7 Best Headset Microphones for Singing 2024

For actors, dancers, and musicians – getting the best headset microphones for singing is a great start point. These headset mics will also work well for speech and theatrical productions – Onstage (Portable). Best Headset Microphones for Singing

So, your hands will be free to move here and there with limited restrictions as you performed on the stage.

Get this mic for your cover bands, corporate, events, and church singing. Read Also: What’s the best camera for concerts.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Headset Microphones for Singing in 2024

1. Shure PGA31 Headset Mic with TA4F/TQG – #1 Pick

Shure PGA31 is a quality headset mic that’s affordable and equally dependable. It’ll work on the frequency band of 900 MHz plus the 24-bit or 48kHz transmission for its wireless transmission.

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Shure PGA31 comes with the condenser mic that’ll ensure excellent voice articulation. It’ll reduce background noise thanks to the uni-directional cardioid-polar pattern to get you clear sound.

It’ll readily withstand some higher gain period or the occurrence of feedback. Its 2 antennas will operate independently while scanning for the suitable open channel.

So, you’ll get great sound suitable for singers. Also, the headset mic is very reliable with the less congested its 900-MHZ frequency band – and when limited signal interference.

Further, you’ll get top convenience as the PGA31’s transmitter will work seamlessly for 8+ hours using some two AA batteries. But, the headset receiver and transmitter are made from plastic.

PGA31 wireless set will work easily with many body packs by Shure plus its wireframe build is also very flexible. Therefore, the gooseneck build makes it simple to position.

Further, the Shure PGA31 is suitable for singers and speakers as it gives clear vocals. It has a sturdy wireframe design plus the uni-directional cardioid for excellent frequency response.

Its build ensures you get a secure and comfortable fit as you do hands-free stage performances. The electret condenser cartridge will give you detailed and crisp vocals plus a windscreen for top audio reproduction.


  • Its condenser cartridge is fully charged for clean vocals
  • Has the cardioid polar pattern that uni-directional to allow the gain prior to the feedback
  • Gooseneck mic design for more flexibility
  • Budget-friendly


  • Non-adjustable headband

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2. AKG C520 L Headset Vocal Microphone – #2 Pick

AKG C520 is a condenser mic that’s for both noob and professional singing – it allows high dynamic range and hence gives an excellent vocal sound.

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AKG C520 is loved by dancing performers, guitarists, drummers, singing keyboardists that require some hands-free mic. It protects against humidity through its moisture shield.

Further, it cuts the level of bob6y noise through its mount for the transducer shock while the cardioid-polar pattern will remove the environmental noise.

This AKG C520 headset microphones for singing has a lightweight but sturdy wireframe. It’ll sit greatly without the discomfort of being too tight once settled.

You can mount the mic on either the right or left of this headband. AKG C520 has a gooseneck extension that’s fully adjustable and will ensure the mic remains steady in its place.


  • AKG C520 will be good for concert halls am small-pub singing gigs
  • Has a great transducer elements
  • Moutable on either side of your frame
  • Has a sturdy and lightweight frame


  • Costly

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3. Countryman E6 Mic Omni-Earset – #3 Pick

Countryman E6 is a top-quality headset microphone that’s also durable. Its detachable cable is aramid-reinforced and thus will be very challenging to break – but it’s also replaceable.

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Countryman E6 is a comfortable headset mic that equally lightweight and will thus be great for your singing practice and gigs. The backside will feel springy but is generally comfortable.

This wireless mic, like the lavalier mic for DSLR, is omnidirectional and ergonomic that speakers and singers love. It’ll give a clear, clean, crisp, and loud sound while tackling the sound greatly.

Despite being small in size, the Countryman E6 will give a great and phenomenal sound. The omnidirectional earset will ensure non-obstruction by rejecting breath pops, feedback, and noise.

You’ll notice that the Countryman E6 will be invisible to most skin tones, has a custom fit, and has a bendable and rugged boom. The wireless and hands-free mic ensure great movement freedom.

This Countryman E6 will be resistant to water and sweat if used with some caps (frequency-response). You can get it in the tan color and will acquire sensitivity for classic, vocals, and speaking boom.

Its boom helps hold the microphone near and around your mouth and hence give excellent noise cancelation. Also, note that it won’t pick breath and wind sounds.


  • Replaceable but durable cable
  • Durable headset singing microphone
  • Lightweight but also comfortable
  • Amazing and clear singing sound quality
  • Tiny mic that’s also lightweight


  • Costly Mic

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4. Shure SM35-TQG Wireless Singing Headset Mic

SM35-TQG is a costly but equally durable headset mic for singing with excellent audio quality and durable. It’ll work exceptionally for phone calls, medium-size presentations, and karaoke.

Shure SM35-TQG Wireless Singing Headset Mic Check Current Price

SM35-TQG has top noise-cancelling technology for great crispness and clarity but you may require a wireless bodypack for best audio outcomes. Its also very ergonomic and lightweight for comfort.

However, I noted that they could have made the wire-frame slightly adjustable, flexible, and softer – but it’s durable. The headset will fit comfortably and securely as you sing or perform.

Equally, this mic will reject most feedback and signal bleed thanks to the tight polar-pattern that’s uni-directional great for floor monitors and loud stages.

You’ll love its flexible gooseneck build that’ll enhance source isolation and provide great placement. The low-profile and lightweight design ensures longer wearing as its comfortable.

SM35-TQG has a robust and bigger wireframe that’ll easily tilt towards you but you can get it both in the wireless and wired versions.

This headset mic has the clip-on windscreen and its relatively large in size. Comparatively, this is a real workhorse mic that’s both high-quality and durable.


  • SM35-TQG will work great with the bodypacks from Shure or the TA4F connector-installed devices.
  • Multi-purpose headset singing mic
  • Simple assembly and sausage process
  • Adjustable, flexible, and durable headset mic
  • Amazing condenser tech
  • Great sound and audio quality


  • Les flexible and adjustable wire frame

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Considerations for Best Headset Microphones for Singing

When it comes to the best headset mics, the key considerations are comfort, construction quality, ease of use, connection type, and durability.

Uni-directional? So, is the headset mic omnidirectional, bidirectional, or unidirectional (cardioid). Consider this from all the various mic types– suitable for singing or performance?

For our case, the cardioid or Unidirectional headset mics will be the most favorable since it’ll pick just sound that’s coming from the front – great for voice actors and musicians (vocal recording).

However, Omni-directional headset misc will tend to pick sounds that are coming from different directions. Therefore, on the environmental or ambient noise, they’ll have limited filtration.


The mics will readily blend with your environment and you may use some windscreen. Further, the steel mic construction ensures that it’s hard and durable. Check these harmonica microphones for studio playing and live.

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