7 Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun for Woodworking 2024

The best gravity feed spray gun for woodworking will use up to the last drop on the paint, works great for small spray jobs, and it is lighter compared to suction spray guns. Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun for Woodworking

Also, the HVLP spray guns offer flow control that’s adjustable and hence you change the spray patterns to either round, vertical, or horizontal on your wooden surfaces. 

The woodworking sprayer will also work well for various projects including wood crafting and furniture but ensure to adhere to the EPA laws

s: 7 Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun for Woodworking 2024 

1. Wagner-Spraytech 0518080 Stain Sprayer for Woodworking

Wagner-Spraytech 0518080 will give you a cleaner, safer, faster, and easier spray finishing. The stain spraying gun is great for your woodworking painting projects. 

Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun for Woodworking Check Price on Amazon

Wagner-Spraytech 0518080 will effectively atomize your materials to become fine particles to create that smooth finish on your furniture, decks, and door trims. 

The long-lasting and durable nozzle is versatile – with a two-stage turbine that’s powerful and hence suitable for surfaces and walls – working with thinners and latex paints. 

The stationary base weighs over 10-pound due to its heavy motor – the electric sprayer is well corded. The DIYer sprayer is great for oil-based, latex paint, sealers, and stains. 

The 20 ft. hose is long enough for painting your large projects – it also has a stationary base for stability and reducing hand fatigue. It offers a clean and smooth flow of the liquid. 

The maintenance and cleaning of the sprayer, clean the trims, and components – excellent for soapy water, water-based paint, or stain – but use mineral spirits to flush your sprayer. 

With its customizable Settings (like FLEXiO 3000), you can sprayer with an adjustable flow in diagonal, vertical, and horizontal directions – align air cap and nozzle in the right direction. 

You can adjust the width of the spray coverage from 0.5 – 12 inches and hence you can spray surfaces and objects of varied sizes. You can control the device’s air pressure – reducing overspray. 

The device has a long hose (50-foot) plus a metal frame cart – making it very durable. Also, you can now move the sprayer (highly portable) to get to those challenging places with no ladder


  • Produces a uniform finish that’s also professional 
  • Excellent for spraying with carpenters, DIY hobbyists, plus woodworking experts. 
  • Usable with multiple liquids 
  • Simple to set up and also clean 
  • Comes with a 1-quart metal cup and a 1.5-quarts paint cup that’s relativelky wide


  • None

2. Earlex-HVLP HV5500 for Light Contractor and Woodworking

Earlex-HVLP HV5500 is a semi-pro sprayer great for light contractors and woodworking – you can use it in a job site, home repairs, and the workshop. 

Earlex-HVLP HV5500 for Light Contractor and Woodworking Check Price on Amazon

The sprayer (with a 650-watts turbine) allows you to get that perfect and professional finish on your painting projects including on cars, furniture, decks, spindles, cabinets, and doors

You can spray on the vertical, horizontal, and round patterns thanks to the adjustable settings  – it allows simple push-&-click spray with great flow control with the provided dial. 

Earlex-HVLP HV5500 allows you to use varied materials including water-based or oil-based enamels, acrylics, shellacs, urethanes, oils, sealers, varnishes, lacquers, stains, and thinned latex

With its 5.5 ft. cord plus the 13 ft. hose and the on-board storage, you can take the device anywhere (great portability) for your spraying projects. 

The woodworking Earlex HV550 is loved by homeowners and crafters in doing their painting and finishing their carpentry work. You can adjust the sprayer gun outlet from 1 – 12 inches. 

The versatile paint can work in different angles to give you that uniform finish – including sideways, upwards, and downwards – and thus it is suitable for spray painting cabinets


  • Allows 360° spraying – sideways, upwards, and downwards 
  • The non-stick inner surface with a Teflon layer makes it easy to clean 
  • Suitable for spraying varied materials like acrylics, shellacs, urethanes, oils, sealers, varnishes, lacquers, stains
  • Its paint cup is large allwing uniterrrupted spraying


  • Costly 


3. NEIKO-HVLP 31216A with 2.0 mm Nozzle Size and Air-Gauge Regulator

NEIKO-HVLP 31216A has a solid-brass cap, stainless steel nozzle (that’s rust-resistant), and an all-steel body to increase the sprayer’s efficiency, longevity, and durability. 

NEIKO-HVLP 31216A with 2.0 mm Nozzle Size and Air-Gauge Regulator Check Price on Amazon

NEIKO-HVLP 31216A offers precision in paint application thanks to its 3 adjustable valve-knobs. You can use it on household or automotive and clear-coat paint with the 2.0 mm nozzle. 

Also, the sprayer comes with a multi-size wrench, cleaning brush, a metallic regulator or air gauge, and a lidded aluminum cup. NEIKO-HVLP 31216A has no motor but it is loved by woodworkers. 

You can get the sprayer in 4 different spray guns and their nozzles have different diameters. You can use NEIKO-HVLP 31216A with primers, painting, and staining

The aluminum-made Woodworking sprayer gun also has an overhead cup that is gravity-fed and hence the while the liquid will be drained easily from the container. 

The device’s stainless-steel nozzle is highly durable plus it comes with a suitable brass cap. Therefore, the sprayer may be described as rust-free


  • Its sprayer nozzle is very durable 
  • You can wash the sprayer very easily
  • Will work on most liquid mayterials


  • Poor sprayer buld quality 

4. Fuji-Spray 5175G – High-Efficiency and Non-Bleed T75G Sprayer

Fuji-Spray 5175G has a control knob with a side pattern that’ll enable easy adjusting of the sprayer fan pattern suitable for large and smaller projects. 

Fuji-Spray 5175G - High-Efficiency and Non-Bleed T75G Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

The spray gun is non-bleed and thus you’ll have reduced blowing of the dust. The gun is lightweight and sleek plus its metallic handle is covered with nylon to keep it cool. 

You’ll get great atomization and produces lower overspray thanks to the included Air cap that has high efficiency. The stay-cool spray handle is ergonomic with stainless-steel parts. 

The US-patented  T-Model sprayer gives the painter excellent control and flexibility. It has a well balanced and ergonomic design that’ll also increase its performance. 

As the operator, you’ll experience less fatigue and the sprayer will be easy to maneuvering since the T-Model makes it to be roughly 20 percent lighter. 

To get a large spray pattern, turn the knob in a clockwise direction and in a counter-clockwise to get those smaller spray patterns. Therefore, you can adjust the fan size incrementally. 

The non-bleed gun implies that air will pass via your spray gun only after your pull the trigger. Therefore, with this sprayer, there will e reduced noise, nozzle-buildup, and turbulence in your spray area.

You’ll get finer results with the produced spray coating being high quality – including for wood staining, painting, or finishing your various wooden jobs. 

  • Labor and parts are offered a 2-year guarantee
  • The 2-pounds spray gun is lightweight
  • The sprayer is budget-friendly
  • Cleaning the sprayer is simple
  • Not recommended to use for commercial purposes

5. Master-Pro 44 for Clearcoats and Basecoats + Air-Pressure Gauge

Master-Pro 44 comes with an Aluminum Cup (1-liter) has a Fluid Tip – 1.3mm offering high-performance. The gun is great for many materials like primers, single-stage, clear coats, and base coats. 

Master-Pro 44 for Clearcoats and Basecoats + Air-Pressure Gauge Check Price on Amazon

Master-Pro 44 is created with great precision for woodworking, industrial, and automotive coatings. The air-cap and nozzle system makes it give a great performance with topcoat and basecoat. 

The stainless-steel, high-grade, and precision-engineered sprayer is waterborne compatible. The paints and stains will be sprayed effectively on your DIY crafts, and airbrushes. 

The device’s cup is created using aluminum and it has over 1-quart (1 liter) storage capacity. Further, the gravity-fed cup prevents air-bubble accumulation. 

The sprayer will work great with primers, staining, and spraying paint. You’ll get a comfortable grip with the plastic surface that’s smooth and the durable stainless-steel body. 

It has extras including the coupler plug, multi-size wrench, and the  cleaning brush for your crafts, arts, and furniture or wooden fences or walls and plastics

  • This spray gun is highly durable
  • Washing is cheap and easy
  • May liquid sprays can be used on the sprayer
  • Costly


The best gravity feed spray gun for woodworking will outperform other handheld spraying tools such as rags, rollers, brushes. 

You’ll get higher efficiency and you spraying the woodworking project will be faster.

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