7 Best Microphone for Recording Vocals 2024

For a beginner considering microphones, a key considering is what’s the best microphone for recording vocals? Best Microphone for Recording Vocals

Well, these vocal mics can be expensive but fo your basic studio, below I’ve reviewed the alternatives that are quality and budget-friendly too.

So, let’s get started! Read Also: What Is A Dynamic Microphone?

Reviews: 7 Best Microphone for Recording Vocals 2024

1. Shure SM58 Vocals Recording Mic #1 Pick

Shure SM58 is a popular and reliable Vocal Mic that’s used by most of the top celebrities and music singers globally. Its a professional and standard mic at a great price.

Best Microphone for Recording Vocals Check Current Price

The 565SD-microphone based mic comes with the cardioid polar pattern. It’s used in the studios, halls, night club, and bars. You’ll love its ergonomic capsule, rugged casing, and feedback resistance.

In fact, you’ll find this Shure SM58 even in pro music production studios that have huge budgets – and thus you can consider it even for new or beginner’s studio.

On design, Shure SM58 is a classic build vocal mic that also has a ball grille plus a pop filter. The ball grille will protect the cartridge, it filters unwanted noise and won’t let you get overly close.

This vocal mic has a durable build but won’t match what you find with the 565SD since you’ll get some plastic parts. Further, it comes with a storage bag for easy movement.

Shure SM58 has a medium-diaphragm condenser making it suitable for recording varied kinds of music. Read Also: Any Quality and cost-effective Soundbar?

On sound quality, the vocal mic is truly good but you might need to go for the X2u bundle or link it to a mixer, or some soundcards or audio interface.


  • It’s suited for speech and vocal with its Cardioid polar pattern removing unwanted noises also thanks to its pop filter.
  • It comes in 4 variations also allowing you to save some cash.
  • Great quality/ price ratio is suitable for speech and vocals in recording studios, rehearsal bases, restaurants, concert halls, and clubs.
  • Combined with audio interface or X2u, Shure SM58is great for speech and vocal recording plus live artists.


  • Less suitable for studio recoding

2. Rode NT1-A Cardioid Condenser Mic – #2 Pick

Rode NT1-A is a versatile vocal mic that you can use with a range of instruments and varied singers with its non-dramatic boosts. You can shape the sound with EQ – great for recording various sources.

Rode NT1-A Cardioid Condenser Mic Check Current Price

Thus Rode NT1-A is quality vocal mics that also mid-priced (one of the best cheap vocal mics) to your advantage – and thus coming top among the current condenser mics.

Rode NT1A offers an amazing dynamic range working greatly at the highest level and lowest level suitable for home studio recording. Beginners will love its sound quality, price points, and reputation.

Also, this Rode NT1A vocal mic will work great for your professional recording with quality and clean sound. It’ll increase the sound detail by adding some high end to the recording.

Finally, the mic has no noise – it won’t hum in its background, with a suitable preamp. However, with its 4.5 pounds, you might require a straight stand or a durable boom stand.

So, that’s it with the condenser mics and dynamic mics, let’s check some dynamic mics. Read Also: Best Soundbars Under 300.


  • Suitable features you’ll get include XLR output, Cardioid Polar Pattern, 20hz to 20khz Frequency range, and 1.00″ Capsule.
  • Durable and well-build vocal mic
  • Cost-friendly mic
  • Excellent or clean sound recording
  • Versatile mic plus provides a great dynamic range
  • Reduced noise


  • Requires a suitable audio interface or audio interface

3. Shure SM7B Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Mic – #3 Pick

Shure SM7B buy Shure is a go-to studio producing microphone is created for vocals – especially being a dynamic mic. Its simple to set up with the already attached mic bracket.

Shure SM7B Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Mic Check Current Price

The end-address Shure SM7B mic is sturdy, large but equally heavy – you’ll need to talk into the mic’s cylinder end and hence great if you’ll need to check the computer screen.

The device produces a rich-sounding and neutral low-end sound with limited distortion and boominess. You’ll get a clean, balanced, and deep bass. Also, you’ll get smooth and transparent highs.

The Shure SM7B, like other dynamic mics, is designed to produce sound quality as opposed to view on how low it can get. It can be used in studio recording and in your radio station environment.

It has an in-built shock mount that’ll provide absorption plus it’ll readily replace the shock mounts that are usually external. Also, it has the pop filter to remove the need to have the external pop filter.

So, among all the dynamic microphones, Shure SM7B is designed to work great for vocals. I note that its key tasks are to scream rock vocals and radio broadcasting.

Further, from its release in 1976 release, the serious SM7 model of this Shure SM7B has been used by most rock stars (like Michael Jackson in the example ‘Thriller’).


  • Simple to use producing excellent sound
  • Easy to twerk the EQ ith the provided 2 adjustable switches
  • Won’t pick most of your background noises – great noise rejection
  • It’s a professional-grade vocal mic
  • Durable microphone
  • To- quality sound production


  • Side-sound rejection is not properly refined

4. Sennheiser MD 421 II Dynamic Vocal Mic – #4 Pick

Sennheiser MD 421 II is also a great vocal mic for rock music – its a versatile recording dynamic mic. The cardioid dynamic mic has a large-diaphragm vocal mic with a diameter of at least 25.4 mm.

Sennheiser MD 421 II Dynamic Vocal Mic Check Current Price

Sennheiser MD 421 II will handle very loud sounds – you’ll notice that there is no labeled max SP – they’ve only outlined that 160dB could lead to several problems.

The roll-off switch (5-position) for bass and high SPL capacity ensures that Sennheiser MD 421 II will capture most sound sources including bass amps, guitar, and loud snare.

This is not your typical ‘vocal mic’ but its a dynamic Mic that’s considered All-Around. With the large diaphragm, the mic will readily catch your sound even for animated speakers and singers.

With a polar pick-up pattern from the cardioid mic, the Sennheiser MD 421 II will capture the sound that’s are directly in front – suitable mic for speakers and vocalists.

The device has a flat mic clip that has a track that the Sennheiser MD 421 will easily slide into. But this clip is also pricey and flimsy – which will require regular and costly replacement.

On the body build, the mic is rugged with the whole outer being metal and thus will be used without fear. So, some accidental mic knock or drop won’t damage it – for live speakers and musicians.


  • It’s excellent on the vocals and will perform well on percussion, bass, drums, and short-scale electric guitars.
  • Highly versatile and reliable vocal mic approved by experts
  • Sturdy and industry-standard – a metal body that’s rugged
  • Awesome with vocals for loud male musicians doing metal, rap, and rock


  • Won’t match some vocal styles

5. Rode NTK Cardioid Condenser Vocal Mic – #5 Pick

Rode NTK is a Tube or Valve vocal microphone but has no many polar patterns with vintage “tube sound”. Great for a musician for great sound quality, rugged durability, and long-term value.

Rode NTK Cardioid Condenser Vocal Mic Check Current Price

Rode NTK’s large-diaphragm condenser is usable in a range of studio recording applications giving exceptional studio warmth and detail even with single instrument recording.

The mic’s valve circuitry is class “A” and it’ll complement the mic’s highly sensitive transducer + it has audiophile-quality components and twin-triode 6922 valve.

These will provide great tube warmth, low noise, and dynamic range that’s very wide. The rich valve sound is suitable for guitar amps, drum overheads, acoustic instruments, & keyboard workstations.

The power supply is dedicated and comes with the large 1” capsule plus the gold-plated diaphragm. You’ll get smooth lows, warm mids, and crystal clear highs with limited EQ usage.

For you vocal, you’ll love the tube mic as it’ll produce a warm and vintage sound. Rode NTK is a cheaper tube mic since it won’t get to the price of premium mics.

I would consider the sound precise and immaculate – particularly for recording acoustics, it was especially alive and crisp. For various studio applications, you’ll get a perfect and warm sound.


  • Has a phantom power supply that’s dedicated
  • Excellent vintage “tube sound”
  • Provide tube or valve warmth


  • Non durable valve


There you have it with the best microphone for recording vocals. Rode NTK highlights the singer’s voice personality with each detail coming out as airy, clear, and crisp.

The tank-like vocal recording mic is sturdy to withstand tear and wear. Finally, Rode NTK mic is great for vocals, percussion, upright bass, classical guitars, drum overheads, acoustic instruments, and singing.

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