7 Best DJ Headphones for 2024

Whether you’re a novice, a professional, or a budding DJ, it is hard to achieve considerable performance without good headphones. Best DJ Headphones

Typically, DJ headphones are designed to deliver balanced audios and isolate background sounds. So which are the best DJ headphones?

Well, below are the winners in terms of performance, quality, comfort, and durability. Also, check the Best Earbuds Under $50.

Top 7 Best DJ Headphones for 2024

1. Audio-Technica (ATH-M50X) DJ Headphones

Any budding DJ would want to have quality earphones at his/her desk. ATH-M50X comes with all the qualities you need to monitor your mixing and isolate sounds from the background. 

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In terms of performance, you can actually notice an improvement in sound clarity when compared to the ATH-M50. The treble, mid, and bass in the ATH-M50X are no longer as cloudy or veiled as in the previous version.

The bass feels tighter, accurate, and energetic regardless of the music genre. ATH-M50X comes in sturdy and durable construction which allows you to use it without worrying about breakage.

The premium-grade plastic frame is further reinforced with a metal wire to heighten its strength. It’s designed to cater to different head sizes, so you don’t have to worry about stretching too much if you have a big head.

The earbuds are also made from high-quality materials to enhance their durability. They don’t use a lot of padding which might make you uncomfortable. The ear cups close perfectly on your ears to prevent interference from background sounds.

With the headband adjustment, you won’t have trouble moving your headphones to your most convenient position. Plus the earcups have a 90 degree swivel which allows you to monitor your mixing using one ear.


  • Sound clarity
  • Powerful and energetic bass
  • Ideal for all music genre
  • Convenient adjustment


  • None

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2. V-MODA Over-Ear Crossfade Wireless DJ Headphone

If what you’re looking for is a wireless headphone, then crossfade from MODA is an excellent option. Not only does it nail down on quality performance but it’s also built to withstand rigorous handling. 

V-MODA Over-Ear Crossfade Wireless DJ Headphone Check Price On Amazon

It works perfectly across all music genre with emphasis on the highs and bass. So, if you want to experience the energy in your mixing, crossfade headphones are good for that. The lower mids might sound unclear and lacking some warmth but that isn’t something to worry about if you love the highs and bass.

In terms of design, these headphones are built with durability, comfort, and aesthetics in mind. The ear cups are covered with removable 3D plates, allowing you to replace with your preferred color. Although they are not noise-canceling, the ear cups still achieve perfect sound isolation.

The headband features foam cushioning covered by a breathable material to prevent moisture accumulation. On top is a vegan leather whose durability conforms to MODA standards.

The metal forks provide a strong and durable anchor for the ear cups and allow 90-degree spin.

With the Bluetooth configuration, you have the convenience of navigation. The right ear cup hosts the ON/OFF controls and the microphone. The left ear cup harbors a micro USB port.

What’s more, crossfade comes with a 12 hour battery life. That’s enough to take you through a typical sound mixing session.


  • Detailed and booming bass
  • Can be used in both wireless and wired mode
  • Durable build
  • Easy and convenient controls
  • Microphone


  • Not fold-able

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3. PIONEER HDJ (X10-K) Headphone for Professional DJs

If you want to enjoy the experience of professional grade headphones, then you can try HDJ-X10 from pioneer. Up to its current design, HDJ-X10 has undergone numerous transformations which have been inspired by feedback from professional DJs. 

PIONEER HDJ (X10-K) Headphone for Professional DJs Check Price On Amazon

HDJ-X10 proves to be top in its class with the ability to achieve high sound resolutions, thanks to its 5 Hz-40 kHz frequency range. That means you will get clear and crisp sound for lows, mids and highs.

They are designed to offer a comfortable fit to enable you to concentrate on the music. The ear cups provide a good grip on your ears while exposing them to the correct pressure levels.

The leather on both the earpad and headband is coated using nanotechnology to enhance its resistance to sweat. Thus, it is possible to wipe out any accumulated sweat with ease.

The flexibility of the headband and the swivel mechanism promotes comfortable and convenient wearing.

Its collapsible design allows convenient storage and transportation. You can count on its durability when transporting or when roughly handled.

What’s more, since the earpads and cables are easily detachable, you can replace with new ones whenever they get old or damaged.


  • Professional grade DJ headphones
  • Collapsible configuration
  • Replaceable earpads and cables
  • Durable build
  • Nano coating


  • Expensive

4. Shure SRH750DJ Over-Ear DJ Headphones – Professional Quality

Shure SRH750DJ comes with a good balance of quality and price. These are fairly priced professional grade headphones designed deliver quality performance especially when mixing.

Shure SRH750DJ Over-Ear DJ Headphones - Professional Quality Check Price On Amazon

Any professional DJ who has had an experience with Shure SRH750DJ will attest to its superb sound quality.

It makes use of 50mm drivers with a frequency range of 5Hz to 30 kHz. That makes it possible to have clear and detailed audios whether in the lows or highs. You can simply associate these headphones with good bass, crisp lows, and smooth/clear highs.

Noise isolation is made possible by the large ear cups which are designed to cover the ears fully. The earpads completely isolate background noise allowing the DJ to concentrate on the musical sound. Since the earpads are removable, you can replace them with new ones whenever they become obsolete.

Comfort and ease of use are guaranteed, thanks to its adjustable design which allows you to set the earphones to a comfortable position. Thus, you can wear them for long hours without any discomfort. In addition, the ear cups swivel around 90 degrees allowing you to have one-ear listening.

In terms of portability, SRH750DJ features a removable 9.8 feet cable which makes it possible to move or turn around.

What’s more, its overall construction conforms to Shure’s durability standards. That makes it ideal for rigorous applications.


  • Clear and detailed sound quality
  • Efficient sound isolation
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Collapsible for convenient storage


  • Looks bulky on the head

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5. Sennheiser (HD 25) Professional Pro Audio DJ Headphone

Probably you have come across or heard about Sennheiser HD 25 headphones. They have dominated the industry especially in deejaying and sound engineering. That’s why they have been market for long as professional grade DJ headphones. 

Sennheiser (HD 25) Professional Pro Audio DJ Headphone Check Price On Amazon

If you’re looking for a perfect balance in all frequency ranges, Sennheiser HD 25 doesn’t disappoint. The trebles are gentle to the ears and more detailed while the midrange and bass are accurate and energetic.

The ear cups clamp comfortably on your ears creating effective isolation against background sound. This allows you to concentrate on the musical sound to enhance your performance.

They are reasonably comfortable to wear for long hours and won’t leave your ears feeling uneasy. Plus the padding on the headband and earpads contributes to your overall comfort.

The adjustability of this pair of headphones allows you to have a comfortable fit regardless of the size of your head. You can also rotate the ear cups to have one-ear listening whenever you need that.

In addition, it comes with a durable cable which can be detached and replaced if it becomes obsolete.


  • Balanced and superb sound quality
  • Isolates background sound
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and adjustable


  • Short cable

6. V-MODA XS Compact On-Ear Headphones

XS is arguably one of the most compact DJ headphones you might come across. They easily fold and fit into a small carrying pouch to allow convenient storage or travel.

V-MODA XS Compact On-Ear Headphones Check Price On Amazon

But it also delivers high quality sound making it ideal for deejaying and sound engineering. A frequency range of between 5Hz AND 30 kHz makes it highly sensitive across the low, mid and high-frequency sounds. 

Thus, you expect to get a good tonal balance across all music genres. Typically, it gives you a more detailed punch in the bass and a smooth mid.

The headband is made of steel and plastic. It’s covered with leather material on its upper and a moisture-wicking mesh on the inner side. Not only does this provide comfortable wear but it also minimizes moisture accumulation. Plus the ear cups are also made of foam and leather.

The ear cups are held on foldable metal forks making it possible to collapse the headphones into a compact piece.

Also included is a detachable cable which makes it easy to replace. The cable features a 45 degree plug which allows it to withstand numerous bending. Plus the cable comes with a mic.


  • Excellent sound balance
  • Compact design
  • Superb clarity
  • Comfortable
  • Detachable cable


  • Poor sound isolation

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7. Pioneer – 1500 – HDJ DJ Headphones

The flaws in the sturdiness of the HDJ-1000 are what lead to the development of the HDJ-1500. The latter is built with premium materials to enhance its durability even with rigorous applications. 

Pioneer - 1500 – HDJ DJ Headphones Check Price On Amazon

HDJ-1500 delivers clear and loud sound making it one of the best headphone for deejaying. If you’re looking for perfect headphones for rocking a party or nightclub, HDJ-1500 will be a good option.

Although you won’t get complete noise canceling, the large ear cups still deliver an acceptable level of isolation. Their ability to isolate noise is heightened by the fact that they lie on your ear as opposed to over the ear. The earpads are designed using memory foam and durable leather to ensure your comfort throughout your mixing session.

The flexibility of the headband makes them ideal for varying head sizes and prevents breakage. They are coated with rubbery matt magnesium alloy to give them a premium finish.

The ear cups allow various degrees of movement to fit your desired preferences. They can move up and down up to 180 degrees and swivel to 90 degrees.


  • Clear and loud sound
  • Collapsible configuration allows convenient storage
  • Can be adjusted easily
  • Removable cable
  • Comfortable earpads


  • Bulky look


The quality of music or mixes you make depends on your level of skills and the equipment you use. Headphones are one of the equipment that will contribute to your performance.

The above DJ headphones have an emphasis on bass energy and a balance in the lows and mids. Get an efficient headphone today and take your deejaying skills to another level.

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