9 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 300 in 2024

In this article, we present to you a list of Best Acoustic Guitars Under 300 which have been applauded by guitarists for their quality and affordability. est Acoustic Guitar Under $300

Top-name companies that manufacture expensive acoustic guitars are now making acoustic guitars that are budget-friendly, high quality, with a variety of designs to suit your preference. 

Summary: For a $300 budget, I recommend Yamaha FG800 or the Breedlove Discovery Concert as your Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300. These 2 models boast of excellent playability, exceptional build quality, and great musical tone.

Reviews: Top 9 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 300 in 2024

1. Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar – #1 Pick

Yamaha is widely known when it comes to making quality guitars and the FG800 is no exception. The FG800 has proven that the best acoustic guitar can be obtained without spending a lot. 

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 300 Check Price On Amazon

The FG has made it easier for many musicians (especially those on a budget) to inexpensively advance their careers because of its affordability. This guitar offers excellent musical tone, enhanced playability, and its design is on top making it number one pick for most guitarists.

What I love most about this amazing instrument is that it’s built using state of the art acoustic analysis technology to give you a much louder and powerful sound. The 800 series has received a massive improvement to offer better projection.

You’ll appreciate the standard neck of this Yamaha FG800 as it’s comfortable and smooth. The instrument features a solid Sitka spruce at the top, while its back and sides are made using Nato/Okume (eastern mahogany).

The new scalloped bracing body makes this guitar stand. Its headstock is made using sealed die-cast chrome which does an excellent job when playing the guitar. 

These guitars are ideal for beginners, intermediate-level guitarists, or even advanced players. Related: Mics for Recording Acoustic Guitar

2. Breedlove Discovery Concert – #2 Pick

Another Acoustic Guitar that falls under the $300 mark is the Breedlove Discovery Concert. This guitar gives excellent sound, looks attractive, and it’s inexpensive. 

Breedlove Discovery Concert Check Price On Amazon

You’ll appreciate the pinless bridge design that makes it unnecessary to drill holes on top of this instrument. Breedlove recommends fewer holes to allow sound waves to easily move inside the guitar consistently without losing energy.

I love the fact that this acoustic guitar delivers balanced tones making it an exceptional guitar for entry-class making it ideal for playing fingerstyle and in strumming mode.

Both seasoned and beginner guitarists applaud its sunburst or natural finish. It features attractive wood grain and black binding to give it a modern design of a concert style guitar.

This acoustic guitar is easy to play and is perfect for beginners who crave clarity, sustain, or balance while playing. Related: Short Scale Electric Guitars

You’ll appreciate the easy playing experience this acoustic guitar provides. Irrespective of the size of your hands, this guitar is ideal for you. It’s made using quality materials – the back and sides are designed using laminated mahogany, while the top is solid Sitka spruce. 

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3. Alvarez Artist Series AF30 – #3 Pick 

Alvarez is widely known to produce quality instruments and this Artist Series AF30 does not disappoint. This acoustic guitar is affordable and comes with a variety of amazing features to make your playing experience fun and exciting. 

Alvarez Artist Series AF30 Check Price On Amazon

These award-winning series boast of excellent Sitka spruce while the top is all cedar that’s hand-picked from quarter-sawn wood. These features give the guitar consistent quality making it stand out among the rest.

The tops are finely grained and strong to allow the manufactures to give the guitars thinner cut for increased vibration and a richer tone when played.

A combination of Sitka spruce top and mahogany back/sides allow this guitar to produce a fantastic sound. Most guitarists applaud the sweet sound that gives it a cool tone that’s warm and more responsive.

The advanced bracing and solid wood of the guitar encourages a decent projection to give your vocals more boost.

The hardware of this instrument is built in a way that complements and supports the playability to give a more consistent tone. The Artist Series AF30 features a collection of die-cast tuners for smooth playing experience.

4. Bristol BD-16 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar

One of the best budget-friendly acoustic guitars is this powerful Blueridge BD-16. This guitar has a host of best features found mostly in professional-grade guitars. The top wood is spruce while the back and sides are all mahogany. 

Bristol BD-16 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar Check Price On Amazon

It also features a Natural High Gloss finish with a traditional Parabolic Shaped bracing pattern. All these features work in combination to give you a perfect instrument that will allow you to enjoy all your music playing experiences, while perfectly enhancing your tone.

Most guitarists appreciate the warm and vibrant tone of this dreadnought body shape acoustic guitar. It offers clarity, distinctness, and spontaneity, thus enhancing your tone without adding unnecessary sounds.

Blueridge BD-16 is one instrument that never disappoints! Whether you’re for Strumming or fingerpicking, you’ll love the die-cast tuning machines that ensure your tuning remains intact. 

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5. Samick Greg Bennett Design GD100S Acoustic Guitar

You’ll be surprised that this acoustic guitar also falls under the $300 mark. The manufacturers believe that economically doesn’t necessarily mean cheap looking. 

Samick Greg Bennett Design GD100S Acoustic Guitar Check Price On Amazon

For this reason, they have designed the Greg Bennett GD100S with an array of features to make it stand out.

The guitar boost of a solid top made of Sitka spruce that has an exceptional bracing to provide a high projection.

The spruce is attractively built using dark laminate mahogany on its back & sides. The abalone rosette, exceptional binding, and the amazing finish give this acoustic guitar a stylish touch and more durability.

This great-looking dreadnought shaped instrument has a classic sunburst finish while the spruce top has Thunderflex scalloped bracing which aid in breathing and flexing of the top.

You’ll love the sound of this acoustic guitar- it’s full and robust. The materials used in its design work in combination to deliver an amazing sound. The mahogany and the spruce provide a warm balanced tone which gets better with time thanks to the solid wood used.

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6. Ibanez AEWC32FM Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you want a high performing instrument that’s affordable and comes with a premium touch to look no further than the AW54CE. This guitar has impressive features to make your playing time more fun and enjoyable. 

Ibanez AEWC32FM Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar  Check Price On Amazon

Acoustically, this instrument delivers a high dreadnought tone that’s well balanced using the internal X bracing. The stable mahogany design provides an attractive instrument that offers high, balanced tones that are perfect for those who prefer fingerpicking or strumming.

The guitar features Ibanez AEQ210TF preamp and an under-saddle pickup to offer natural-sounding amplification that requires a plug-n-play instruction. It also comes with an onboard tuner.

Further, the body of this acoustic guitar is dreadnought shaped and comes with a single-cutaway with a scale length of 25.6”. The guitar is built using mahogany and features an attractive dark brown body while the back & sides are laminated.

The whole body features an open-pore finish that compliments the guitar’s rustic aesthetics while the neck boasts a satin finish which makes it extremely smooth and comfortable to play. 

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7. Fender T-Bucket 300CE

Another budget-friendly acoustic guitar is the Fender T-Bucket 300CE. You’ll never go wrong with this amazing entry-level guitar. This instrument is designed using quality features and it’s flexible with incredible attributes to catch your attention. 

Fender T-Bucket 300CE Check Price On Amazon

You’ll appreciate the wholesome and remarkable experience you’ll feel as you use the guitar as it provides a lot when it comes to playability, style, and tone.

The guitar features an attractive dreadnought body (scale length -25.3”) and an impressive cutaway to enhance playability bigger frets. A total of twenty vintage-style frets are housed on the rosewood fretboard found on the mahogany neck with greatly playable C shape gloss-finish

Another feature is the T-Bucket which provides consistent, resonant, and articulate sounds because of the scalloped bracing and dreadnought shape of the guitar. The mahogany construction also ensures the tones remain balanced as you perform. 


The attractive dreadnought body and scalloped bracing help in boosting the resonance, hence, high projection. 

The guitar features strong die-cast tuners and rosewood bridge that have rounded edges to ensure the finish remains intact.

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