7 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000 in 2024

You’re here since you’re looking for a great acoustic guitar. So, relax, you’re right on time for my review best acoustic guitar under 2000 and suitable recording mics. Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000

So, what do you check among the high-end guitars? First, check the body style to ensure that the acoustic guitar doesn’ fee too small or too big.

ext, how’s the guitar’s projection or a resolution – clear when played loudly? How are the low or high tones? Take no visible physical flaws – even for cheap acoustic guitars?

Reviews: 7 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000 in 2024

1. Takamine EF360S-TT Thermal Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Takamine EF360S-TT is a perfectly baked dreadnought made from Venetian cutaway. Uses Thermal Top (TT) via torrefaction to give tonal advantages of wood that’s well-aged with no less waiting.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000 Check Current Price

Through torrefaction, the wood is treated through low oxygen or high heat “toasting” that also darkens the wood such as some rich amber hue – American rosewood.

On sound, EF360S-TT will give a unique soul and character (an opened-up and rich tone) thanks to the aged top and guitar’s quality build.

The American rosewood combined with the classic spruce build produces an articulate and balanced sound with an amazing level of warmth. The preamp gives astounding organic transparency.

The dreadnought shape makes EF360S-TT to give a good projection and volume – resonant, bold, and loud tone. It gives great high-end sizzle, healthy bass frequencies, and amazing dynamic range.

The ebony-topped neck made from mahogany makes EF360S-TT great to play. Takamine EF360S-TT has a driver preamp (LTD-2 line) that’ll pickup plus boost the signal – no sonic degradation.

The LTD-2 plus the Palathetic pickup gives phenomenal sound without tweaking. But you can get treble, mid, and bass if you remove the input jack of the acoustic guitar.

Takamine EF360S-TT features an ivoroid binding and the faux tortoiseshell pickguard to give a vintage and clean look. It has tasteful and minimal ornamentation.


  • The preamp has a chromatic tuner (built-in), volume control, high-band EQ sliders, and + or -5db mid-, low-.
  • You can calibrate the standard A440 tuner to different frequencies with flexible EQ.
  • The guitar’s torrefied top helps produce a mature voice plus it has no buzzing or dead spots along its neck.
  • Further, it gives a non-boomy but strong bass, full and clear trebles, and punchy midrange.


  • None

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2. Taylor 314ce – Sapele Back and Sides with V-Class Bracing

Taylor 314ce has the Taylor Expression System, Venetian cutaway, and the Auditorium body to make it a versatile guitar suitable for both home and stage performance.

Taylor 314ce - Sapele Back and Sides with V-Class Bracing Check Current Price

Taylor 314ce will give you more of sustain, bass, midrange, and treble. The single notes will ring having an electric-feeling sustain plus the extra projection and volume boost dynamic playing.

On sound, Taylor 314ce produces a tad bright sound – but you can balance the brightness with great liquidity and sustain. But this acoustic guitar is less punchy compared to the Taylor 310CE.

The Taylor 314ce mahogany guitar has great responsiveness and thus won’t require harder playing to get a great sound. You’ll get a natural acoustic sound thanks to its Taylor Expression System.

On playability, Taylor 314ce is comfortable and faster due to the great ebony fingerboard & low action medium. Gives a bright and crisp sound – its Sapele back & sides are joined to Sitka spruce top.

Plus it has lighting Elixer strings the cutaway will taper away after 2 frets allowing access to 4 or 4 additional frets on the guitar’s treble strings.

Taylor 314ce is a “grand auditorium” acoustic guitar that has Sapele sides and back. Thus, it has a huge bottom but a smaller waist plus a solid spruce top and ebony fingerboard.


  • Has a durable Sitka spruce top plus Sapele sides and back
  • Venetian cutaway and a scale length of 25.5”
  • Great sustain and projection
  • A durable electro-acoustic Taylor guitar made in America (has the “grand auditorium” shape)
  • An innovative V-Class bracing
  • Has the Expression System 2 with simple controls and gives natural sound from its pickup


  • None

3. Martin D-16RGT (16 Series) Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Martin D-16RGT combines both the modern and classic elements to become a high-end and very dreadnought (playable) acoustic guitar. Great for enthusiastic strummers and fingerstyle playing.

Martin D-16RGT (16 Series) Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Check Current Price

Martin D-16RGT has its sides and back made from East Indian Rosewood plus it has a Sitka Spruce top that’s very solid. For easthetics, sides and back are stin while the top has a gloss finish.

On sound, Martin D-16RGT gives a deep and huge projection thanks to its solid construction, scalloped X-bracing, and dreadnought body. Thus, you might not require electronics.

Further, D-16RGT gives a well balanced, rich, and sweet tone due to its long sustain and excellent dynamics. Further, the solid wood will make the volume and tone volume to open up with time.

The American-made high-end guitar is loved by guitarists as it has a great feel and construction. It has herringbone sound-hole rosette, faux tortoiseshell pickguard, white binding, and some glossy finish.

Martin D-16RGT’s neck is joined at its 14th fret plus it has the satin finish and a total of 20 frets. On playability, the guitar offers an even and low action – easy and comfortable playing.

With the quality and solid wood, Martin D-16RGT is studio type plus the rosewood will balance out the bright and crisp tones to give you harmonically-balanced and warm intonation.


  • Will give you a deeper tone with age thanks to its solid tonewoods.
  • You’ll get a projecting and deep resonance. Its neck is made from unique hardwood that’s stained using dark mahogany.
  • It’s scalloped bracing and tonewoods allow fingerstyle and strumming playing.
  • The fretboard is made from Richlite that’s environmentally-friendly
  • Elegant dreadnought produces a booming and big tone that’s well-balanced and bright
  • Solid wood built – sides and back from East Indian rosewood while top made from Sitka spruce


  • None

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4. Breedlove’s African Oregon Concert CE

Oregon Concert CE will give you a deep, wide and deep sound just like a curvy dreadnought with great presence while you’re holding this acoustic guitar.

Breedlove’s African Oregon Concert CE Check Current Price

Oregon Concert CE has a C-profile neck with an outstanding finish plus excellent intonation across its board. Give decent volume and punch but limited harmonic overtone.

The fingerstyle playing is great on Oregon Concert CE giving responsive and powerful bass – it’ll be loud or sublet when you need it. Further, strumming is also great clarity, projection, and punch.

I would consider it to be an all-rounder, with the fingerstyle being clear and bright while the strumming gave awesome presence and punch with great acoustic tone.

On build, Oregon Concert CE creates a great visual signature – lightning bolt bridge, sharp angular cutaway, and an asymmetric headstock – create for a concert – check Lavalier Mic for DSLR.

The lustrous Sitka spruce top has an even and tight grain – which means that it’s durable and produces very resonant lows and brighter highs.


  • Sides and back made from solid Myrtlewood while the top is mahogany bound
  • Has an exceptional hard-shell case plus L. R. Baggs electronics
  • Oregon Concert CE has a semi-gloss and slim neck with ebony fretboard plus 20 frets that guitarists love.
  • Bright tone plus a bold style work the Under 2000 classification


  • None

5. Takamine TH5C Acoustic Guitar Nylon String + Hard Case

Takamine TH5C is a great acoustic guitar with customizable and unique electronics and thus suitable for live performance. Its beautiful mahogany neck will offer high responsiveness.

Breedlove’s African Oregon Concert CE Check Current Price

Takamine TH5C’s sides and back are made from rosewood plus have a cedar top to balance details and warmth. The Venetian cutaway plus its ebony fingerboard makes it very playable.

The acoustic guitar allows you to plug-in & play with its premium electronics. You’ll get a versatile tube tone from its adjustable Cool Tube preamp.

With the versatile pickup preamps system, you can readily adjust the live sound. Its fan bracing promotes better projection and durability.

The classical and traditional guitar will give you a modern feel with its slim mahogany neck that’s very ultra-playable. It has 19 frets and 2.008-inch nut width – you can reach the frets easily via the body cutaway.

Has an amazing CTP-3 CoolTube Preamp has a 3-band EQ and low-voltage tube tone. Also, TH5C has an auxiliary input for extra pickup.


  • The ebony fingerboard plus Cutaway renders the guitar very playable
  • The solid rosewood and build enable the guitar to give a detailed and balanced sound.
  • Combines modern playability and traditional build that’s loved by live performers
  • Playable and beautiful solid guitar construction that’s very playable


  • Some don’t love the cutaway

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On the best acoustic guitar under 2000, check the guitar action and intonation – must have a difference between 5th & 12th fret. Read Also: Here are some acoustic guitars under 1000?

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