7 Best Cordless Paint Sprayers in 2024

The best cordless paint sprayers must be portable, lightweight, and highly functional. Luckily, they won’t have long and heavy hoses and extension cords – great for your DIY painting. Best Cordless Paint Sprayers

But the devices must also be effective for use by novice and professional painters. Also, you won’t require air compressors in pressuring plus atomizing the paint thanks to airless cabinet sprayers.

Further, HVLP sprayers are effective and cost-effectively without the need for air compressors. You’ll love the handheld and cordless paint prayers with some using lithium-ion batteries.

s: 7 Best Cordless Paint Sprayers in 2024

1. Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 Airless Hand-held Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 is a suitable hand-held sprayer that’s powered via a DEWALT XR System (Lithium Ion). You won’t require thinking and will give excellent speed for an airless finish.

Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 Airless Hand-held Paint Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

The sprayer uses appropriate Spray Tips (the RAC X FFLP model) – actually one of the best cordless models with 500-2000 PSI. See Also: What are the best spray paints for graffiti.

Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 is great for small interior projects that’ll need extra finesse and detail. Additionally, it’s simple and small for great DIY usage.

Graco Ultra-Cordless 17M363 is great for DIYers and professionals or contractors for painting small projects. It is user-friendly for use by experts and novice painters like wood deck sealers.

This sprayer will effectively reduce the time for spraying compared to using rollers (including for textured walls) and brushes. Further, the sprayer creates a very even paint coat on your walls.

The device is also highly versatile as it’ll spray (without thining) different materials including oil-based paints, chalk, enamel, and latex (for this use sprayer for latex paint).

It is dependable and easy to startup. The sprayer lacks an inlet check valve that is naughty for getting stuck, thus blocking the device. Plus its outlet pressure control ball has an automatic knocker.

The sprayer allows smart-control of the pressure balance that will avoid differences in finishes. You may move the sprayer at different speeds with limited oscillations and hence won’t need recoating.

Finally, the device’s FlexLiner bags (32-ounce) for paint enhances easy cleaning in addition to faster paint interchange. So, the fine-finish spray tips will get a smooth and professional finish.


  • You can manually adjust the sprayer’s motor speed allowing easy adjustment of spray concentrations for various DIY projects.
  • Its highly portable, offering power up-to 2000 PSI with limited clogging thanks to the reverse tip.
  • Suitable for spraying surface areas that are small. The sprayer will give the surfaces an airless finish.
  • Powerful cordless sprayer yet very lightweight and thus simple to handle
  • DeWALT battery is super reliable on the cordless sprayer for longer runtime on a single charge
  • The device’s reverse tips will make it easy to spray your gadgets and surfaces with limited clogging issues.


  • Not approved in sprauing lacquer paint

2. Graco TC Pro Quality Airless Cordless Paint Sprayer

Graco TC Pro is a suitable cordless sprayer that’ll work even with unthinned paint plus has a suitable lithium-ion battery (the 20-Volt MAX XR brand) for a great finish at lower pressure.

Graco TC Pro Quality Airless Cordless Paint Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

With this device, you can spray in many directions including upside down. Its carbide pistons are durable and hence it makes the prayer to be very reliable. See also this mold preventing paints.

With the ProControl II knob, it’s possible to easily adjust the device’s pressure from 0 – 2,000 psi giving better spraying control with limited overspray.

Despite not being budget-friendly, the sprayer is very portable due to its great battery power that’s quick to charge and will run for long.

The Graco TC Pro, thanks to SmartTip technology, will effectively paint using unthinned paints. Also, the sprayer gun may be used in various directions including upside down.

Due to its high portability, you can move the paint sprayer between rooms in the house devoid of the many or annoying hoses and cords obstructing your work.

Graco TC Pro is great for use by contractors and handy homeowners. I noted its suitable for painting trims on crown moldings, baseboards, and doors.


  • Goes through the paint fast allowing the creation of a perfect finish – great for smaller areas.
  • Has a charger, DeWALT battery, 60 mesh filter, VacuValve caps, flex line bags, and a 514 reversible tip.
  • Very adjustable and will easily sprayer using unthinned paints
  • Sprays in various directions like upside down
  • The device has a pump that’s triple piston created using carbide pistons – it’s highly durable.
  • Easily change the sprayer’s pressure devoid of nozzle switches thus allow uninterrupted painting.


  • Costly

3. Spraytech 0518080 Spray-Max HVLP Stain or Paint Sprayer

Spraytech 0518080 employs low-pressure and high volume technology that’ll effectively atomize the paint to form fine particles and hence create some smooth surface finishes.

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Spray-Max HVLP Stain or Paint Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

Spraytech 0518080 is suitable for most DIY projects including woodworking projects, furniture, decks, door trim, staining or straining, painting, and priming cabinets.

You’ll love the sprayer’s great build with its stationary base plus its suitable 20 ft. hose allowing effective spraying of projects in different house locations.

Spraytech 0518080 offers adjustable settings allowing control of the material flow and pressure to get a perfect surface finish. Simply turn the device’s air cap to spray vertical, horizontal, and round.

The device’s two-stage turbine will effectively work with various materials on surfaces including walls using latex paints and various other thinner materials such as poly and stains.

Compared to the Graco 16N657, this sprayer is a suitable cordless paint sprayer and exceptionally better than using paintbrushes or rollers.


  • Employs low-pressure and high volume technology
  • Produces a perfect coating and very smooth surface finishes
  • Excellent for spraying various DIY projects including furniture, indoor projects, and deck maintenance.
  • Its two-stage turbine is very powerful to paint using different materials.
  • Employs HVLP technology


  • Not approved for latex paint

4. Graco 16N657 True-Coat Pro II Cordless latex & acrylics Paint Sprayer

Graco 16N657 True-Coat won’t need thinning of painting materials. Also, you can get better consistency by adjusting the spryer’s pressure to give an even staying pattern.

Graco 16N657 True-Coat Pro II Cordless latex & acrylics Paint Sprayer Check Price on Amazon

Graco 16N657 True-Coat comes with a Lithium-Ion Battery (20V) that promotes portability while also being comfortable on the hands. Its suction tube (Tilt-N-Spray) enable full-range spraying.

The device enables easy home decoration including on various industrial and household materials. Its pro-control pressure feature enables hit an ideal fluid for DIY projects.

Graco 16N657 True-Coat is great for different coatings including acrylics, heavy latex, and stains for swing sets – but avoid “flammable” materials.

The 315 tips can help cut the amount of overspray for your trim or edging work. Use the pump armor plus effectively clean the gun prior to putting the prayer back to its case.

I consider the paint sprayer great for working on touch-ups and smaller jobs including bathrooms and various built-ins. My brother sprayed a 12 by 10 room with the regular 8-foot ceiling.

Finally, some useful tips for usage including straining the paint while also priming for just a few seconds. Also, use a toothbrush for cleaning of the inner edges of its suction tube.


  • Graco 16N657 True-Coat will spray in different directions including downwards and upwards.
  • Its piston-pump build promotes its motion and makes it compact and easy to handle
  • Simple to spray – its portable and hence will reach the various nooks or crooks.


  • Costly

Considerations of Best Cordless Paint Sprayers

1. Portable and Lightweight

When considering cordless sprayer, get one that’s both lightweight and portable and thus it’ll be easy to work with on your various DIY projects.

Further, a compact and lightweight cordless sprayer will be easier to store while also taking less space. You can maneuver and spray around tight space.

2. Quality Battery

Further, the cordless sprayer must have a quality rechargeable battery. The battery must work effectively even in harsh weather and for a longer time.

The sprayer must also run for a longer average time at its job on that single charge.

3. Spray Tip Options

The cordless sprayer will also benefit from having a variety of tips that’ll effectively fit your DIY painting project.

Therefore, getting a variety of tips will allow the sprayer to be highly versatile. For instance, the spray tip allows effective working on different materials.

4. Spray Patterns and Paint Flow

Sprayers allow different spraying patterns – and thus you must consider the appropriate one for the spraying job or project at hand including with painting or staining deck.

You have the choices between these spray tip options – circular or horizontal with its range. Circular spray tips have a corresponding diameter range.

Further, you must consider the spray output. Also, consider the sprayer’s paint flow appropriate for different materials – which allow better cost-effectiveness.

5. Ease of Use and Power Level

Further, the sprayer must be highly usable by people of different body sizes and height. This is to note that the device will be easy to plug-in as well as use.

Also, the sprayer must require limited very minimal to no assembly. It must also be easy to clean with water or other solvents and equally store in your limited storage areas.


On the best cordless paint sprayers, check the power or output level of your device. While at it, getting a model having an energy saver will be a great plus.

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