7 Best Acoustic Guitar for Small Hands 2024

Guitar players will have different body physiques like big or small arms, hands, height, shoulders, and backs. Regardless, you’ll need a great device for practicing your skill. Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands

So, I’ve reviewed the best acoustic guitar for small hands – especially the six-string acoustic. The small-hand user is mainly ladies, teens, and children.

Need a beginner option -try these beginner guitars. Besides the guitar size, other considerations include scale length and neck thickness. Also, check these quality busking amps for popular music artists.

Reviews: 7 Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands 2024

1. Ibanez Talman TCY10 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black

Talman TCY10 is a quality acoustic-electric guitar with a double-cutaway design – Width at Nut: 43mm (1.69 inches). It has a beautiful body – spruce top plus mahogany sides and back.

Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands Check Current Price

Talman TCY10 is a durable small-hand acoustic guitar that has an excellent weight-to-strength ratio. Further, for additional reliability, the manufacturer included yet X bracing top. Check these cheap acoustic guitars.

The guitar’s rosewood 20-fret fingerboard is supported by a mahogany neck. Also, the die-cast tuners on the neck are very factional and beautiful – with an ergonomic body & light materials.

On comfort, Talman TCY10 cutaway provides enough comfort just like with the single-cutaway guitars. You easily use all the fingers to hold the neck’s foundation and reach the last frets.

On adjustability, this one is very convenient since you can use the chrome (die-cast) tuners to regulate the strings. Further, it’ll be easy to take out Talman TCY10’s Ibanez Advantage™ bridge pins.

The double-cutaway design significantly improves the sound quality of this Talman TCY10. It makes the acoustic guitar more resonant but also reduces its bass.

Further, the spruce top plus mahogany sides and back will add bright or warm tones plus extra resonance to the guitar’s sound – I consider it harmonic-sounding.


  • Has an AEQ-2T built-in preamp (+ a tuner) for more adjustability and adjustable strings to prevent buzzing.
  • It is great for intermediate and beginning guitarists with small hands.
  • Readily adjustable bridge pins and chrome tuners
  • Unique build with its double-cutaway design


  • Some don’t love its double-cutout design

2. Taylor Academy 12e Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor Academy 12e is also a great small-hand acoustic guitar with a width at Nut of 42.8 mm (1.687 inches) – it sounds great and it’s equally light-weight.

Taylor Academy 12e Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar Check Current Price

Taylor Academy 12e has a simple aesthetic with its solid Sitka spruce and light hue. Its excellent tonal possibilities are enabled by the stable and playable neck – just like the acoustic guitar under 500.

Taylor Academy 12e is designed from ethically-sourced materials and that’s great for entry-level guitarists since its simple to maintain and master.

It’s comfortable and lightweight with a fingerstyle design for top comfort plus its wood pairing makes the spruce top strong. The bridge & fingerboard are made from African ebony that’s genuine.

On sound quality, this Academy 12e will give you a fine sound with great tonal balance, and thus it’ll be easy to learn any style. You’ll enjoy its disciplined bass, voluptuous treble, and rich midrange.

Taylor Academy 12e offers resonant and bright trebles, thanks to Taylor’s spruce top, with great projection. I found the low action very great all over its ebony board.

It’s greatly nuanced and detailed at low volume – which will work great for softer players. Its high-mids are pronounced and will create a great choral quality combined with its treble resonance.

On compatibility, this guitar will be great for stage performances (with mics) and private practice – excellent budget student guitar with simple playability.

It’s not overly plastic-like or too brittle and that 12 o’clock tone-setting proved great in solo fingerpicking. It produced a pretty, deep, and bright unplugged tone great for fingerpicking and open chords.


  • Offers Responsive playing
  • Stage ready acoustic small-hand guitar
  • Taylor quality sound – warm and rich sound
  • Comes in nylon string and steel string options
  • Great trebles and high mids


  • The build is not super top quality

3. Littel Martin LX1 Small-Hand Acoustic Guitar

With just 8 pounds, and measuring 18 in by 7 in by 39 in – this 23-inch scale instrument is great for adults or student player that have small hands, and who’d find full-size guitars being a challenge. Well, Martin will offer great playability, sound, and body quality.

Littel Martin LX1 Small-Hand Acoustic Guitar Check Current Price

Little Martin LX1 is an affordable and compact small-bodied guitar similar to a parlor or travel guitar. Besides being a guitar for small hands, it also has unique advantages of the full-sized guitars. Its size is ¾ scaled-down of the full Martin guitar size with the non-cutaway build.

Its give than the Little Martin LX1’s size will make it lose on the sound richness and depth. However, the lack of a cutaway will make the sound fuller and help at the lower end. You’ll get a good tone from the Sitka spruce top and laminated Mahogany sides and back.

For better sound (with less vibration) and more stability, the manufacturer has included a Style-X top bracing design. Therefore, the top bracing helps improve sound clarity. Little Martin LX1 will be great to play like a ‘travel guitar’ – lightweight and small-sized.

The acoustic guitar has a greatly – shaped neck that increases its comfort with nicely positioned steel strings that’s awesome for students. It’s an easy playing guitar (great playability) but its sound is high quality with the wooden stuff being sturdy and robust.


  • Little Martin LX1 gives a great projection in its professional and lovely sound. Little Martin LX1’s Richlite fretboard plus its artificial bone saddle makes the guitar to give the shiny tone plus quite a long-sustain.
  • Its Stratabond neck is slender and thus the guitarists with small hands will reach the fret big chords with no excessive hand stitching.
  • It’s also very durable and shiny with the varnish finish.
  • Gives a balanced and pwoerful sound


  • None

4. Fender FSR MA-1 Small Hand Acoustic Guitar

FSR MA-1 offers top value for people with small hands or children. It’s a 3/4-sized guitar that’s lightweight, highly playable, and comfortable for kids. It’s also beginner friendly – but for a higher price, you would rather take the Martin LX1 or Baby Taylor.

Fender FSR MA-1 Small Hand Acoustic Guitar Check Current Price

FSR MA-1 offers a full tone, short string scale, satin, neck,and body, plus a comfortable size for easy playing plus it comes with the transportation gig bag. The steel-string acoustic guitar has a clean and basic look – its an entry-level device that won’t have solid woods but is acceptable.

FSR MA-1’s agathis top has an X-bracing plus the sides and back have laminated Sapele – which is a decent attractive look with a satin finish. Its C-shaped profile, nut width being 1.69-inch, and a parlor body make it a comfortable guitar for small-handle guitarists and kids.

FSR MA-1 gives a decent resonance and tone – crisp, clean, and equally balance tone plus some mellow warmth due to the mahogany Sapele sides and rear. It’ll project an adequate presence for your lessons or practice and for traveling. FSR MA-1 is a ¾ quality Acoustic Guitar that’s budget-friendly for kids and small hands with no issues.


  • Decent sound and tone quality
  • It has great playability with excellent musical experience.
  • Budget-fiendly small-hand acoutic guitar
  • Light strings – check these Acoustic Guitar Under 2000.


  • Steel strings not suitable for beginners

5. Baby Taylor BT2 Mahogany Top Acoustic Guitar

Baby Taylor BT2 is also a decent small-hand acoustic guitar for people who are traveling, younger, or learning guitar playing – but it’s suitable for both intermediate and beginner guitarists. It’s built for excellent usability plus has a studio-quality sturdy construction.

Baby Taylor BT2 Mahogany Top Acoustic Guitar Check Current Price

Baby Taylor BT2 produces rich full tones that are popular with the acoustic guitars. The mini guitar is lightweight, sturdy, and compact that produces big sounds. The acoustics has a laminate that enhances its durability with some smooth and soft neck and top.

On sound quality, Baby Taylor BT2 will give you a bolder tone and big sound mainly due to the mahogany top. Further, the guitar will project enough for each note, chord, and arpeggio. Further, the laminate will provide additional bass and mids that’s evened out.

Therefore, the guitar will generate richer and powerful sound with longer-resonation notes. It’ll come with the gig bag for traveling – protects the guitar from the harsh bumpy rides. It’s considered to be a great beginner and kids guitar as they build their guitarist skills.


  • Provides a carrying case that’s the backpack style
  • Great for people having small hands
  • Great action
  • Suitale for beginner or kid guitar learners and travelling guitarist
  • Vibrant and highly rich sound
  • Snug and a great feel for the Fretboard
  • Sturdy construcion with quality tonewoods


  • No hard case

6. Yamaha APXT2EW Acoustic-Electric 3/4 Guitar

Yamaha APXT2EW is an acoustic-electric guitar that’s 3/4-sized great for beginners and starters despite not being a full-size guitar. It offers outstanding performence on great playability and producing superior sound thansk to its A.R.T technology.

Yamaha APXT2EW Acoustic-Electric 3/4 Guitar Check Current Price

The Acoustic-Electric guitar has meranti on the sides and back plus the top is made from meranti wood covered by mango veneer – all are exotic tonewoods. Yamaha APXT2EW has built-in electronics making it also suitable for stage performance – its a very portable acoustic.

On electronics, the acoustic guitar has an excellent 68 contact-pickup plus ART-based preamp and built-in tuner insider its preamp controls. Therefore, with its sturdy construction, simple controls, and loud volume, the guitar is functional but equally stylish.

Its key strength is easy playability mailing it a darling for young players – it also has great amplified sound. So, I consider it to be compact and comfortable for both stage and home guitar playing. Also, the single-cutaway design allows easy access to its fingerboard.


  • It has a Nato (eastern mahogany) or Mahogany neck with 22.8 inches of the scale length, 21 frets, inlay dots, and a Rosewood fingerboard.
  • For better playability, the manufacture has included a wider nut compare to what you get other 3/4-sized acoustic guitars.
  • For better tonal adjustment, the guitar includes an onboard tuner and the EQ boost (mid-range type)


  • Simple design

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There’re the best acoustic guitar for small hands. The Ebony fingerboard, layered Sapele neck, sides, and back plus matte body finish gives the acoustic guitar and a beautiful look.

The sturdy construction, handy size, and gig bag make this mini guitar great for travel – so much for the travel entertainment.

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