9 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies 2024

Below I’ve reviewed the best noise cancelling headphones for babies to safeguard their sensitive eardrums. Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies

The world is loud, and thus hearing protection for your baby is a critical issue. High noise levels damage the ear canal fibers and cause hearing loss.

You must protect your baby’s ears from both loud sounds and equally everyday events as they affect the child’s ears, physiological & mental development.

Reviews: 9 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies in 2024

1. Lil-Gadgets Untangled Pro Kid’s Wireless Headphones

Lil-Gadgets Untangled Pro has great size for your baby, blocking the necessary environmental noises while protecting the kid’s hearing when they’re listening to movies or music on Mac.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies Check Price on Amazon

Lil-Gadgets Untangled Pro will be great for home use or during a vacation with its soft and breathable mesh (SoftTouch) and thus can be won for long periods (even 12 hours).

Further, the headphones’ SharePort allows multiple kids to use the Bluetooth connection for one Lil-Gadgets Untangled Pro. But don’t limit the kid’s volume to unacceptable levels in noisy surroundings.

On design, this baby’s headphone comes in lightweight circumaural, white, purple, pink, green, blue, and black. They have stylish plush earpads and headband that’s also leather-like and perforated.

Its internal driver is 40mm with a 30 Ohms impedance and a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range. You can end or answer the phone calls using a power button that’s in the outer panel of the left earcup.

Your regular headphones will limit volume levels to below the output or adult – this is around 85dB. But the Lil-Gadgets Untangled Pro allows 93dB to cancel the effect of the ambient noise.

Lil-Gadgets Untangled Pro has an aux input (3.5mm), a micro USB port in its left earcup plus allows intelligibility with its onboard mic. For wired mode, the headphones’ volume can go higher.


  • Lil-Gadgets Untangled Pro’s over-ear cups will fit on the kid similar to the adult’s on-ear cups and hence doesn’t create a seal in passively reducing noise.
  • Its dynamic sound won’t feel squashed, plus it has excellent bass – quite kid-friendly headphones. You’ll fill its unique sound signature with the “Drover” by Bill Callahan.
  • Further, the headphones passively reduce the level of ambient noise by roughly 13dB, and hence the baby won’t easily max out the device’s volume.


  • Cable allow higher volume


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2. Baby Banz Earmuffs for 0-2+ Years Infant Ear Protection

Baby Banz Earmuffs will be great for newborns or babies that are up to 24 months old. It protects the kid’s hearing in an airplane, thunderstorms, fireworks, concerts, movies, and playgrounds.

Baby Banz Earmuffs for 0-2+ Years Infant Ear Protection Check Price on Amazon

On design, Baby Banz Earmuffs have a variety of fun patterns and solid colours from which you can pick a favourite. Add the Bluetooth feature for some extra coins.

The protective earmuffs will have the Bluetooth feature for some colors – allowing them to also work as – fabulous music production headphones.

However, for the semi-quiet places, you might need to remove these lightweight Baby Banz earmuffs enabling the baby to ease back to the normal sounds.

Baby Banz Earmuffs have an NRR 31db SPL noise reduction rating, which is among the best in the category and will equally block the harmful noises.

The earmuffs have soft padding (comfy foam) to give your baby comfortable wearing experience, and thus it won’t squeeze or pinch your kid’s sensitive head.

Baby Banz Earmuffs have large-sized earpieces that’ll readily cover the kid’s outer ear while also distributing its pressure and weight to reduce pinching – or with SD Card for Raspberry Pi 3.


  • Earmuff’s band can be adjustable to how ith your baby
  • Lead and BPA free
    Keeps the kid calm and hence they’ll sleep easy
  • Lightweight and comfortable while also fitting snuggly
  • Soft padding enhances long-wearing
  • Blocks loud noises from various sounds like in sporting events, fireworks, and movies
  • Great noise-cancelling earmuffs for newborns or older


  • None

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3. HEARTEK Kids Hearing Protection Noise Reduction Earmuffs

HEARTEK Kids Earmuffs is a quality set of baby headphones that come in a variety of colors and patterns which kids will love. Its mounted earcups disturibute the device’s pressure and weight.

HEARTEK Kids Hearing Protection Noise Reduction Earmuffs Check Price on Amazon

HEARTEK Kids Earmuffs offer great seal and are very adjustable to work for the baby’s little and sensitive ears. For longer life and exceptional comfort, the headphones have a padded cushion.

The ANSI S3.19 certified baby headphones are easy to store as they’re collapsible and a packing bag – for convenience in traveling. The budget-friendly headphone adheres to safety guidelines.

Its mounted ear cups will improve the comfort factor by evenly distributing the earmuffs’ pressure and weight. Also, they’ll last longer due to reduced wear thanks to the earmuff padding.

You’ll love the self-adjusting cups that’ll provide an excellent seal to protect the baby’s ears. The quality US-made baby headphones are suitable for parades and sporting events – with its 27 decibels NRR.

HEARTED Kids Earmuffs are very versatile and have a packed convince travel case. I recommend them for adults, teens, and kids for hunting, shooting, r even racing events.

Further, the kid’s headphones are waterproof with excellent sound cancellation suitable for most weather conditions even during the rain.


  • Suitable protection for outdoor vines, fireworks, musical concerts, and sports events
  • Great sound cancellation with its padded ear cups
  • Collapsible for convineijnt travel and storage
  • Comfortable and budget-friendly baby headphone
  • It’ll fit both big or small ears thanks to the self-adjusting design-build.


  • Hard to adjust width

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4. Mpow 068 Kids Hearing Protection

Mpow 068 is also a comfortable and lightweight noise-canceling headphones suitable for babies (3 – 12 years). Key greater features include a snug fit, besides being soft and durable.

Mpow 068 Kids Hearing Protection Check Price on Amazon

Mpow 068 has sturdy ABS cups to create an excellent seal around the kid’s ears – reduces the effects of the ambient sound. The 25dB NRR earmuff offers a custom fit with the adjustable headband.

It offers unparalleled noise reduction that’s safe and effective for teens, kids, and toddlers. The beautiful light blue headphones will have secure storage.

Mpow 068 will offer great noise-reduction for loud environments, including concerts (check concert earplugs), fireworks, and construction sites. They’re equally very portable and foldable.

The 25db NRR Mpow 068 headphones were designed from durable and safe materials allowing them to last long while also protecting the health of your kids.

Mpow 068 has earmuffs that’ll allow the device to easily and comfortably fit over the kid’s ear. You can easily adjust the headband and hence fit it into the baby’s head.

It has ABS ear cups, soft-ear cushions, and a sponge for noise-dampening around the kid’s ears. So, you can take the earmuffs to your vacation destination or soccer match.


  • Stylish headphones
  • Safe for kids – it’s an 25dB NRR
  • No batteries needed
  • Works well with children 3-12 years even with sensitive skin
  • European and American NRR Certified
  • Create a perfect seal by completely covering the kdi’s ears


  • Not suitable for infants

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5. Muted Designer Ear Protection for Kids & Infants

Muted Designer EarMuffs are loved by young kids and toddlers for being lightweight, soft, with a robot print, and equally easy to remove. You can choose from the 4 other headphones prints.

Muted Designer Ear Protection for Kids & Infants Check Price on Amazon

It gives adequate room for growth while fitting well on your teens & toddlers. For comfort, the earmuffs have angled and adjustable ear cups to give the baby a secure fit.

Muted Designer EarMuff’s unique design makes them a darling of kids, and thus they’ll wear them comfortably for longer. Their soft ear cups plus padded headband increases comfort levels.

The earmuffs will block noises (~27dB) that may damage the hearing capability of your child’s sensitive ears – and they’re ANSI certified for safety purposes.

The earmuff’s ear cups are late enough to protect your kid’s hearing from damaging sound in sporting events, concerts, and fireworks. You’ll love their unique and stylish patterns.


  • On application, Muted Designer EarMuff is approved for protecting babies with Asperger or Autism disorders.
  • Long lasting noise-callening earmuffs and durable too
  • Suitable for kids as they’re lightweight
  • Great earmuufs for daily-users


  • None

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On the best noise cancelling headphones for babies, kids are vulnerable when using kids’ headphones, airplane travel, Watching TV, firework displays, and sporting events – just like cheap noise-canceling headphones for adults.

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