7 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500 in 2024

Do you need to play country and blues, you’ll benefit from the best acoustic guitar under 500? Maybe you need a cheap acoustic guitar that’ll spice up your career? Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500

I guarantee that a good acoustic guitar has resonating and beautiful tones that’ll give you joy playing particularly for your loved ones in the family and circle of friends.

So, just like guitar amp headphones, a quality acoustic guitar will give you excellent immersion and connection. So, get one with the right preamp, tonal character, finish, and body shape.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500 in 2024 

1. Seagull S6 Original Tapered Headstock Acoustic Guitar – #1 Pick

Seagull S6 Original is perfect for experienced & beginner guitarists. Get a great sound and excellent feel (like these headphones) at a budget plus the Custom Polished Finish and solid Cedar top.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500 Check Current Price

Seagull S6 Original offers an excellently balanced and vibrant tone that’ll carry for long setting the song’s mood. It has a large dreadnought body that’ll compensate for many musicians.

It has a hand-finished neck signifying the immense level of building effort used. The top is created from book-matched cedar for robust vibrations with age – among the best acoustic guitars brands.

Seagull S6 Original has great build quality, comfortable feel, and is highly playable. This hand-crafted guitar is affordably made from unique tonewoods for a crisp, clear, and bright sounding timbre.

You’ll also get a low-end, dark-toned, and lush tone thanks to the solid cedar top. The beautiful guitar has greater action with soft string strum for a warm and rich sound. See these drawing laptops.

Its made from Wild Cherry sides and back, rosewood bridge and fingerboard, cedar top, saddle, and Tusq nut for great playability with excellent clarity and tone.

You may use some lighter gauge guitar strings if the Seagull S6 Original becomes hard to play for you. The tilted headstock will tighten the strings avoiding fret buzz and its easier to tune.


  • The guitar’s neck is perfect to hold in the hand suitable for beginner acoustic guitar learners.
  • It offers perfect action with its quality (also highly padded) and beautiful build – great craftsmanship.
  • Seagull S6 Original has a double-action truss rod for a precise pinch and for adjusting the highs and lows.
  • You’ll get a perfect mid-tone and clear sound – it’s also very comfortable to hold – see these DJ headphones.
  • Tilted headstock allows better chord transitions and guitar running


  • None

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2. Yamaha FS800 Mini-Body Acoustic Guitar – #1 Pick

You’ll love this Yamaha FS800 for its high-quality build and rich acoustic guitar technology. It’ll give you a sweet and smooth that’s great in auditorium performances plus a great smaller body.

Yamaha FS800 Small-Body Solid-Top Acoustic Guitar Check Current Price

The FS version of this Yamaha FS800 is about 10mm slimmer compared to the FG version and hence guitarists (beginners and pros) note that its more portable and comfortable.

For high durability and performance, the acoustic guitar includes a chrome tuner (die-cast), black binding, guitar picks, urea nut, and saddle. You can change between chords with no large fret space.

Yamaha FS800 is used by some professionals loved for producing a focused, smooth, and balanced sound. You’ll get rich mid-tones and thus such features make it suitable in live stage performances.

It’ll produce louder and stronger sound for all mid- and low-ranges. It has an excellent bracing design made via analysis and simulation. I loved the attractive nato wood neck with its beautiful finish.


  • Suitable for musicians due to its great small body
  • The solid mahogany body guarantees that you get a resonating sound.
  • The small body guitar is suitable for traveling since its highly portable and lightweight
  • Budget-freidnly acoustic guitar


  • Large punch for a small-body acoustic guitar

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3. Taylor GS Mini Broad-Based Mahogany Guitar – #3 Pick

Taylor GS Mini tops its class when it comes to great playability – fretting will be relaxed and simple with the fingers feeling like they’re simple dancing on the guitar’s fretboard.

Taylor GS Mini Broad-Based Mahogany Guitar Check Current Price

Taylor GS Mini, with pick picking and fingerpicking, this acoustic guitar is excellent for younger guitarists. Also, the guitar comes with gig bag that has straps to prevent scratches, termites and dust.

Taylor GS Mini has a pretty outlook – they’re also deeper, broader, and longer compared to other mini models by Taylor. It’s portable but bigger to produce higher volume and better sound quality.

However, Taylor GS Mini’s size is adequately compact and classic to be effective for beginners or acoustic guitarists with small hands – its also amazing form composition or as a travel acoustic guitar.

Taylor GS Mini has an excellent build quality for rich and bolder tones while you’re strumming – even at its maximum volume with the sides and back made from Sapele wood (full-sized).

On sound quality, this acoustic guitar will give you balanced melodic mid and low notes plus very clean high notes. You won’t get the jagged noise common in beginner guitars but will give great bass.


  • The mahogany construction of this mini acoustic guitar allows it to produce excellent sound
  • Great design and build quality
  • Excellent playability and suitable for travellers
  • Mahogany-made guitar for best sound
  • Great size for smaller arms and shorter fingers


  • None

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4. Art and Lutherie Roadhouse Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Art and Lutherie Roadhouse is also another budget-friendly acoustic guitar with 19 frets, 631 mm scale length and wild cherry sides and back. It’ll give great tone, projection, and character.

Taylor GS Mini Broad-Based Mahogany Guitar Check Current Price

Art and Lutherie Roadhouse is made from the durable & hard Wild Cherry its also equally thin for effective heating plus steaming. Its sides and back plus the select pressure-tested top.

The guitar’s neck is designed from silver-leaf maple and it’ll readily support your angst plus you’ll love the rosewood fingerboard. You’ll get strong upper and middle ranges – and great guitar-playing joy.

Art and Lutherie Roadhouse produces clean notes plus you’ll get sweet definition and sincere melodies for fingerstyle playing over the fingerboard’s high-end.

Art and Lutherie Roadhouse won’t need immense effort to play. The truss rod is the double-action type allowing the guitarists to change the separation between the strings and your guitar.

This highly versatile acoustic guitar will be great for travel-playing. You’ll love its gig bag that’s soft and lightweight. The guitar has an excellent sturdy build quality for better playing.

Acoustically brings in rich lows and mids – radiant highs and resonant lows – excellent sound quality. Further, the guitar is affordable and yet affordable.


  • Its top is made from solid spruce plus the sides and back are designed using laminated wild cherry
  • Its straight and trifling headstock makes it appear even more vintage
  • The middle and upper ranges of Art and Lutherie Roadhouse are solid.
  • It offers top clarify but you can tune the acoustic guitar to your taste.
  • Comfortable grip, budger-friendly, and great sounding acoustic guitar


  • None

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5. Epiphone EJ-200SCE Electric/ Acoustic Guitar

The jumbo-sized Epiphone EJ-200SCE is has a laminate-maple body plus the solid-spruce top that’s also greatly-finished that’ll also age beautifully.

Epiphone EJ-200SCE Electric/ Acoustic Guitar Check Current Price

Epiphone EJ-200SCE slim-tapered neck c5reated with maple wood has a 25.55″ scale length and joins the guitar’s body at its 14 frets. Also, the rosewood fretboard has crown inlays.

Epiphone EJ-200SCE is loud – you’ll get great levels of projection and volume plus balanced mids. Also, it has great bass that’ll match the volume plus strong trebles that’ll easily cut through.

Also, the guitar sounded brighter plus give top richness and warmth. You’ll love it’s mature and shining outlook – with its beautiful finish and color.

Epiphone EJ-200SCE is significantly simple to play (mainly due to its size) – you’ll gain benefits from the cutaway to readily access its frets.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • A beautiful and attractive finish that improves with age
  • Good size that improves its playability even for people with small hands.
  • Amazing tone
  • Great projection and volume


  • None


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On the best acoustic guitar under 500 – these models are great for both experienced acoustic Strummer or a beginner in guitar playing. Read Also: What’s the best acoustic guitar under 1000?

This model will give you great output despite being the mini or Miniature models. However, the sound output from this guitar is great for traveling.

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