7 Best Safety Glasses for Spray Painting 2024

Whether you are a DIYer or an experienced contractor, using eye and face protection is highly recommended when undertaking painting projects. Best Safety Glasses for Spray Painting

So, I’ve compiled a list of the best safety glasses for spray painting – to use with your cordless paint sprayers

Whether the task calls for simple eye protection to prevent dust during surface preparation or splash goggles to safeguard you against toxic solvents including stain for swing set

s: Top 7 Best Safety Glasses for Spray Painting in 2024 

1. DPG59 130C Reinforcer RX Bi-Focal

This option gives you a combination of reading and safety convenience. These stylish glasses feature a magnification diopter which is mounted directly on the lens.

DPG59 130C Reinforcer RX Bi-Focal Check Price on Amazon

The ergonomically designed temple utilized in the DPG 59 guarantees a secure grip while the rubberized area around the nose offers non-slip comfort all day.

These protective glasses feature a distortion-free lens, which guarantees a fatigue-free performance in different weather conditions.

The polycarbonate construction utilized in the lens is both impacts resistant and capable of providing superior UV protection. With these general-purpose goggles, you get maximum visibility thanks to the exact lens feature.

The DPG59 is ideal for everyday wear thanks to its lightweight frame and distortion-free performance. Check these paint sprayers for interior walls

Also included in the packaging is a protective cover sleeve featuring a thick and flexible fabric that holds the glasses in place and protects the lens.

Moreover, the lens is scratch-resistant, while the bifocal feature makes it the perfect choice for analyzing close-up work such as spray painting. These glasses are particularly suitable for project managers shifting between paperwork and job inspection.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Impact-resistant lens
  • Suitable for everyday use


  • None found

2. Uvex Stealth OTG  Safety Glasses

This is another popular over the glass edition from Uvex, specially designed to fit over standard prescription glasses.

Uvex Stealth OTG  Safety Glasses Check Price on Amazon

The gap-free fit feature is particularly suitable for spray painting protection in ensuring that our eyes stay protected from dangerous chemical sprays. The best feature of these glasses is the easy and affordable lens replacement system.

With the Hydroshield AFCoating lens, you are guaranteed a 90 times longer fog-free time performance than its rivals. This technology also offers twice as much scratch resistance.

The fit provided by these shoes guarantees you unmatched comfort without compromising on protection. Additionally, the latex-free headband used in this pair is easy-adjusting and latex-free, ensuring you a more comfortable fit.

These goggles leverage on superior technology, high-quality materials, and unmatched performance to guarantee an unfailing experience.

Moreover, the modern design integrated into the Uvex Stealth offers the highest comfort and safety features. What’s more? An elastomer and polypropylene body frame hugs the contours of your face for a gap-free and secure fit.



  • The wrap-around head band is uncomfortable to some

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3. Crew Law OTG Dielectric clear anti-fog safety glasses

These are the best safety glasses if you look for side protection thanks to their oversized frame design. The Dielectric OTG edition provides an excellent fit over standard prescription glasses without compromising on style.

Crew Law OTG Dielectric clear anti-fog safety glasses Check Price on Amazon

As its name suggests, the Dielectric design features no metal components, while the 5-position ratchet temple allows you to adjust the lens angle.

This feature works together with the wrap-around design to give you an improved angular coverage.  The lenses are constructed out of a rugged polycarbonate lens, which filters harmful UV sun rays. Additionally, this pair utilizes the proprietary Duramass scratch-resistant coating.

These are the goggles to go for if you are looking for an excellent feel and fit during spray painting. These U.S.A made protective glasses are the go-to pick for local DIYers looking for local solutions.

The glass lenses are particularly suited for users looking for extra protection for repeated use. You are guaranteed a dependable anti-fog feature with this purchase, which comes in the hybrid type.


  • Adjustable lens feature
  • Extra protection
  • Hybrid tint


  • Relatively pricey

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4. Magid Gemstone Colored Myst Y10 Colored Temple Safety Glasses

These Magid Gemstone Colored safety glasses stand out due to their classic design and colors, which promote workplace compliance.

Magid Gemstone Colored Myst Y10 Colored Temple Safety Glasses Check Price on Amazon

Additionally, the low base curve frame and see-through side shields offer a peripheral vision without compromising eye safety. This specific feature makes the glasses suitable for spray painting projects.

The polycarbonate lenses are scratch-resistant and heavily coated to guarantee you durable protection. The high impact lenses are capable of protecting your eyes from nearly 100% of UV rays.

What’s more?  The anti-fog coating integrated into this edition meets the highest industry standards if you look for uninterrupted visibility during humid conditions.

The temples come in different paints, rendering them more vibrant and colorful than a standard protective eyewear.

The wrap-around frame utilized in these glasses features a Frameless Unilens design, both lightweight and snug, to wear if you plan to be on your feet all day.

These glasses come in standard sizes if you are looking to acquire a pair for each team member. It also comes with an integrated nose pad.


  • All-round peripheral vision
  • Classic look
  • Highly durable


  • Limited size versatility

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5. JORESTECH Eyewear Protective Safety Glasses Polycarbonate

Potential eye hazards exist for kids during DIY spray painting projects, making it the perfect pick for your young ones.

JORESTECH Eyewear Protective Safety Glasses Polycarbonate Check Price on Amazon

These glasses are perfect for art and craft projects conducted with the whole family because they come in 12’s and different vibrant colors.

This eyewear is suitable for kids aged six and above and features the polycarbonate lightweight construction design, which offers a dependable scratch and impacts resistance performance.

Additionally, the lens is splash resistant and capable of providing sufficient protection for your young one’s eyes from harmful solvents during spray painting. Also, these glasses are not likely to fog during usage.

The JORESTECH set of protective glasses provide all-day comfort, hence allowing your kids to keep them on for longer. The versatile size makes this pick an ideal choice for parents too.

These glasses feel snug without compromising on the fit. Because these glasses curve around the eyes, the whole family’s eye safety is guaranteed. What’s more? These glasses are not only stylish but also reasonably priced.


  • Great value for money
  • Versatile fit
  • All day comfort


  • Cheap build quality

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6. 3M™ 334 Splash Safety Goggles Anti-Fog 40661-00000-10, Clear Anti Fog Lens

This is the ultimate pick if you are looking for dependable eye protection on a budget.

Best Safety Glasses for Spray Painting Check Price on Amazon

The best-selling features of these goggles are its adjustable elastic strap, strong bicarbonate lens and ability to accommodate most prescription glasses.

The utilization of indirect vent ports to protect your eyes from dust and splash particles is what makes this 3M edition a superior choice for spray painting.

Utilizing a strong polycarbonate lens guarantees you added protection if you are working on a construction site.

On the other hand, you may opt for the anti-fogging feature facilitated by an indirect venting system that allows air to circulate within the goggles, allowing you to work in varied environments and weather conditions.

What’s more? The 3M™ 334 Splash Safety Goggles are capable of absorbing 99.9% of UV rays, hence protecting your eyes from harmful sunlight.

An adjustable elastic strap guarantees you the perfect fit, regardless of the amount of work involved – just like with stain for pressure-treated wood

The clear lens allows you to focus on the task at hand. The comfortable and lightweight construction design of these goggles further attests to their application ease for different users. 


  • Meets Impact-Rated Protector requirement standardization
  • Economy meets safety
  • All-weather protection


  • None found

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7. Gateway Safety 6980 Cover 2 OTG Clear Safety Glasses

This Gateway eye protection is one of the best new over-prescription glasses solutions, thanks to its generous size.

Gateway Safety 6980 Cover 2 OTG Clear Safety Glasses Check Price on Amazon

As compared to other OTG editions, the 6980 series is smaller lighter in weight if you are for an on the go performance.

This pick is suited explicitly for spray painting thanks to the integrated brow guard, which offers added protection on the sides.

In addition to its robust polycarbonate construction, which guarantees you additional protection, the lens gives you a wide field of vision.

Besides, these glasses are meticulously designed to guarantee your dependable durability. With a history of 76 years in manufacturing experience in personal safety experience, Gateway Safety’s products provide unrivaled performance.

This pair is comfortable to wear thanks to its lightweight construction and adjustable length temples. The tips integrated at the end of the frame are flexible, preventing minimizing pinching behind the ears.

Additionally, these glasses are tested and certified to meet the U.S Military Specification. If you have budgetary constraints, this pick can serve as the perfect affordable alternative to prescription safety glasses. 


  • Reasonably priced
  • Unisex
  • Highly comfortable


  • Not ideal for repeated use

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Our featured list covers independently researched and tested products in the market. The most important buying considerations for spray painting glasses are fit, lens material, lens coating, design, and user comfort.

The best pick which stands out in the above review, based on user recommendation, is the Gateway Safety 6980 Cover 2 OTG Clear Safety Glasses because it is capable of accommodating prescription glasses without compromising on side protection.

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