Paint Color Ideas for Outside of House

Painting your newly constructed home will not only improve its outlook impression, but also boosts the overall service life. Selecting color for house exterior may be cumbersome and challenging. Paint Color Ideas for Outside of House

Exterior house color should be selected depending on the location, prevailing weather, and the nature of the exterior house material in order to attain quality paint finish.

Color matching is crucial especially for cottage or a bungalow. Exterior house found in sunny areas should be painted with white color or brighter color that emits solar insolation (reduces internal heating).

Lighter shade color will do well in warm environment. You can line beams and column (for concrete houses) with bright grey color in order to reinforce the white background. 

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Details: Paint Color Ideas for Outside of House

When choosing paint color, it’s also important to consider the colors used by neighborhood and consider similar option for uniformity and impressiveness. 

a. White – Sunny Areas

White color is the best choice for house found in sunny or hot areas since the color acts as the reflective agent, which reduces internal heating.

Whether, the house structure is concrete, wooden, or metallic, applying white color work perfectly and improve overall outlook impression.

Moreover, white color is also used when painting peace camps, royal palace, and cottage found in ice land. It’s not advisable to paint your exterior house with black color – apart from being dull, the color absorbs a lot of heat and hence cause internal overheating. 

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b. Blue Gray – rainy or wet areas

Houses located in wet or rainy areas are best painted with blue-gray color combination – the color creates a cool and calm environment.

Moreover, blue-gray color is not highly conspicuous (not shouting) and that makes the overall outlook stand out among others.

With blue color, the wet color margin creates a classic crystal interference, especially during rainy season and thus making the house more attractive.

c. Light blue – near the sear or water bodies

Light blue paint color works nicely for house located near water bodies and seas – the blue color rhymes with the water color, thus giving the house classic impression.

Moreover, the light blue color is associated with calmness – when people rest in such houses enjoy extra comfort and relaxation.

To improve the outlook impression, it’s advisable to line the house beams, pillar and wall plates with white color. 

Light blue color is suitable for houses found near sea or water bodies (the color matches the background nicely).

Indeed, you can combine light blue with white margin in order to improve overall impression. 

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d. Brown – in dusty areas

Brown color is suitable for houses found in dusty or desert environment – the color holds on dust lightly and maintains its original color/aesthetic beauty for long.

Moreover, brown paint color reduces the frequency of subsequent paint application and hence saves you on cost.

Brown color can be reinforced with dark grey or dull green in order to improve outlook appearance.

Though brown color can be used on houses found in wet areas, the overall outlook don’t stand out as compared to other color options highlighted in this article – if possible, avoid.

e. Redding brown – Cool areas

Reddish brown color is best for use when painting outside of house found in cool places – not dusty or very rainy.

The color is considered for moderate rainy environment and mild solar insolation.

You can opt to reinforce reddish brown color with white margin (improve aesthetic appearance), but never use black color alongside whatsoever. 

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f. Gray – dull or cool regions

Gray color is suitable for painting houses found in dull environment – the area may not necessarily be rainy, but the weather should experience average solar radiation for the larger part of the year.

Gray color shows confidence and resilience – it always creates a classic natural appearance.

House with clear doors and windows show incredible outlook impression when painted with gray color. You can line gray color with any dull color, especially light brown.

g. Yellow – for Kids’ structures

Exterior house and structures meant for kids should be painted with yellow or yellow-orange color combination – the color provides a relaxed and happy mood for children.

Alternatively, you can use light green instead, but line it with yellow margin. Yellow is not a color for entire house coating, but best for decoration and beautification. 

Yellow is best for kids’ play structures (gives a relaxed and happy impression). The blue gray color is best for stucco and concrete houses found in wet or rainy environment (the cool color rhyme incredibly with the dull environmental condition). 

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h. Red – for meat point

When painting meat point such as slaughterhouse or butchery, use red color with white reinforcement margin – the color gives life in the product on sale and aspect of freshness.

Do not paint such houses with black or any dull color. Red can also be used alternatively with black when painting exterior auto garages.

i. Green – near forest or vegetation

Houses found in forest or within vegetation should be painted with green color in order to improve their camouflage concept and the overall aesthetic beauty.

Olivine green color creates classic appearance when used on houses near riverine point while dull green works best for structures found in rainy forest.

Green color is also best when painted on doors, windows, beam lining. It’s not advisable to use light green on houses found in sunny environment – the color is too conspicuous.

Green color is impressive when use for structures found within forest or other vegetation (color camouflage well). Yyou can combine brown with red in order to attain classic paint liner option.

For buildings found in dusty regions, consider using brown paint color as it reduces frequency of repainting and maintains impressive outlook always. 

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j. Golden – for palace or state lodge

Golden is a special color that should be painted on exterior wall of palace, state lodge, VIP house, and golden metal reinforcement structures. The color possess dignity, quality, prestige, and elegance.

Golden color matches very well with metal and wooden structures than concrete houses – the finish outlook sparkles and stands out.

You can combine golden color with silver, chrome, or dark gray when paint and still achieve beautiful outlook impression.

Considerations in Exterior Color for your House?

When selecting exterior color for your house, it’s important to consider the following factor:

1. The House Exterior Material

The house construction material determines the color and type of paint to use – whether oil-based or water-based paint.

Metal structure house located in hot areas are best painted using white color. Wooden structure can either be coated with latex or acrylic paint of any color without problem. 

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2. The Climatic Condition

Climate influence the choice of your color in that houses found in wet or rainy areas should be painted with blue gray colors or dull colors.

On the other hand, houses found in hot or sunny areas should be painted using white color paint – prevents internal overheating.

Besides, houses found in cool climate areas are best covered using dull colors such as reddish brown, dark blue or gray.

3. Surrounding Neighborhood

The color used by the neighboring home owner can help you decide on which one to choose for your exterior house – this create uniformity and a classic outlook impression.

However, it’s not always that you should use similar color as your neighbor – you can opt to change or get a lighter or dull color of the similar type when painting.

Remember, some neighborhood have certain color standards that should be adhered to – therefore, always consult and get detailed information if you are new to the place.

4. Availability of Paint Color

Upon color selection, it’s important to know if the option is readily available in the current market – this helps reduce costs and hassle of purchase and transportation from seller.

Indeed, it is advisable to go for alternative color option, which is locally available and easier to acquire when in need. See Also: Spray Paint for Glass.

5. Cost of Paint

Costs of colors varies depending on the quantity, type, and quality of active pigments – oil-based paint colors are more expensive than water-based paint colors.

Moreover, depending on the color type, white colored paint is cheaper than golden color paint of similar quantity.

On paint color ideas for outside of house, you will need to consider crucial factors such as the location of the buildings, the standard colors within neighborhood, the weather conditions of the area, exterior material used, and intended quality results before selecting paint color.

White color is suitable for houses found in sunny environment, while light blue should be painted on houses located near sea or water bodies.

Light blue color auger very nicely if lined with white matching along columns and beams. Therefore, check various costs associated with color of your choice before making your color decision. See Also: Paint a Metal Building.


Yellow color is best for painting kid’s structure (it creates a relaxed and happy mood). Green color matched buildings found in forest and vegetation area, while gray color should be used when painting houses found in rainy or wet area.

Charcoal color rhyme incredibly when matched with brown door and windows. Consider red color with white matching when painting exterior meat house such as butchery or slaughterhouse.

Importantly, go for brown color or reddish-brown combination when painting a house located in dusty area.

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