How Often Should You Repaint Interior Walls

How Often Should You Repaint Interior Walls? The answer to this question depends on factors such as; whether you have kids in the house, pets running around, or smoke coming from the fireplace. If you notice your walls are starting to look dingy and dirty, then it might be time to paint them again.

A great practical way to determine if it is time for a new coat of paint is by using the “one-finger rule.” Simply put, if you can run your finger across the wall and see any more than one line or layer from where your nail has touched, then it’s time for an exterior touch-up.

Exterior paints are designed for harsh climates and they can last for much longer periods of time without needing to be repainted than interior paints due to their protective qualities. Interior paints do not hold up as well because they are exposed to humidity levels on a regular basis with all the windows closed which causes them to peel away from the wall easily.

This problem is what leads many homeowners into thinking that interior walls must be repainted yearly or even twice per year in order to maintain an adequate level of cleanliness.

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