7 Best Microphones for Voice Acting in 2024

Buying the best microphones for voice acting isn’t simple as per se, especially those mics that are meant for use in the recording studio. Often, most people find themselves stuck between featured microphones and wonder which mic to settle for. Best Microphones for Voice Acting

Professional audio recording microphone needs to be of very high quality. It should deliver excellent sound without causing abnormal internal interference – while recording vocals.

Moreover, the selected microphone should filter external sound waves as much as possible. In this article, I shall be reviewing the best voice-acting microphones in depth. Let’s get started.

Reviews: 7 Best Microphones for Voice Acting in 2024

1. Sennheiser MKH416-P48U3 Condenser Microphone – #1 Pick

Sennheiser is a top-quality voice acting microphone that features highly sensitive sound pick-ups, which are immune to humidity. The product integrates constant articulation mechanism and instant feedback rejection that nicely concentrate the sound waves to the receiver without hums.

Best Microphones for Voice Acting Check Current Price

The low inherent microphone is fitted with a compact pressure gradient, which increases the degree of directivity and enhances the frequency of response when voice acting. In fact, this mic is manufactured using a tough matte and rugged framework, which increases its operational reliability.

Moreover, the low proximity effect maps nicely with fully floating balanced output thus producing high-quality sound patterns. Further, Sennheiser operates at a safer nominal impedance of 25 ohms and terminating impedance of 800 ohms.

The super-cardioid pick-up pattern nicely regulates sound frequencies while the rugged protective basket suppresses wind noise thus making this mic best for outdoor application too – including voice acting.

Notably, Sennheiser comes with a strong suspension (with a pistol grip) and a durable windshield.


  • Low Inherence self-noise and increased directivity
  • High sensitivity and transformerless
  • Immune to humidity and high-quality sound
  • Fully balanced output and matte black
  • High consonant articulation
  • Compact pressure gradient
  • Super-cardioid sound pick-up pattern


  • Slightly expensive
  • Needs some parts assembly

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2. VO: 1-A Harlan Hogan Signature Series Microphone – #2 Pick

Harlan Hogan is a condenser microphone that is designed with a classic golden diaphragm needed to absorb large sound without creating internal hums due to destructive sound interference.

VO: 1-A Harlan Hogan Signature Series Microphone Check Current Price

In fact, the microphone is tailored with studio-quality voice pick-ups, which filter external sound waves effectively thus giving you a deep natural sound. Check these headset mics for singing.

Moreover, the condenser microphone comes with a durable foam liner and humid filter, which clear wind effects. The sturdy adjustable studio shock mount is nicely clipped into place to allow optional settings when performing or audio recording.

Harlan Hogan entails a dedicated sound pick-up circuitry that guarantees you continuous signal response during performance without abnormal discontinuities. Further, the mic features an impressive design and self-hardened material assembly, which makes it durable.

The full package not only entails a classic microphone but also comes with a fleece-lined vinyl pouch, studio shock mount, XML cable, and replacement bands for free. The balanced output is perfectly coupled with class-A circuitry while the highly sensitive sound palette responds effectively for both male and female performers without hums.

Importantly, the voice-over of the microphone is budget-friendly and cheaper to maintai to the Camera for YouTube.


  • Top-quality sound – has a golden diaphragm
  • Has durable foam liners and humid filters
  • Studio voice quality pick-ups and sturdy design
  • Class-A circuitry and highly sensitive sound palette
  • Impressive outlook and studio shock mount
  • Quick signal response effectors and fleece-lined vinyl pouch
  • Balanced output and tough replacement bands
  • Budget-friendly and best for indoor performance


  • No windshield cover
  • Lacks distance sound cancellation


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3. Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone – #3 Pick

Shure is an impressive voice acting microphone that features highly effective pop filters, which refined sound waves for perfect audio recording.

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Check Current Price

The product is specially engineered with a large, flat wide-range frequency response, which nicely picks polar patterns (effective for continuous recording without internal interference). See these wireless lavalier mic for dslr.

Actually, this mic comes with quality sound pick-ups and sensitive diaphragm that support unlimited multiple sound waves without causing hums. In addition, the product is fitted with an internal “air-shock” isolation device to prevent signal failure during recording. The optimized sound rejection broadband perfectly cancels any electromagnetic waves (from other electronics around) that may affect the overall sound quality.

Moreover, Shure features a rugged sturdy construction (durable) that comes with a classic mounting yoke for optional setting while in use. The A7WS detachable windscreen is strongly fixed in place and filters any wind ripple that passes along when recording or performing.

More so, this microphone comes with a bass roll-off mechanism that creates mid-range emphasis during audio recording and claims outstanding performance reliability. Importantly, Shure guarantees you a legendary sound performance for both indoor and outdoor activities.


  • A highly effective pop filter
  • Flat, wide-range frequency response
  • Mid-range emphasis and bass roll-off
  • Excellent shielding and polar pattern
  • High-quality sound pick-ups and yoke mounting option
  • Rugged construction and A7WS detachable windscreen
  • Optimized sound rejection broadbands
  • Classic cardioid polar pattern and internal shock isolation


  • Not suitable for very far sound pick up
  • May need additional equipment like dbx processors

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4. HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Gaming Microphone

The Hyper X QuadCast is a convenient voice acting microphone that is built using a tough framework and casing to improve its service life.

HyperX QuadCast - USB Condenser Gaming Microphone Check Current Price

The electret condenser microphone features highly sensitive sound pick-ups and classic inbuilt pop filters that reduce muffles when performing.

The Mic comes with an impressive anti-vibratory shock mount, which is ideal for stand-alone performance. Indeed, the dynamic flexibility of this microphone makes it easier to set without much hassle. Further, Hyper X is integrated with detailed, selectable polar patterns (Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional, and Omnidirectional) which nicely control and concentrates various sound waves at any angle or distance without sacrificing voice quality.

Moreover, this mic comes with three- 14mm condensers (effectively classify sound waves), which are nicely aligned and paired with a tap-to mute button for signature cancellation when carrying out live performance. Actually, the status LED indicator softy changes color as the sound sensitivity is adjusted by the use of gain control knob.

Hyper X is Discord & TeamSpeak certified and works perfectly for response frequency ranging between 20 Hz to 20 kHz without causing any internal shocks or destructive interference.

Further, this mic supports chat program compatibility. Notably, Hyper X comes with impressive red-black color and classic hyper X graphics. Read Also: Best Condenser Mics under 200.


  • Strong anti-vibratory shock mount and a simple tap to the mute button
  • Highly sensitive sound pick-ups and classic inbuilt pop filters
  • Discord & TeamSpeak certified and variable LED indicator
  • Compatible with PC Windows and supports chat program compatibility
  • Selectable polar patterns – Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional and Omnidirectional
  • Has high quality three- 14mm condensers and tough casing
  • Budget-friendly and dynamic flexibility


  • May have constant static hiss at maximum gain
  • The Red glow may irritate eyes

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5. Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording & Streaming

Blue Yeti is a tough built solid microphone that is specially engineered with 3 classic condenser capsules, which are dedicated to delivering finite sound quality during live performance without failure.

Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording & Streaming Check Current Price

The mic is built up using impressive self-hardened casing (durable) and finely spaced pick-up holes that allow 100% voice penetrations.

In fact, this product comes with 4 selectable pickup patterns (cardioid, bidirectional, Omni, and stereo) that claim to deliver incredible sound flexibility and deep bass resonance. More so, the sound sensitivity is impressively controlled by a finely set gain control, which offers continuous ultimate versatility and hum cancellation during live performance.

Blue Yeti features a dedicated sound circuitry that guarantees legendary sound quality and perfect shock rejection without being fatigued. Indeed, the mic supports a wide range of frequency response between 20Hz to 20 kHz. Further, this mic is fitted with central liner for stand-alone settings when streaming or live recording.

Moreover, the professional blue sound mic is compatible with PC Windows, mark, and ps4 among others. The mic impressively lights up the airwaves by use of powerful controlled output while the adjustable base stand supports optional orientation when performing.

Notably, Blue Yeti is budget-friendly and cheap to maintain.


  • Classic tri-capsule condensers and quality sound filters
  • 4 selectable pickup patterns -cardioid, bidirectional, Omni, and stereo
  • Impressively light up and adjustable base stand
  • Finely spaced pick-up holes and tough scratch-resistant casing
  • Multiple colors (for optional selection) and impressive design
  • Variable gain knob and instant mute button
  • Wide-range of frequency response -between 20Hz to 20 kHz
  • Compatible with PC Windows, mark, and ps4.
  • Perfect external sound-canceling


  • Needs special setting – not easier to set
  • May pick ground vibration if placed too low
  • No windshield cover

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6. Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone

Electro-voice is a powerful voice acting microphone that utilizes continuous variable D technology, which claims to minimize proximity effects when carrying out live performance.

Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone Check Current Price

The product is fitted with a dedicated sound circuitry, which prevents internal “air shocks” and destructive sound interference.

Actually, this voice mic is specially designed with voice tailored frequency response and is capable of rejecting any electromagnetic wave signals within the room without sacrificing the sound quality.

The dynamic cardioid microphone is fitted with low mass aluminum coil & large Acoustalloy diaphragm that gives it a classic live performance. Further, this mic is integrated with internal sound effectors/liners that produce very high SPLs without causing any signal distortion or overload when broadcasting.

The wind filters and integral blast prevents excess sibilance & plosive while the humbucking coil & steel case provides classic magnetic shielding effects. Moreover, Electro-voice is manufactured with rust-resistant material and comes with an impressive bass roll-off switch.


  • Has a classic bass roll-off switch and effect hum-bucking coil
  • Rust-resistant steel casing and large acoustical diaphragm
  • Dedicated sound circuitry and high SPLs – no overloads
  • High-quality variable D technology and impressive design
  • Integral blast and fine wind filters – classic magnetic shielding effects.
  • Voice tailored frequency response and studio condenser performance
  • Top-quality sound resonance for broadcasting and budget-friendly


  • Need special handling
  • Slightly heavy

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Normally, the process of choosing the best microphones for voice acting can be very tedious, especially if you don’t know exactly the extent to which you need to use the mic.

As a wise performer, when choosing a microphone for voice acting, consider the pick-up range, the sound directivity, hum cancellation ability, power consumption, design, material use as well as the indicated area of use for a given type of microphone.

Some buyers have mistakenly bought wrong types of microphones and have ended up complaining abnormally when they were actually to blame. Importantly, go for a microphone that is cheaper to maintain and budget-friendly.

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