7 Best Paint Sprayer for Fence Stain 2024

If you’re setting to paint your tales, fences, and outdoor furniture, use the best paint sprayer for fence stain to refresh the property and home surfaces. With the paint sprayer, you don’t have to use a paint roller and brush

Best Paint Sprayer for Fence Stain

Paint sprayers will give an excellent finish – and even at a faster rate. It leaves puddles and blotches of stain, but you can even them out using a paintbrush. Further, with an airless sprayer, you may overspray your target.  

In this article, I’ll show you how to refinish your fence using a paint sprayer. I installed my fence last year (relatively new), but it still requires a protective coat. But you’ll need to clean the fence to remove stains and watermarks. See Also: Stain for Redwood Fence

s: Top 7 Best Paint Sprayer for Fence Stain in 2024

1. Graco-Magnum 257025 Paint Sprayer with Reversible Tip and Adjustable Pressure

Graco-Magnum 257025 offers simple operation, board areas of coverage, and its affordable. It has a pneumatic air compressor to easily handle large staining projects (with a 0.24 GPM flow rate) on the wooden fences even with no break. 

Best Paint Sprayer for Fence Stain Check Price on Amazon

The sprayer has an easier setup – great DIYers painting frequently and aiming for professional work. But remember to flush the spray system using water (for water-based stains) or mineral spirits (with oil-based stains). 

Test the sprayer’s technique and pattern on a separate wood sheep before pointing it to your fence. Graco-Magnum 257025 will be great for fence weather-proofing and also staining decking – all those big home-improvement projects. 

Despite that, some DIYers report that the sprayer has a usage learning curve – but the company has prepared great instructional videos on the Graco website. The machine will give you 2800 PSI through its piston pump (stainless steel). 

You won’t need to refill the stain sprayer ait its flexible suction hose will draw the paint directly from your containers.  – this allows clean (no mess) and fast fence staining.

The stand-mounted design will protect the pump components from water ingress and debris.  You can also work comfortably, thanks to the 25-foot hose, along your fence, with the base unit’s minimal movement. 

The airless DIY paint sprayer has a floor-standing pump, and its robust handle fixed on the device’s upper casing allows easier transportation or movement. It can spray either oil- or water-based stains and paints. 

Graco recommends you use an extension rod (20-inch) while you’re spraying the decks. But you may use a brush to hinder stain pooling or unevenness  – when your painting technique is off. 

So, when staining the fence, a suitable sprayer or spray gun will allow you to work on the surfaces easily and fast. I know that you may opt to use a painting contractor, but a sprayer will make your DIY staining project exciting. 


  • Can spray your unthinned paints 
  • No filling required thanks to its flexible Suction hose. 
  • Newbie friendly for airless spraying 
  • Offers an output of 0.38 horsepower 
  • Allows easy movement due to the 25-foot hose 
  • The spray gun is Lightweight. 
  • Its pump is the Floor-standing type. 
  • Approved for staining large fencing projects


  • Challenging to clean
  • The high power setting may lead to large overspray

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2. Wagner-Spraytech 0518080 Stain Sprayer for Fences, Woodworking, and Decks

Wagner-Spraytech 0518080 is a fence stain sprayer that’s easy to use in any finishing work. Its adjustable settings ensure that it is usable in medium or small products such as painting decking, fences, trim, and cabinetry

Wagner-Spraytech 0518080 Stain Sprayer for Fences, Woodworking, and Decks Check Price on Amazon

Wagner-Spraytech 0518080 is an effective and affordable HVLP sprayer – one of the quality HVLP spray guns loved by many DIY’ers and homeowners. Through the control knob, you can get different settings with the base unit and lengthy hose. 

For electrical outlet detailing, check this instruction guide – solving the challenges related to rollers and brushes and rinse the unit effectively, and allow it to dry after use. 

Wagner-Spraytech 0518080 is beginner-friendly as Wagner sprayer is effectively simple to use as it is compact, allowing multiple uses including occasional or home use with longer life. 

Wagner-Spraytech 0518080 offers many spray patterns that are variable (by choosing the right position in your spraying nozzle), unlike painting with rollers and brushes. 

Wagner-Spraytech 0518080 comes with two air filters that’ll stop dust and dirt in the paint from landing on the fence surfaces – and thus, it’ll give you a smooth finish – thanks to the clean fence stain spray. 

The devices allow easy maintenance and cleaning with either mineral spirits or soapy water. Its Lock N Go system will make the devices aftercare simpler, and thus it’ll be faster to clean the sprayer

The sprayer’s 20-foot flexible hose is long enough to take care of the device’s weight issue, and thus you won’t have to move the sprayer too often. Thus, you won’t have to down the tools regularly while also simplifying ladder-reaching staining. 


  • It can paint different household paints suitable for outhouses, fences, and outdoor jobs, just like with sprayers for Interior Walls
  • The sprayer’s oval-shaped spray pattern allows great coverage. 
  • It comes with 2 paints cups (large and small one)
  • You can choose between the 2.63 psi and 1.50 psi air pressure levels depending on whether you need thick or thin stain laying. 
  • Adjustable settings allow easy painting of fences, trim, cabinetry, doors, and decking. 
  • It is an HVLP sprayer but generate a higher stain volume 


  • Unsutable for big projects 

3. Graco-Magnum 262805-X7 with PowerFlush Adapter and RAC-IV SwitchTip

With this Graco-Magnum 262805-X7, you won’t get low-quality performance, noisiness, leaks, and clogs. The wheeled and durable transport system plus the great hose length enhances the performance – a great HVLP spray gun for cabinets

Graco-Magnum 262805-X7 with PowerFlush Adapter and RAC-IV SwitchTip Check Price on Amazon

Graco-Magnum 262805-X7 offers excellent access to the painter, and thus you can stain large-scale and high-up projects such as the exterior walls and the house rooms. Its integrated cart enables easy wheeling of the sprayer will less effort.

The sprayer is compatible with a hose of roughly 100 feet – and hence it’ll be easy to paint most residential houses from bottom to their top with no major challenges. The device can paint large houses – including 4-story homes.

The sprayer’s cart system can wheel about five gallons filled with stain or paint comfortably. The hose adapter allows you to hook a garden hose to the device and flash out the dirt.

The device’s reverse-a-clean tip prevents clogging of the spray system – allowing proper cleaning and maintenance. It allows adjusting of pressure and hence better control over the stain flow. 

Use a wood cleaner, but don’t use power or pressure washers – it’ll harm the fences, such as raising the wood fibers making the rugged surface. Ensure to use a spray tip that’s approved for the surface and stain at hand. 


  • Can handle high stain volume output 
  • Its design makes it easy-to-clean 
  • Longer hose and hence easy to use 
  • Allows fast fence staining 
  • Handles different materials like a stain, urethane paint, and latex and paint lacquer


  • None

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4. HomeRight C800971 Finish-Max HVLP Sprayer Gun with Adjustable Settings

HomeRight C800971 is an equally powerful and well-performing HVLP paint sprayer that’s equally simple to use. The budget-friendly spray gun is also quiet in its use – you won’t have a noisy environment when staining your fence. 

HomeRight C800971 Finish-Max HVLP Sprayer Gun with Adjustable Settings Check Price on Amazon

You’ll get HomeRight C800971 in three different spray patterns – these are vertical, horizontal, and round – and hence you’ll effectively and easily have better coverage of your furniture, fences, floors, and walls. 

The HVLP fence stain sprayer has a powerful turbine motor (450 watts) that’ll easily force the fence stain up. Therefore, with the great motor, you won’t require some air compressor to get enough staining pressure. 

HomeRight C800971 comes in 3 different spray tip sizes, making it simple to spray with minimal thinning. Thus, the device is very versatile, allowing alteration of the stain stream to fit diverse tasks with no momentum or speed loss. 

The sprayer provides great versatility and will effectively work with oil- or water-based paints, primers, stains, enamels, polyurethane, and spray varnish. Therefore, the versatile sprayer will work with thick materials with minimal effort. 

HomeRight C800971 offers excellent efficiency due to being adjustable, and hence you can change its air volume and spraying pattern. The device is easy to maneuver, lightweight, and simple to paint your various household tasks. 

As a homeowner, staining my property is an exciting safety measure that I took vertically after acquiring the place. Staining the fence with some dark colors or whitewashing them enhances the attractiveness. 


  • Powerful (450 watts) motor 
  • Versatile for spraying different material in various spray pattern 
  • Allows 3 different spray pattern 
  • Lightweight HVLP sprayer 
  • An affordable device 


5. Fuji-2203G Semi-PRO 2 – HVLP with 400cc Gravity Cup & Non-bleed Spray Gun

Fuji-2203G Semi-PRO 2 is a professional sprayer for your fence stains that you’ll find relatively simple to master. You can easily reassemble and disassembled the sprayer – and hence fasten the staining process. 

Fuji-2203G Semi-PRO 2 - HVLP with 400cc Gravity Cup & Non-bleed Spray Gun Check Price on Amazon

The device has non-bleed character sits, and thus, it won’t spill the fence stains – and its adjustable pattern enables one to change the size between wide and small circular. It prevents corrosion and rust in oil-based and water-based materials. 

Due to its massive spraying power, Fuji-2203G Semi-PRO 2 can be used with un-tinned stains and paints with no issues. Luckily, you may also spray the stain directly from some container or bucket. 

The spray gun is the non-bleed type that reduces the chances of sputtering or spitting if the gun trigger is incipiently depressed. This sprayer won’t have a continuous airflow from its turbine – and hence air won’t bleed out. 

Fuji-2203G Semi-PRO 2 has a metallic turbine that replaces an air compressor  (external). Also, the turbine spray gun will produce less noise during operation – it’s equally lighter and less bulky. 

Its metallic turbine housing of the Semi-PRO 2 helps protect the device’s internal components while you’re strong, using, and transporting it. Also, the device will protect its air hose and spray gun thanks to the turbine storage areas. 

Fuji-2203G Semi-PRO 2 has a flexible air hose that comes with its kink-free spring, and hence the hose won’t be pinched or kinked around the connections. Its air hoses have couplings that are easy to connect or disconnect. 


  • The devices control knob on the M-Model, providing easy spray pattern adjustments.
  • The clean turbine filter makes the device last longer, with better performance, and equally cooler – removing debris, grime, and dust. 
  • The sprays have an M-Model that allows great adaptability and hence enables gravity feeding.
  • The device also has a handle that’s ergonomic, enabling long usage without strain on the forearms or hands. 


  • None

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Using a paint roller and brush will be arduous and slow – this is the case for most hand or manual jobs. A sprayer working on your fence in staining will give you great precision – and this will be less time-consuming. 

To stain the fences, you can use various sprayers – including pneumatic sprayers or airless stain sprayers. You can create the aerosol spray using either electric power or an air compressor for even fence staining. 

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