7 Best Wireless Mic for iPhone 2023

The best wireless mic for iPhone will help you to easily record your podcasts, youtube videos, music, video chatting, and interviews since iPhones have poor quality audio. Best Wireless Mic for iPhone

Key considerations, besides the quality of the iPhone mics, ensure to check if the mic uses the lightning port or headphone jack.

Or maybe the wireless option? Let’s get started with the best lightning connector and headphone jack microphones. Read Also: Laptop for Video Editing.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Wireless Mic for iPhone in 2023

1. Comica CVM-WS50(C) Lavalier Wireless iPhone Mic

Comica CVM-WS50(C) is my top iPhone and iPad mic – it’ll record clean and crisp audio plus it has an LCD screen to view the audio status, battery level, and time spent.

Best Wireless Mic for iPhone Check Price on Amazon

Comica CVM-WS50(C) has an excellent range. For instance, you can connect the mic to a transmitter that’s roughly at about 197 ft and thus will work excellent for a Youtuber, Vlogger, or a beginner musician.

You’ll love the mics real audio monitor capability – and stud one will readily listen to what is being recorded with excellent audio output. The output will be somewhere near what you’ll get with the best mics for vocal recording.

Its an excellent mic package for anyone that requires a wireless lavalier mic for their iPhone connection. It offers the necessary flexibility with its omnidirectional lavalier capability.

For lower interference, the mic allows a connection to 6 varied channels – besides extended range and real-time sound monitoring.

The mic allows a 197ft operation distance – and thus, it’s not an issue if you go further from this source. Also, you can operate at about 98ft even when there any ‘obstructions.’

Further, Comica CVM-WS50(C) easily connects to 6 varied channels and thus will give you a great recording experience – particularly with iPad and iPhone video recording. This wireless lavalier mic will provide you with a seamless connection.


  • It offers better control and audio recording monitoring with the installed LCD.
  • Allows charging via USB
  • Has a volume that’s easily adjustable
  • Great connection rage going to roughly 60 meters
  • Comes with a phone camp and tripod
  • Allows real-time sound monitoring
  • Alllow omni-directional lavalier connection – wirelessly


  • None

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2. BOYA BY-WM2G Lavalier Wireless Mic

BOYA BY-WM2G is a budget-friendly lavalier mic system for crisp audio that is lightweight and Compact, is compatible with many devices, and an operational range of 49ft. (15m).

BOYA BY-WM2G Lavalier Wireless Mic Check Price on Amazon

Get this BOYA BY-WM2G mic if you need a reliable and quality lapel microphone system with no cable restrictions. You can do recording wirelessly within 49ft (15m), plus the stereo system offers great audio.

The mic’s omnidirectional pattern will readily pick up the audio from the 360° – recoding freedom. Get transparent and clean audio that’s great for iPhone. Use it excellently for Youtube recording, film making, and vlogging.

BOYA BY-WM2G provides excellently accurate and clear vocals over its full range. You can use it on the GoPro, DSLR camera, tablet, and android phone.

BOYA BY-WM2G, like other lapel microphones, are portable and small in size, which means that they’ll be unobtrusive and light for smooth working. With the audio jack (3.5mm), the mic’s receiver works smoothly with your devices.

I recommend this iPhone mic for recording action events, weddings, and interviews thanks to its clear audio and 15m range. But you’ll need the lightning connector to connect to your iPhones.


  • The wireless lavalier mic is a great vlogging mic made by a famous audio devices company.
  • Luckily, the iPhone mic will easily record your audio and video without capturing the background noises.
  • The lightweight and compact mic (receiver and transmitter) will be easy to carry around fro your gigs – check Bass Amps for Small Gigs.
  • You can easily attach the transmitter on your belt for easy recording.


  • None

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3. Shure MV88 for iPad/ iPod/ iPhone/ Portable iOS Mic

Shure MV88 iOS is an excellent iPhone mic that has the Lightning Connector. Like BOYA BY-WM2G mic, this one is also compact in shape and design – and its omnidirectional capturing sound from only one direction.

Shure MV88 for iPad/ iPod/ iPhone/ Portable iOS Mic Check Price on Amazon

Shure MV88 iOS compared to other types of microphones provides excellent portability plus it’ll connect to the iPad using the charging port. Read Also: best microphones for voice acting.

You’ll love the five varied pre-set modes on this mic to adjust to either flat, loud, instrument, singing, and acoustic (see quality acoustic guitars) and thus give you excellent-quality sound.

On design favorably, the Shure MV88 iOS is compact, and hence it’ll be easy to fit and carry into the pocket. You can move around with iPhone mic to different travelogues or outdoor video recording.

Further, Shure MV88 iOS has excellent flexibility as you can simply flip and tilt the iPhone mic to varied directions and thus easily capture the required sound.

For more comfortable usage, the mic will also work with apps accessible through the Apple store – these are MOTIV Video and MOTIV Audio that allow better recording quality full HD audio.

The device gives rich, clear, smooth, and crisp sound and vocals eve with no limiting or compression. With an appropriate placement, you’ll notice that this is a portable and robust vocal mic.


  • But for recording professional sound, get a method to stabilize the tablet or iPhone – this will help bey acting like the regular shock mount.
  • Produces crisp higher and rich lows
  • Easy recording with the compatible app – see the music production mac computers.
  • Easily disable or adjust the DSP
  • Its a multi-pattern like mono-cardioid and adjustable-stereo images


  • Latency during monitoring

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4. ZOOM iQ7 MS Mono-Compatible Stereo Mics

Zoom iQ7 MS is a condenser mic that’ll allow XY stereo options including mid-side, 120°, and 90° while, thought lightning connection, also outputting 48kHz/16bit and 44.1kHz/16bit.

ZOOM iQ7 MS Mono-Compatible Stereo Mics Check Price on Amazon

Zoom iQ7 MS will give you great sounds while also capturing accurate and clean audio with the excellent ADC while outputting 48kHz/16bit or 44.1kHz/16bit.

Zoom iQ7 MS is innovative as it’ll allow you to shift from simple the bystander to becoming the creator. Its amazing features like the big MIC GAIN knob (front-facing) will allow exceptional stereo recording.

Further, its headphone jack that plays the line output function also enables you to monitor the audio during playback and recording. Use the rotating feature to get the right stereo orientation ( left-right).

The knob enables the user to adjust the input level to their optimum while the level LED (3-segment type) allows meter leveling to give you a crisp and clean sound devoid of signal overload.

On compatibility, Zoom iQ7 MS will work with iOS devices that are lightning-equipped thanks to the removable spacer plus a Lightning connector to allow connection to iPod, iPad, and iPhone.


  • Has the mid-side option that increases the device’s recording flexibility allowing post-production adjustments
  • Its capsules will rotate through multiple directions for proper positioning to capture your scenes or subjects.
  • The mic’s Mid-Side offers advanced recording with varied width of the stereo image even after production.
  • It included both 1 bidirectional and directional mics for effective audio capturing.


  • Simple build

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On the best wireless mic for iPhone, you’ll love the added devices with the Comica CVM-WS50(C) package. See these music vidoes production cameras.

It has receiver & transmitter, and portable case, belt clip, wind muff, USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio mic, and the TRRS Sound Output Cable.

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