7 Free Autotune vst Plugins 2024

Here’s a comparison guide between free Autotune vst plugins. In an attempt to get the best vocal and musical instrumental sound output, producers creatively use the autotune plugins to fine-tune the sounds. Free Autotune vst Plugins

These plugins also allow you to fix certain imperfections in the sound so as to improve the overall performance of the vocalist.

So, which free autotune VST plugins can give you the best fine-tuning results.

Below is a detailed review of the best free autotune plugins commonly used by top-notch producers. Read Also: Check these music production macs

Reviews: 7 Free Autotune Vst Plugins 2024

1. MAuto Pitch

MAutoPitch comes with a wide range of features that will take your music production to another level. Whether you want to tune your vocals or the myriad of musical instruments in your studio, this plugin does exactly that.

Notably, MAutoPitch entails a high-end user interface which offers an excellent visual appearance with great ease of use. Even better, you can scale the plugin to enhance the performance, using the stereo expansion and formant shift configuration.

The visual display gives all the parameters and values straight to your eyes for easy interpretation and customization. As with most of the typical plugins, this one comes with options for varying the depth, speed, and for detuning.

The speed knob allows you to set the speed at which the system skips out-of-tune notes. High speeds allow the system to quickly jump from one note to another, which may result in rough sounds. Smoother transitions can be attained by setting the system to a lower speed.

With the depth control, you’re able to set the plug-in so that it enhances the sound depth to the required level. Detune is meant for fine-tuning where you `can control the pitch to the most desirable levels.

2. Auburn Sounds Graillon 2

Grail 2 will compete with even with most of the high-end autotune plugins in the market. Right from its good performance to its old-school user interface, everything in this plugin promises to take your studio recording to another level.

This user interface presents you with various control icons that you can easily set to your desired position. The display gives a waveform showing the current status of your note and corrections being executed by the plugin.

Grail 2 features a pitch modulation unit whose function is to fine-tune the vocals for smoother and flawless sound output. This provision allows you to adjust the vocals from -12 to +12. With the speed knob, you’re able to control the speed at which the system jumps or skips out-of-tune notes.

Also featured in this plugin is the bitcrusher, which controls the audio quality without necessarily engaging the filters. The resulting output is warm audio that is free from jumps.

To achieve the best of the effects, you use the wet and dry knob, which allows you to control the processing of the signal.

What’s more, Graillon 2 works perfectly well with macOS, windows, and Linux.

3. GSnap

Since its release, GSnap has been a leading free plugin for vocal pitch tuning and voice effects. It also gives you the ability to correct vocal sounds as well as sounds from musical instruments.

It comes with an easy to use graphical user interface which displays the status of the original and corrected pitch on the left side. The original note pitch appears in red while the corrected pitch is displayed in green.

The MIDI control unit allows you to input notes from the piano and links them to the vocalist’s notes. GSnap will then guide you on the areas that need to be corrected.

It’s equipped with 12 knobs, which allow you to edit the effects. For instance, the vibrato knob comes in handy to alter the vocalist’s voice to a more organic voice. The speed knob is meant for setting the speed at which effective pitch detection occurs. The lower the speed, the faster the rate of speed detection.

Another notable control knob is the gate, which dictates how the plugin affects the sound. For instance, the gate knob can be adjusted to detect and affect either quiet or loud sounds, depending on the intended purpose.

There’s also a threshold knob for setting the maximum working region for pitch-shift. The snap-notes are displayed on the GUI, as well as the region being corrected.

4. KeroVee

This free plugin comes bundled with functional tools for pitch correction and machinelike voice effects. It’s capable of turning any type of vocals into a completely new and impressive voice. It’s also good on equipment, especially the guitar, where it automatically tunes it to very high standards.

The graphical user interface gives a waveform of the initial signal and the final signal after auto-tuning. With the numerous fine-tuning knobs on the right side of the display, you can adjust the pitch until you get the most desired voice.

In this plug, you’ll enjoy fine-tuning knobs such as formant, calib, pan, transpose, and so on. The formant knob allows you to tune both high and low pitch sounds by shifting the formant. With the calib knob, you’re able to adjust the pitch to the required level.

Just like in the GSnap, KeroVee makes use of the MIDI controller to detect and correct notes automatically. Once you enter the notes, the plugin guides you on the areas that need further customization.

The nuisance knob allows you to deal with discrepancies related to the vocalist’s natural vibrato. What’s more, the tone speed knob enables you to set the speed at which the plugin corrects the inconsistency in the audio.

5. X42 Autotune

X42 is a fully functional autotune plugin with an easy use user interface. With this plugin, you’re able to fine-tune your vocals by correcting the notes. The user interface comes in a stylish display, which is divided into an upper and lower section.

The upper unit features five knobs, which gives you a chance to fine-tune the vocals to the required pitch. These include the filter, tuning, offset, bias, and the corr. The piano icon on the left side allows you to set the scale. This part also gives you the leverage to choose either the manual or automatic tuning mode.

Perhaps the best part of this autotune plugin is the sidechain and MIDI functionally. They’re found at the lower section where they’re operated manually. The MIDI unit allows you to simultaneously correct the vocal and keyboard input.

The bias knob gives you better control of the tune at hand. Thus you have a chance of enhancing the vocals to a natural voice. However, you have to keep the BIAS at a low level for effective results.

The offset knob ensures that your voice doesn’t stray away from the required note as it enters the correction process.

6. Autotalent

Perhaps this an autotune plugin with the simplest user interface. Despite the simplicity, Autotalent plugin is fully equipped with all the components necessary for fine-tuning your vocals. The simple interface only makes it easier and enjoyable for you to operate.

A look at the user interface shows three parts of the working display. The first section is the LFO quantization, which is located on the left side of the display. It’s a unique feature not found many of the free autotune plugins. This section allows you to add unique sound effects to your vocals and acoustic instruments.

In the middle of the interface, the display is the control section, which comes with all the controls for autotuning. These include the pitch shift, base tuning, pitch pulling, correction strength, semitone correction, correction smoothness.

Also included is the scale selection option and the controls for the LFO rate and LFO depth.

At the right side of the interface is the LFO shaping, which works with the LFO vibrato to generate chiptunes effects and cool effects.

7. Alex Hilton A1 Trigger Gate

If you want to attain the best vocal outputs, try this autotune plugin. It comes with some of the best effects that enable customized music production. It works perfectly with most of the music genres, including pop, hip-hop dub steps, among others.

Also known as Trance Gate, this autotune plug entails a myriad of settings that allow you to take your raw sounds to expert levels. The expert mode gives you random patterns that you can use to generate unique rhythmic patterns.

The step sequencer consists of four beats. These beat entail four steps, each of them having a step volume. The four steps include LongStep, ShortStep, NoStep, and StepLink. Step sequencer can also be in the triplet model with three steps instead of four.

The other section of this plugin is the ‘Integrated FX,’ which features the controls for echo/delay, lowpass filter, and the drive/distortion. These are ON/OFF controls, which allow you to change the effects of sounds.


On free Autotune vst Plugins – You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get an effective autotune plugin for fine-tuning your music. These free autotune VST plugins come with excellent features that will enable customized sound production. Some of these will match or surpass the effectiveness of some budget autotune plugins.

Although they come in different user interfaces, they have proven effectiveness in sound production. So, you can choose any of these and be ready to take your sound production to the next level.

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