7 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200 in 2024

A review of the best acoustic guitars under 200 suggests that there is something for everyone depending on your budget and personal preferences – just like macs for music production.
Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert guitarist looking for an entry-level or a reasonably priced guitar, our featured list will cater to all your needs.

This great looking guitar embodies excellent features and bold sound output, giving you great value for money. Read Also: Acoustic Guitars for Country Music.

Reviews: 7 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200 in 2024

1. JasmineS-35 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The S-35 is the perfect choice for any player looking for an ergonomically built and easy playing guitar. Some of the best-selling features of this edition include its long slim neck, exceptional playability, smooth feel, and unrivaled sound quality.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200 Check Price on Amazon

The S-35 features a dreadnought sized body which offers superior sound projection and a natural volume. This is the ultimate pick for country and bluegrass guitarists, thanks to its full and round sound output.

The top part is made out of spruce wood, which effectively produces warm and balanced tones with excellent resonance. The side and back, on the other hand, are constructed using Agathis, which features exceptional stability and strength.

The neck is constructed using Nato, which features the same appearance and tonal properties as mahogany. Its widespread availability and low price further reduce the cost of the guitar without compromising on durability.

The slim neck profile adds to the lightweight nature of this guitar. At 25.5” long and features 20 frets, this is the perfect choice for playing varying bar cords. A review of the hardware components reveals that the tuners are made out chrome which helps keep the cords in tune.


  • Closed-back tuners prevent dirt and debris from getting in
  • Incredibly balanced tone
  • Lightweight


  • Not as exquisite looking as its rivals

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2. Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar

Since Yamaha introduced the FG guitar series 54 years ago, the brand has increasingly focused on playability, excellent build quality, and superior music tone.

Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar Check Price on Amazon

The FG800 acoustic model features a simple traditional appearance but it produces a balanced authentic sound without compromising on durability.

The body features the dreadnought-style with non-cutaway features. The FG800 comes with a gloss finish on the upper body. Whereas the top is made of solid spruce, which adds to its durability, the back and sides are built out of Natookume.

Compared to the previous editions, this version features an improved scalloping design resulting in a powerful and balanced sound.

The neck is made out of Nato reinforced with a smooth matte finish for more comfortable handling as you play the instrument. On the headstock is a set of chrome tuners which add to the aesthetic appeal of the FG800. At 25.6” scale length with 20 frets, the bridge is constructed out of rosewood.

This unit comes packed with additional features such as an ABS bridge for tightening the cords, a Hex wrench, and a stylish pickguard.


  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • Quality and attractive body finish
  • Balanced sound output


  • None found

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3. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

This model competes favorably among other reasonably priced guitars thanks to its integration of mahogany neck and body, leveraging on Epiphone’s emphasis on affordable quality.

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar Check Price on Amazon

The construction features chrome hardware, detailed construction design, and rosewood finger wood.

Featuring a square shoulder dreadnought, this guitar’s body and neck are made out of mahogany wood while the top is made of select spruce, complete with a gloss finish.

At a scale length of 25.5”, the neck features the SlimTaper C-profile with medium jumbo frets. At the jointed sections are glued in dovetails, which are seamlessly pieced together.

The tuning knobs are made of premium die-cast. The DR-100 features 2-way adjustable TrussRod. For easier handling on the go, this guitar comes integrated with side and bottom strap buttons. On the other hand, the cords are made out of steel.

The DR-100 is a highly affordable acoustic guitar built out of premium materials while leveraging on Epiphone’s years of manufacturing experience. This guitar’s slim neck design is one of the most sought out after features by beginners and professionals alike.


  • Beautiful finish
  • Excellent playability thanks to the SlimTaper neck design
  • Brightly toned


  • Relatively sharp and uncomfortable frets

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4. Oscar Schmidt OG2CESM acoustic (electric) guitar

The OG2CESM is a budget guitar from the Oscar Schmidt Company, a leading manufacturer since 1886 if you are a professional looking for a reasonably priced electric acoustic guitar.

Oscar Schmidt OG2CESM acoustic (electric) guitar Check Price on Amazon

This unit’s pickguard design and Headstock Bridge give the instrument a unique identity and professional look. The utilization of premium-quality hardware coupled with the highly discounted prices gives this guitar exceptional value.

With this dreadnought style guitar, the back and sides are made out of mahogany while the top wood features select spruce. A high gloss finish gives this guitar its premium look, whether you are going for a lighter or darker tone. Conversely, the neck wood features mahogany wood finish with dots inlays.

The OG2CESM features the Barcus Berry EQ4T pre-amp system. With the integration of this quality EQ system, this model allows you to amplify your sound output if you are performing for a broader audience.

What’s more? The built-in digital tuner gives you variable tones, earning it the top rank among beginning and intermediate guitarists.

This OG2 series combines exquisite looks with outstanding tones, giving you excellent value for money. In particular, the sound-hole and perimeter feature premium marquetry whereas the body come in different color variations.


  • Premium quality hardware
  • Built-in digital tuner
  • Lifetime warranty


  • None found

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5. Ibanez PF Series PF15ECE acoustic guitar

With this edition, you get professional features at a highly discounted price. This Ibanez product is made out of Sapele, mahogany, and spruce. With this buy, you are guaranteed of a powerful and balanced sound output whether you are plugged in or not.

Ibanez PF Series PF15ECE acoustic guitar Check Price on Amazon

The body features a single-cutaway dreadnought design which produces a powerful and balanced acoustic sound output. While the back and sides feature the Sapele construction material, the neck is made out of mahogany.

Other unique features integrated into this unit include the nandu bridge, chrome tuners, and ivory binding throughout the guitar’s body.

For electronic components, this guitar comes integrated with an Ibanez proprietary AEQ-2T pre-amp. For the best sound output, this guitar comes with an onboard tuner and a two-band equalizer. When plugged in, these features allow you to achieve accurate reproduction of the instrument’s natural tone.

This PF-series integrates the Ibanez Advantage bridge pins which are easier to replace than standard issue pins found in other guitars. This is made possible by the integration of a special bulb-shaped configuration for easier grip. The Ibanez Advantage technology ensures that the pin and cords stay in place.


  • Relatively compact at 20” scale length
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Premium bridge pins


  • Questionable sound picking

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6. Kona K2TBL acoustic-electric guitar

This is the go-to choice if you are looking to strike a balance between an electric guitar feel and acoustic tones. The Kona KB2TL is a favorite among guitarists looking for a cross over the instrument with a small body profile and acoustic sound output.

Kona K2TBL acoustic-electric guitar Check Price on Amazon

The dreadnought shaped body guitar features a low profile with cutaway features, making it the ideal pick for smaller guitar players seeking an alternative to other models’ deep dreadnought design.

The top and sides are made of mahogany, while a distinctive transparent blue color throughout the guitar’s body gives this unit a polished and shiny look. Two gold strap pins add this guitar’s aesthetic appearance and exclusivity.

The neck features a single-ply binding while the tuners are made of gold die-cast. Besides, the D’Addario cords utilized in this instrument are a favorite among many guitarists.

This guitar’s electronics include a 3-band equalizer (EQ-505), which performs excellently in adjusting the sound output to your liking.

The appealing look of this guitar as compared to its price listing is a major selling point among buyers looking for a premium-looking guitar on a budget.


  • Integration of D’addario cords
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Small body profile


  • None found

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7. Jasmine JO-36 Orchestra Acoustic Guitar

This Jasmine edition features an orchestra style configuration which gives a rich and detailed sound output and other refined features.

Jasmine JO-36 Orchestra Acoustic Guitar Check Price on Amazon

You get a wide versatility of playing styles with this purchase whether you are playing by delicate picking or vigorous strumming. With this buy, you are guaranteed of outstanding sound quality and tone outputs on a budget.

An overview of this guitar’s construction build reveals that it features the orchestra-style design, resulting in a larger body as compared to dreadnought shaped instruments. Whereas the body is made out of laminated wood with a natural gloss finish, the sides are made out of Sapele while the neck features the Nato build.

The JO-36’s bracing integrates Jasmine’s patented Advanced “X” technology. This feature allows you to spruce up your sound output with improved note detail, resulting in a sweet majestic sound with unlimited versatility, depending on your preferred playing style.

The spruced-up design of the JO-36 effectively produces more balanced tones, resulting in full versatility. At 25.75”, the neck is relatively short, which results in exceptional playability and user comfort.


  • Full natural gloss finish.
  • Highly versatile
  • Balanced sound output


  • The large body is not suitable for younger/smaller players

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Our featured list suggests that you can access many quality guitars within the $200 price range.

Since various specifications guide different guitarists, this review offers you a wide range to choose from based on the budgetary, sound quality, and looks considerations.

Overall, the Ibanez PF Series PF15ECE acoustic guitar stands out from the rest due to its unmatched sound output, whether you are plugged into the equalizer or not.

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