gear ratios as compared to its predecessor. The new gearbox features an easy and precise gear shift system, which spares the beginner the hassle of a complicated gear shift associated with other rival brands.


  • Race designed chassis
  • Counterbalancing feature
  • Powerful engine
  • Lightweight in nature


  • It only comes in orange

3. Kawasaki KLX 110 (Best for junior riders)

Whether you are looking for a friendly riding companion as a beginner or an amusement tool, the KLX off-road series will serve the task.

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The 112cc engine and small chassis offer you unlimited versatility if you are a young rider looking for an off-road thrill on the trails. The sporty race-inspired design is one of the best-selling features sought out by young thrill-seekers.

This dirt trail bike is powered by a 112cc-four-stroke engine with an automatic clutch. The engine gives you a maximum power output of 5.4Kw and maximum torque of 4000 rpm.

What’s more? You get an adjustable throttle limiter, smooth power delivery, and several heat shields for improved safety. This unit features a carburetor fuel system version Keihin PB18.

The KLX 110 features a low seat height position, automatic clutch, and heavy-duty suspension, which makes it ideal for outdoor dirt riding. You get a confidence-inspiring ride with this unit, thanks to its low 27” seat height, which offers you a lower center of gravity, making it the go-to choice for young trail riders.

The 110 features a 4-speed transmission drive system which is moderated through a wet multi-disc system. At a displacement of 112cc, this low consumption bike is the go-to choice for teaching the basics of dirt trail bike racing to beginners.


  • Compact chassis
  • Sporty inspired styling
  • Low fuel consumption


  • Not ideal for large sized riders

4. Suzuki DR-Z70

This 2008 Suzuki dirt trail bike represents an easy and fun choice for thrill-seeking kids looking to learn the basics of riding. This unit delivers a combination of quality drive transmission for improved confidence looking to get acquainted with riding a motorbike on the dirt trails.

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The electric starter and automatic clutch systems give your inexperienced rider a hassle-free performance while a built-in manual kick starter offers your rider the ultimate riding experience.

The DR-270 is powered by a compact 67cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, which is torqued to yield a responsive and easy to control rpm power. A throttle limiter allows parents to set the power for inexperienced kids and control their speed.

The adjustable power band allows older supervisors to set the required power level to enable the learner to get the hang of the bike at the necessary pace.

This unit features a lower seat position of up to 22”, thanks to its small 10” wheels. This race styled option gives you the confidence and riding ability needed by young unsupervised dirt trail riders. The aggressive RM-Z inspired design featuring a bright yellow body gives you a sporty look.


  • Electric and kick-starting options are ideal for trainee riders.
  • The throttle limiter allows you to control the pace.
  • Light weight


  • Lacks headlights

5. KTM Free Ride E-XC (best electric dirt trail bike)

You are presented with endless possibilities and a no-limit attitude on purchasing this unit. Arguably considered the best choice for female riders, this unit features bright orange and blue colors across the upper body.

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The lightweight and easy to ride characteristics provided by the E-XC gives you a confidence-inspiring ride.

You get longer riding fun with this bike, thanks to its inbuilt 50% more battery power. The PowerPack battery gives you enhanced capacity allowing the user to cover more mileage on a single charge.

It offers the same no-limits performance as its gasoline-powered counterparts, but it emits zero emissions. The KTM E-XC provides you a clean and maintenance-free performance, which spares the user the hassles of adding oil and fuel.

Besides, this unit utilizes an energy recuperating technology which allows you to tackle the toughest terrains in silence. The instant electric power feature gives you a thrilling performance and opens up new riding possibilities.

This bike features a WP Xplor shock absorber, which keeps you grounded during the action. Besides, a seat height of 910 mm is sufficient for all standard riders. This model is lightweight on design thanks to the utilization of a steel-aluminum composite frame around its perimeter.


  • Zero emissions
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Excellent performance on a single charge


  • Relatively expensive

6. Yamaha TTR-50 (Best kids’ beginner bike)

The TTR-50 series is specially designed for very young dirt bike enthusiasts. It offers your young riding counterpart a great platform for getting acquainted with the art without worrying too much about power, control, and balance.

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Some of its top features include a convenient push-start electric starting, ultra-low seat configuration, and advanced suspension.

The 50cc engine is air-cooled, allowing it to yield smooth and reliable 4-stroke power performance, which is just sufficient for very young learners. The compact of this Nature of this edition’s powerhouse keeps the engine’s width narrow for a lighter feel and improved handling.

The VM type carburetor utilized in this unit guarantees your young rider of responsive and uninterrupted power and a reliable throttle response.

An ultra-low seat height of 21.9” allows most young kids to put both feet on the ground for added confidence and improved handling. For improved bump-smothering performance on the rear wheel, the user gets a single 2.8” coil-over shock, which is lightweight in Nature. A curved steel chassis with reinforced steel helps keeps the frame narrow and offers excellent rigidity.

Enclosed drum brakes on the front and rear tires help deliver strong and dependable stopping power. The tires are highly durable and excellent at gripping the surface, thanks to knobby features.


  • Throttle limiter for guardian control
  • Push start technology for on the go performance
  • Reliable motor
  • Excellent balance and control


  • None found

7. Honda CRF250X

This is the go-to choice for taller beginners looking to get acquainted with trail riding, thanks to its longer suspension and elevated seating position, which offers you a great view of nature trails.

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Other cool features associated with this edition include a larger fuel tank capacity, aftermarket handguards, and a Dakar-inspired design.

Honda is popular for its wide range of motor cross and trail riding bikes in the market.

This unit is powered by a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with a broad powerband adjustment capability and a lower revving torque.

This allows you to twist the throttle without worrying about control. The control delivered to the rear tire allows for a smoother ride. What’s more? The engine’s simple and lightweight design gives you excellent fuel economy without compromising on performance.

While this edition is better suited for taller riders, an aftermarket suspension lowering kit allows shorter rides to have a go at this trail bike.

Weighing in at 254lbs, this unit features a lower center of gravity, which allows users to manipulate it on different terrains. Since the fuel tank is perched within the frame rather than sitting on top of it, the rider leverages the bike’s center of gravity for improved control on the go.


  • Computerized ignition starts feature with electronic advance.
  • Customizable with aftermarket parts
  • Larger fuel capacity
  • Excellent control


  • Relatively expensive

Considerations for Best Trail Dirt Bike for Beginners

1. Engine capacity/motor size

The volume of displacement in the dirt bike’s engine cylinder is a key consideration for beginners.

For improved control and handling, you might want to go for a unit with lower CC values for gasoline-powered options.

If you are considering an electric unit, go for one with a smaller motor size to help you stay in control.

2. Size of the rider

Since there is no one-size-fits-all option when shopping for a dirt bike for beginners, you get different options in the market depending on the weight, height, and the reach of the user.

You might want to try out your preferred choice by physically sitting on it.

The ideal pick should allow you to rest both feet on the ground as you steady the machine while allowing you to reach the handles comfortably.

3. Tire size and Nature of the terrain

For a more comfortable ride as a beginner, you might want to go for larger wheels to improve grip, particularly if you are dealing with an unpredictable terrain.

For improved acceleration and control over rocky terrain, the rear tire should feature more tread than the front. Since not all dirt bikes are suited for every terrain, it is imperative for beginners to base their buying decisions on the terrain.

The Unpredictable Nature of most dirt trails calls for an in-depth evaluation of the available choices for best results.

5. Personal preference and Durability

Your personal preference goes a long way in narrowing down the choices of the preferred dirt trail bike for beginners. Whichever model you go for, ensure it offers you unlimited comfort and control.

The rough Nature of dirt trail riding calls for a highly durable unit that does not fall apart during the action. Besides, the ideal pick for beginners should be easy and cheap to maintain.


Every rider has a personal connection with their first dirt trail bike because they are bound to share amazing and unforgettable memories from their first riding experience.

The ultimate beginner bike pick should allow you to learn easily and master the maneuverability skills needed to tackle difficult terrains.

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