7 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 50 in 2024

If you’re looking for the best noise canceling headphones under 50, you’re in the right place!

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 50

You’ll love the quiet and relaxed environment away from the constant ambient noises that could otherwise and sadly increase your stress levels.

These quality headphones will come in handle for reducing or completing blocking noises while you’re traveling on the road or in an airplane.

Reviews: 7 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 50 in 2024

1. Sony MDRZX110NC Medium Noise-Cancelling Headphones

With Sony MDRZX110NC’s noise cancellation headphones, you can do about 80 hours of great musical entertainment. You won’t hear sounds of the plane flying, vehicles on the road, and fan.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies Check Current Price

Sony MDRZX110NC are budget-friendly headphones suitable for travelers giving them great Noise cancellation to do homework (for college students) or just concentrate on a task like drawing using a suitable laptop.

They’ll produce appropriate sound quality for critical listening, instruments, and vocals (see mics for recording vocals). It’ll provide enough bass punch that’s also great when you’ll be watching your excellent videos.

Sony MDRZX110NC will be easy to store (packaging) and carry since they’re foldable. Simple turn the ear cuffs to unfold or also fold your headphones flat and beautiful.

The Sony over-ear headphones will readily isolate the surrounding noises. They’ll easily plug-in, and hence there’s no issue with pairing it – you’ll love its long cord-length.

The headphones have the Neodymium driver (30mm) that have significant power to give you a great music listening time. Further, its long battery life (~80 hours) will be a big plus.

These ANC headphones are notably minimalistic but also budget-friendly suitable for music listening in town or while travel since they’re foldable.

Sony MDRZX110NC will also be easy to store plus have a AAA battery to allow more extended noise-canceling service. But you’d require another battery set to allow more extended operation.


  • Battery life offers 80-hour service
  • Has low levels of leakage like with DJ headphones
  • Excellent audio reproduction
  • Minimalistic and foldable headphones with great sound quality


  • Unstable fit

2. COWIN E7 Bluetooth Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

COWIN E7 is also an excellent pair of Bluetooth headphones that offer active noise reduction, portable design, and great sound quality.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies Check Current Price

COWIN E7’s active noise-cancellation will be excellent for canceling out any ambient noise including for the office environment plus it won’t generate static noise.

COWIN E7’s battery, on a single charge, will give you ~30 hours of excellent music playtime. Also, it’s NFC and Bluetooth compatible with providing music streaming excellently.

You’ll find the headphones to be highly comfortable for extended wearing even as you’ll be traveling or while in your office. You’ll get a treble range that’s crisp plus clean bass from its 40mm drivers.

The headphones have a broad frequency range (20Hz – 20kHz ) plus a 32 ohms impedance like quality earbuds. It’ll pair with Bluetooth devices (laptops and tablets) and give a detailed sound.

COWIN E7 will be high for any gender and for running or going to your gym. The powerful headphones offer excellent Active Noise Cancelling, plus it has a beautiful outlook.

COWIN E7 will readily reduce the noise coming from a busy office, city traffic, and plane cabin noise- this enables you to focus on the movies, videos, music, and work.

I noted that the headphones game me an enjoyable music-listening experience with its great crystal-clear sound and hence will have to reduced distortion.

COWIN E7 is excellent for bass-heavy music such as pop and electronic dance will be well balanced – tight and punchy with great details even on Bluetooth headphones.


  • Provides long talk time (~30 hours) and playtime (~30 hours)
  • On sound performance, Cowin E7 gives greatly-defined midranges, crisp highs, and exceptional bass.
  • NFC and Bluetooth compatible for even fewer wire connections
  • Exceptionally comfortable and high quality
  • The noise cancellation feature is effective in both enclosed and outdoor spaces.


  • None

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3. MX10 Bluetooth Sports Noise Cancellation Headphones

MX10 headphones satisfy the noise-canceling needs of any sportsperson or runner – they’re long-lasting, waterproof, offers a secure fit, and gives quality sound.

MX10 Bluetooth Sport Noise Cancellation Headphones Check Current Price

Besides a comfortable fit and quality sound, the MX10 headphones have built-in mics plus an excellent battery. Also, they come with2 differently sized foams, 3 earbuds, and a storage case.

MX10 headphones have an excellent battery, and it’ll allow about 10+ hours of music listening with just one charge. Therefore, you’ll have extended noise-canceling plus hands-free calls.

MX10 is among my best noise-canceling headphones as it offers excellent sound plus HD technologies and sturdy material to give a realistic listening experience.

The headphone has in-built noise-cancellation (CVC 6.0), smart audio and bright Hi-Fi chip, and mic audio control. You’ll love the secure-fit and ergonomic design while also consuming less power.

For people in athletics and sports, these MX10 will be great and work well with most iOS devices, including iPad, Macs for music, and iPhones. It’ll give you a stable and fast connection.


  • It offers 10+ headphone noise-canceling experience due to its great stable battery life.
  • Great painting with wireless connectivity thanks to its advanced Bluetooth
  • Produces Clear HD sound for excellent music listening
  • The headphone’s design is very durable with the foam inserts and ear tips that fall out or snug.
  • Further, the devices are cordless and sweat-proof – thus will work great for harsh weather.


  • None

4. TaoTronics TT-BH060 Over-Ear Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

TaoTronics TT-B060 offers ear cups with 90-degrees swiveling, foldable headphones, active noise-canceling (CVC6.0), and wireless connection – allowing HD Sound plus Captivating Bass.

TaoTronics TT-BH060 Over-Ear Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones Check Current Price

It gives great active noise canceling by recoding the ambient noise, reversing its phase, and playing the sound back combined with the initial noise – thus the sound waves will cancel each other out.

This works similarly to mono-summing and phase-flip switches used by audio engineers. The closed-back headphone is comfortably padded at their headband and ear cups.

TaoTronics TT-B060 removes the low mids and bass from the ambient noise. However, the limited ambient leakage will help one remain conscious of their surroundings.

You’ll get a brilliant high-end sound to give you enough treble suitable for old and younger ears. Notably, about 10 minutes of charging the headphone will allow 2 hours continuously.

TaoTronics TT-B060 provides an in-built noise-canceling mic, advanced controls, fast charging, and hybrid ANC. The wireless model is among the top noise-canceling headphone under 100.

The over-ear TaoTronics TT-B060 has an excellent first impression that has an attractive plastic housing with its ear cups having rotating capability plus a smooth suspension.

TaoTronics TT-B060 offers rapid charging and it’ll also allow playback of about 2 hours with just roughly 5 minutes. However, when a switched off ANC, the headphone will last longer.


  • Alow longer playback (~30 hours)
  • Excellent noise and ambient sound cancellation
  • Heavy bass provided with the crisp audio
  • Budget-friendly noise-canceling headphone
  • The ear cups are comfortable


  • No equalizer

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5. Villain IPX7 Bluetooth & Wireless Workout Headphones

Villain IPX7 will provide an excellent noise-cancelling for babies with amazing playtime allowing them extended time on their device.

Villain IPX7 Bluetooth & Wireless Workout Headphones Check Current Price

Villain IPX7 comes with great features including waterproof capability allowing one to work out even with rain and sweat plus without damaging the earbuds.

Also, Villain IPX7 is made from high-quality materials plus has a durable battery that’ll last even for 9 hours with your continuous noise-canceling and must listening.

The earbuds will give you some excellently thumbing bass plus rich tremble thanks to its composite drivers (10 mm) and the highly-elastic outer ring.

I loved that the earbuds are super comfortable to wear with great bud covers held securely by the silicone ear hooks. So, you’ll get a clear sound plus top bass.

You can use the onboard controls to change the song or adjust the volume. Further, its very simple to connect to the Bluetooth – a great feature when you’re working out.


  • Waterproof capability for comfortable sporting or running with sweat or during the rain
  • Quick charge capability allowing over 2 hours playtime for just 1.8 hours charging.
  • Excelllent battery quality with 9-hours playtime with a full charge.


  • None

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These best noise cancelling headphones under 50 are great for individuals wearing glasses or those who don’t like bulky headphones.

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