7 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 in 2024

The best acoustic guitar under 1000 impressive need flexibility (for busking amp), build quality and playability. The guitar must be great for playing different music, including jazz or soul. Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1000

Acoustic guitars have a vibration body, and steel strings will work great for practicing, recording, stage shows, & small gigs. Maybe its Taylor, Ibanez, Martin, PRS, or Fender?

They have excellent playability, hardware, and finishes – they’re made from exotic tone-woods, and thermo-aging enhances their durability plus tone. Check these quality acoustic guitars.

Reviews: 7 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 in 2024

1. Taylor Academy 10e Electric Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar – #1 Pick

Taylor Academy 10e is a rich-toned, playable, high-quality, and unique acoustic guitar great for budget-minded and beginner players. The model is compact, comfortable, and has excellent playability. Its body shape is similar to that in GS-Mini but has a bolder sound.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 Check Current Price

Academy 10e has a solid build, which makes it last longer with limited aesthetic frills but simple to play with 1-11/16 inches of neck width. It features Micarta saddle, Nubone nut, African ebony bridge, and fingerboard, Sapele sides and back, sturdy Sitka-Spruce top, and a dreadnought body.

On sound, you’ll find unobtrusive tuner, pickup, and ES-B preamp that’s powered using a pair of lithium batteries (3V). It has excellently defined mid- & also upper mid-range with equally very resonant bass tones. It’ll work great both for a rhythm guitar or if you fingerpick.

Taylor Academy 10e’s preamp and ES-B pickup offer reliable plus robust amplification with an excellent sound for light fingerstyle. But it has a simple aesthetic look to match its performance. This model and serious was created for more effortless playability plus excellent quality craftsmanship.


  • Further, Taylor Academy 10e provides resonant and bright trebles plus and excellent projection.
  • Acoustically, this model sounds superior to the other acoustic guitars for small hands.
  • For beginners and students acoustic guitarists, or experts, this Taylor Academy 10e is a top recommendation due to being budget-friendly and very playable.
  • It’s well-crafted and not-so-ide necks plus average action that’s suitable for beginner guitarists.


  • None

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2. Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar – #2 Pick

Seagull Artist Mosaic is one of the cheap acoustic guitar models that has a Mosaic dreadnought which allows it to produce warmness and big sound plus high volume. Further, its mahogany sides and back make it produce sweet and warmer tones.

Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar Check Current Price

Artist Mosaic’s hand-selected Cedar top is pressure tested to make the device to have great playability while producing excellent and warm tone plus great clarity and brighter sound. The steel-strung acoustic guitar combines Mahogany and cedar to give you a great tone.

The solid mahogany sides and back complement your Cedar top, plus its quality can’t compare to your regular laminate wood. Also, the rosewood bridge is light but dense and hard, allowing it to transfer the string’s vibrations to the soundboard and hence losing less energy.

The TUSQ-made Nut & Saddle will readily is consistent while also emulating bone – similar to the Tusq Bridge pins. On playability, this Artist Mosaic has excellent action that’ll make it comfortable and might not require any adjustments.

The guitar’s neck width is 44mm(1 & 3/4 inches) at the nut, which is relatively wide than dreadnought models, but it is also suitable for fingerpicking due to its wide neck and warm sound.


  • Its rosewood fingerboard on the mahogany neck is easy to play both when picking the lead lines or strumming chords.
  • The Artist Mosaic is a significant acoustic guitar upgrade as you’ll get the superior tone and quality. This is thanks to its mahogany sides and back plus the quality cedar top.
  • The Rosewood Fretboard will feel great on your fingers while equally transferring string’s energy.


  • None

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3. Yamaha CSF3M VN Vintage Natural Acoustic Guitar – #3 Pick

Yamaha CSF3M VN is a flawless acoustic guitar that has inviting playability, its light with greatly seated, and smooth frets (same to its nut & saddle). Its rosewood fretboard plus the solid mahogany sides & back makes the guitar to have an excellent acoustic sound.

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Yamaha CSF3M VN is great for destination and road in recording with a resonant, roach, and full sound. Its under-saddle pickups have superior sensors allowing the player to simply plugin their PA system or amplifier during live performance.

It’ll come with deluxe gig bags and its also compact to allow better on-the-road playing. Its Scale Length being 600mm make the guitar comfortable while also sending and feeling like a full-sized Guitar with an inviting and approachable tone.

Yamaha CSF3M VN offers a low Action, which is not familiar with the budget acoustic guitars available in our market. You’ll equally get a spot-on intonation making the guitar feel and sound welcoming, lyrical, and fluid with its fingerpicking patterns.

After my kid learned some “power chords” online, the Yamaha CSF3M VN proved an excellent guitar for them to get control and feel confident in their playing.


  • The included scalloped bracing allowing allows CSF3M VN to produce a reach and louder acoustic sound.
  • Plus the body depth being 105mm is considerably deeper but will be comfortable due to its favorable neck dimensions.


  • Strings being closer might not be favorable to beginners

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4. Epiphone DR-500MCE Electric/ Acoustic (Dreadnought)

Epiphone DR-500MCE is an equally quality but all-solid acoustic guitar that produces a full-retro sound. The old-school build (like its hand-scalloped bracing) makes the guitar math the ‘30s in feel and tone such as the realistic retro tone.

Epiphone DR-500MCE Electric/ Acoustic (Dreadnought) Check Current Price

You’ll get both the volume knob plus the EQ dial for every pickup plus the blend slider for balancing the signals. For playing the stereo, you’ll get an inbuilt tuner with 2 output jacks. Such excellent features provide you with a natural and rich tone – while also allowing great customization.

DR-500MCE’s real saddle and bone nut enable the guitar to produce a bright tone plus excellent playability due to its SlimTaper (D-profile) neck. It has a powerful preamp (eSonic-2HD stereo) and a truss rod that you can adjust to fine-tune the string’s action.

The glossy topcoat of the guitar provides adequate shine and strength. Further, the guitar’s tortoiseshell pickguard and its sunburst gradient will look great for playing all music genres, including blues, country, and jazz. They were used by legends like Bob Dylan and Beatles members.

DR-500MCE has excellent playability due to the great ergonomics giving you smooth and low action, which is critical for any steel-stringed acoustic guitar. It’ll be easy to play complex & fast chords/ licks (both fingerstyle and flat-picking) thanks to the deep cutaway, hand-shaped, and slim neck.

The authentic and thick mahogany body gives an excellent and sweet tone quality with rich lows plus clear highs allowing one to get a bright and bold sound. You can choose from the sunburst or the natural editions.


  • The natural DR-500MCE design is red or dark brown in color, while the sunburst edition will have soft-black edges.
  • The solid mahogany body (durable and strudy) allows the guitar to withstand tear and wear – and hence last longer
  • Has a sweet harmonized sound with a great build and craftsmanship producing loud and bright tones
  • Has a Built-in tuner


  • None

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5. Fender Paramount PM-1 Dreadnought Guitar

Fender Paramount PM-1 is an excellent mahogany dreadnought acoustic guitar with great vintage looks and produces muscular low end and lively mids. Its mahogany sides & back provide a balanced and rich tone. Also, you’ll get a balanced and strong projection from the Sitka (Grade “A”) spruce top.

Fender Paramount PM-1 Dreadnought Guitar Check Current Price

Fender Paramount PM-1 sound and feels great acoustically (besides being lightweight) with good strum-appropriate projection. The solid all-rounder acoustic guitar is budget-frinedly but some guitarists prefer their PM-3 model.

Its innovative preamp and pickup design will prove to be functional an equally classy with a fast tuner plus treble and bass EQs ensure you get an extensive range. Also, the guitar’s phase switch will be appropriate in feedback rejection.

This Paramount PM-1 is electro with the special Fishman/ Fender preamp. Its squashed-oval display shows its onboard tuner Also, its 3 rubber-knobbed rotaries allow adjusting of volume, treble, and bass. Every preamp will be voiced to match the varied body styles.

The average-sized acoustic guitar has excellent texture to gain its characteristic vintage look and feel – all this at a budget price. The solid sides and back don’t make the acoustic guitar to be heavy – its relatively light and has an open-pore finish to be even great for children.


  • Its C-shape neck (full-shouldered) makes the guitar to be resonant and light while also giving you a roomy projection
  • Solid build guitar that’s also lightweight with a livelier feel
  • For people with small hands, the Paramount PM-1 is suitable due to the rolled edges and its C-shaped Neck that makes it highly playable and comfortable.
  • Its tuning keys (vintage-looking) will satisfy the purity and fullness of this acoustic guitar.
  • You’ll notice the indented mahogany top to give the guitar a vintage look.


  • None

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Luckily, these models of best acoustic guitar under 1000 have a mahogany armrest that’s mainly installed in the high-end models.

Also, it has a gig bag that padded but equally lightweight. You’ll find Academy 10e as comfortable and easy for flat-picking, bending, strumming, and fretting – just like beginner acoustic guitars.

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