7 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1500 in 2024

Choosing the best acoustic guitar under 1500 is not simple. You’ll have to consider the guitar material. Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1500

You will often find yourself stuck between the price and quality of the acoustic guitar due to large varieties available in the market.

However, it’s important to know that high prices don’t necessarily reflect the top performance of a given guitar. Read Also: Acoustic Guitar for Small Hands

7 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1500 in 2024

1. Cordoba C10 Crossover Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

Cordoba C10 tops our list due to its classic and impressive sound performance that won’t deteriorate easily with continuous use. Actually, the guitar features tough steel strings that deliver quality sound pattern when strumming without slacking.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1500 Check Price on Amazon

Indeed, this musical instrument is manufactured especially using solid and durable rosewood (back and sides) body that guarantees you a long self-life. The shiny waterproof gloss coating gives the guitar a tender smooth finish and it’s scratch resistant.

Cordoba C10 features a classic body design that will not only sink nicely into your body curvature when strumming but will also boost your confidence and esteem when playing it among similar acoustic guitars.

The solid European spruce top is perfectly fixed and impressively colored to improve its overall appearance. In addition, this guitar comes with a tough lightweight fretboard that features beautiful fret markers.

The tough saddle and bridge are nicely aligned with the headstock to allow easier string-tension tuning. Moreover, this guitar has a large soundboard that makes the produced sound louder and improves tones during strumming.

Importantly, Cordoba C10 has an aesthetic cutaway that gives it a touch vintage elegance and easier finger movement when strumming.


  • Aesthetic cutaway and large soundboard
  • Tough and durable rosewood – back and sides
  • Impressive design and beautiful colors
  • Classic fretboard and lightweight body
  • Tough steel strings and flexible tuners
  • Quality sound performance and fine tones


  • Unsuitable for kids
  • Requires initial tuning

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2. Kremona Romida Artist Series

Kremona is a classic acoustic guitar that features a tough self-hardened Kremona Arete medium-high tension strings, which claims to deliver continuous quality sound without slacking.

Kremona Romida Artist Series Check Price on Amazon

The guitar is specially designed with an impressive shape that will not only boost your confidence while playing among other similar guitars but will also fit nicely in your arm and align perfectly with the body shape when strumming.

In addition, the string instrument is made using a tough, Indian rosewood body (side and back) that is beautifully colored to improve its overall appearance. In fact, the Ebony fingerboard and tough cross-bridge are specially handcrafted in Bulgaria (since 1924).

Kremona produces a classic authentic sound pattern that is easier to tune using flexible tough nut tuners. Moreover, the fretboard is extra-hardened to resist scratch while the pick-up board is nicely fixed into place.

You will enjoy comfortable strumming since this guitar comes with a simple cutaway that allows easier fingers-control. Indeed, the top solid European spruce is nicely finished and the wooded binding is finely stuck with no rough protrusion that may cause injuries when strumming.

This guitar is lightweight and won’t weigh you down when playing. Normally, it is easier to hold, tune, and strum Kremona guitar. Notably, the product is budget-friendly and durable.


  • Stylish and impressive design
  • Has beautiful colors and classic cutaway
  • Has Kremona Arete medium-high tension strings
  • Simple tuners and tough headstock
  • Solid European spruce top and a Classic Ebony fingerboard
  • Tough saddle and authentic bridge
  • Handcrafted in Bulgaria (since 1924) and durable
  • Quality sound resonance and smooth final finish
  • Budget-friendly and easier to set


  • The inner compartment may be affected by water
  • Needs tuning training

3. Takamine EF341SC Pro Series

Takamine is a classic dreadnought acoustic guitar that comes in an elegant design to boost your confidence during performance.

Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Check Price on Amazon

This guitar claims to deliver the best audio resonance without abnormal sound interference when strumming since the string thickness is engineered to suit your musical expectation.

The guitar is coated with an impressive black gloss that improves its overall outlook. In fact, this instrument is packed in tough shell casing that is tear-resistant. In addition, Takamine comes with a handy inbuilt chromatic tuner, 3-band EQ (bass, mid and treble), and volume adjuster.

Takamine is manufactured with a tough maple body (sides and back) that is highly durable and scratch-resistant. Indeed, the top body section is fitted with a solid cedar material that secures the bridge perfectly into place without release.

Actually, Takamine has an electric power option and thus can be powered to a mixer, unlike another acoustic guitar. The product fitted with a tough pickguard (extra self-life) and a unique pathetic under-saddle pickup necessary for optimal sound generation.

More so, this guitar has a durable rosewood fretboard and mahogany neck that is fitted with flexible tuners for easier string tension control. Notably, this guitar has a standard soundhole and a large soundboard that enhances sound performance when strumming.


  • Impressive shiny black color and beautiful design
  • Powerful electric guitar – can be connected to a mixer
  • Large soundboard and standard soundhole
  • Durable maple material and tough solid cedar top
  • Lightweight and classic design
  • Scratch-resistant body and smooth gloss finish
  • Reliable fretboard and sturdy mahogany neck
  • Flexible tuners and tough strings
  • Budget-friendly and comfortable strumming shape


  • Requires initial tuning
  • Unsuitable for kids – slightly large
  • Needs audio cord to power it to the mixer

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4. Guild D-20 – Vintage Sunburst

The vintage Sunburst acoustic guitar is a powerful stringed instrument that is manufactured using a durable solid mahogany body (top, side, and back), which not only gives it a long self-life but also creates an impressive natural appearance.

Guild D-20 - Vintage Sunburst Check Price on Amazon

This product claims a long market legacy in the c industry (since 1968) and will deliver the best musical resonance without abnormal sound interference. In fact, D-20 is constructed with a sturdy, lightweight fretboard that won’t break easily upon falling.

The classic saddle pick-up and tough bridge are nicely fixed into place to avoid any string slacking while the flexible nut tuners provide smooth string-tension tuning options. Moreover, this product has a vintage style rosette and a classic headstock design that has the Guild’s peak logo inlaid to make it even more stylish.

The dreadnought cutaway deigns in D-20 makes handling easier and more comfortable when strumming. In fact, the guitar is fitted with a strong pickguard and tough self-hardened standard strings that overlay the back fiber-tuning guild.

Importantly, the D-20 Vintage comes in a beautiful dark color and sunburn fade top that make its overall appearance very appealing and impressive for an n performance band. The scalloped X bracing creates a powerful sound vibration that makes the guitar produce very sweet tones when strumming.


  • Top-quality material/hard mahogany body – no top board
  • Excellent sound vibration – has scalloped X bracing
  • Tough standard strings and classic saddle pick-up/bridge
  • Stylish and a sturdy fingerboard
  • Long market legacy (since 1968) and impressive overall design
  • Beautiful natural colors and quality sound resonance
  • Flexible nut tuners and classic overlay fiber headstock
  • Tough fiber casing with a modifier


  • Slightly expensive
  • Needs initial tuning

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5. Taylor 214ce Deluxe

The 214ce DLX is classic Taylor’s 2000 series that features an improved tough saddle pick-up and bridge assembly.

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Check Price on Amazon

The product is manufactured using natural Indian rosewood that gives it an impressive natural appearance. Moreover, the body is finished using a tough lamination film, which is scratch resistant and waterproof.

The guitar is designed with a narrow neck and a grand auditorium cutaway that makes it comfortable to hold and play. In addition, the Taylor guitar is fitted with a tough fingerboard and classic fret markers.

The triple layer solid body is specially crafted with extra-large soundboard to enhance sound quality without sacrificing the intended resonance. Moreover, the tough steel strings are engineered with a forward shifted pattern bracing that claims to deliver a nice sound resonance when strumming without slacking.

Actually, Taylor is elegantly designed with a grand cutaway that allows easier access to the treble-side frets. The top board is fitted with Sitka spruce binding that has a nice white color to improve its look further.

Notably, Taylor is an electric guitar that has a classic tonal spectrum for sound enhancement and comes with a tough pickguard, which won’t wear out easily.


  • Tough body made with natural Indian rosewood
  • Has Grand auditorium cutaway and diamond frets
  • Impressive design and narrow neck – easier to hold
  • Scratch-resistant and Laminated body finish –waterproof
  • Tough Sitka spruce top and padded pickguard
  • Forward shifted pattern bracing
  • Large soundboard and beautiful colors


  • Has sparse control option
  • Needs initial tuning

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6. Yamaha L-Series

Yamaha L-series is an impressive guitar that is designed with extra-tough body material to improve its self-life.

Yamaha L-Series Check Price on Amazon

The product is fitted with a string 5-ply neck and self-hardened strings that generates an amazing sound reverb without abnormal interference. In fact, professional strumming guarantees a strong tonal delivery without any external amplification.

You will definitely love the impressive natural color that this Yamaha comes with – it has enhanced sunburn fading that makes it even more appealing. Moreover, the classic lamination and fine final finish give Yamaha a tender feel that won’t irritate you when playing.

The Engelmann solid top is finely crafted while the tough bridge and saddle pick-up is set in place nicely. Further, the guitar is reinforced with a tough padded SRT zero Impact pickguard that is scratch resistant.

The original rosewood solid back and sides are uniformly merged to create extra-space for tonal enhancement when strumming. In fact, the fretboard is fitted with tough frets and impressive fret markers while the strings are nicely spaced for easier navigation when strumming.

Importantly, Yamaha L-series comes in a highly comfortable traditional neck profile and simple nut tuners that allow smart string tuning.


  • Impressive design and classic appearance
  • Comfortable neck profile and curvy cutaway design
  • Flexible nut tuners and tough frets
  • Classic soundboard and waterproof liner
  • Sturdy fingerboard and stylish headstock
  • A tough string that are nicely spaced – easier access
  • Beautiful natural colors – fading sunburn impression
  • Finely crafted bridge and unique saddle pick-up


  • Requires initial tuning
  • Unsuitable for kids
  • Not electric powered

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7. Ovation Melissa Etheridge

Ovation Melissa is a beautiful colored acoustic guitar designed with extra tough material to improve its durability.

Ovation Melissa Etheridge Check Price on Amazon

The product is manufactured with an AA solid spruce top and a mahogany neck that is reinforced with maple to improve its break resistance upon fall.

Actually, Ovation comes with self-hardened strings that are nicely secured by a tough bridge and classic saddle pick-up. In fact, the soundhole is perfectly aligned with uniquely spaced strings to enhance sound capture while the fretboard is fitted with tough frets and impressive color matching.

Moreover, this guitar has a shallow cutaway body that features a lyrachord mid-depth dowl specially designed to allow easier access of lower treble frets when strumming. Further, the guitar comes with a chromatic tuner and a 3-band EQ that enabled smooth sound control (has a mid-shift button).

Indeed, the black body hardware (back and sides) is extra-toughed by a shiny lamination that is waterproof and scratch-resistant. The fine lining is fitted nicely with mother of pearl binding while the pickguard is padded with tough solid reinforcement to improve its lifetime.

The excellent electronic sound resonance and impressive Melissa Etheridge Signature crowns the overall beauty of this musical instrument. Its beautiful color matching will not only impress you but also boost your confidence when playing among similar acoustic guitars.

Remember, this guitar will produce a classic sound resonance without sacrificing sound quality or pitch interference. Importantly, Ovation is sold at a budget-friendly cost.


  • Tough self-hardened strings – won’t slack easily
  • Top-quality design and impressive shape
  • Manufactured with durable material and has waterproof lamination
  • Budget-friendly and has a padded pickguard
  • Beautiful colors ( black & pearl white) and fine satin finish
  • Sturdy neck and a classic fretboard
  • Flexible nut tuners and standard spaced strings
  • Impressive Melissa Etheridge Signature
  • Has chromatic tuner and a 3-band EQ


  • May be slightly heavy
  • Unsuitable for kids
  • May require initial tuning


Having the best acoustic guitar under 1500 requires extra scrutinizing of various factors ranging from sound performance to durability. You will need to consider a guitar that can be powered to a mixer if you are a music artiste.

Moreover, the acoustic guitar with tough strings and flexible tuners shows a longer lifetime and should be given priorities without necessarily checking on the top price.

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