9 Best Earbuds Under 50 in 2024

So, which are the best earbuds under 50? The importance of earbuds cannot be underestimated in reducing the risk hearing loss. They give us the convenience of listening to our favorite tunes at any time and from any place. Best Earbuds Under $50

The market has a lot to offer when it comes to earbuds. Technology evolution has seen the development of quality earbuds at very affordable prices.

Features to look out for? Probably noise-canceling, high audio signature, durable build, comfortable fit, waterproof, in-built microphones, high-powered Audio.

Reviews: 9 Best Earbuds Under 50 in 2024

1. JBL Live 100 In-Ear Headphones/ EarBuds with In-Line -#1 Pick

Next, on the list is this JBL Live 100. The JBL Live 100 aluminum earbuds has the natural sound quality, an excellent build quality (fabric cable – tangle-free ), comfortable fit, and the one-button mic or remote – all for under $50.

JBL Live 100 In-Ear Headphones/ EarBuds with In-Line Check Price on Amazon

JBL Live 100’s natural sound is adequately balanced between treble and mid-range sound (balancing low & high notes) to create some treble sound effects. While you have 3 varied silicone tips, they all have 8 mm drivers to give you enhanced and deep bass.

With the one-button mic or remote, you readily access the voice assistant, phone calls, and control your music – and hence you can go hands-free. Finally, the earbud comes with flat cables that do not experience tangling.

With its deep bass, this earbud will be great for listening to hip-hop, rock, and pop music. I also loved its lightweight design and the overall aluminum housing – which is aesthetically amazing.

I noted that the earbuds fat low end made the rock music choruses to be highly meaty and lush. However, this JBL Live 100 lacks volume control, but for its price range, I love it.

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2. Shure SE112-GR MicroDriver Earphones – #2 Pick

SE112-GR is perfectly designed with bass performance in mind. You can count on the Dynamic Micro driver which delivers both energy and quality in audios.

Shure SE112-GR MicroDriver Earphones Check Price on Amazon

Not only will you get enhanced bass but also enjoy refined audios that are free from distortion – but there’s a threat to hearing aids.

Due to the sensitivity and accuracy of its driver, this earbud won’t struggle to give sound output from your smartphone. It performs flawlessly with both low and high-frequency sounds.

Regarding noise isolation, SE112-GR will easily outdo most earphones in the market. It also comes with three different-sized tips, which further help in noise isolation. They fit perfectly in the ear canal, and you don’t have to insert very deep to get a perfect fit.

Shure still manages to maintain durability in this earbud despite not using metallic materials. The earbud housing is all plastic while the cable is made of durable rubber. The 3.5mm cable is intentionally made to be right angle because it does not put a lot of stress on the headphone jack.


  • Quality and detailed sound
  • Substantial noise isolation
  • Right-angled plug
  • Durable build


  • No microphone

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3. RHA MA390 Wireless Earbuds – With Remote and Mic – #3 Pick

You don’t have to break a bank to get a high-quality earbud. RHA is not only affordable, but it’s also regarded as one of the best but cheap earbuds.

Best Earbuds Under 50 Check Price on Amazon

If you’re looking for a wireless earbud for your workouts or other activity, then you can’t go wrong with this one. They’re designed using signature aeroponic technology, which makes it possible to have clear sounds that are free from distortion.

This design aims at minimizing sound obstructions between the driver and the ear. The resulting output from such a configuration is true-to-life Audio that sounds clear to your ears.

RHA MA390 earbud comes in a high-grade aluminum casing, which contributes to the audio quality and durability of this product. It makes use of silicone tips, which further help in noise isolation and deepening the bass.

You can choose a perfect fit from the six silicone tips that come with this package. Perhaps the low battery alert is one of the unique features in RHA MA390. A voice of a lady always alerts you when the battery nears 20%.

Another notable extra is the ability of the earpieces to stick together due to the magnets on the back of each earbud. When not in use, the earpieces close around your neck like a chain. Thus, it’s not easy to lose them.

What’s more, RHA MA390 comes with a moderate battery which will get you through 7 to 8 hours before recharge.


  • True-to-life audio performance
  • Enhanced bass
  • Battery prompt
  • Premium build
  • Durable housing


  • Battery life isn’t impressive

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4. SoundMagic E10 Earbuds – Great with Metal Construction

The low price does not always mean a compromise in quality. Soundmagic E10 delivers quality performance at a very affordable price. It comes in a cylindrical metal housing which not only makes it durable but also gives it a powerful bass.

SoundMagic E10 Earbuds – Great with Metal Construction Check Price on Amazon

It’s configured to give you balanced sound, which is effectively confined to your ears. Thus, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the person seated nearby.

E10 fits perfectly in the canal without exposing your ear to damage caused by excessively loud sounds.

Also, it comes with extra different-sized ear tips, which allow you to choose the one that fits perfectly. That makes it possible to do your chores without continually adjusting the earbuds.

The cable extends at an incredible 4 ft length, which makes it convenient to use. The hi-fi cable entails a twisted configuration, which allows you to use the earphones with minimal tangling.

This design also makes it durable and not easily damaged, even with rigorous use. Overall, E10 comes in a stylish design and several colors to choose from


  • Balanced bass, mid and treble
  • Durable metal construction
  • Good value for money
  • Comes with extra eartips
  • Stylish with nice colors to choose from


  • None

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5. Brainwavz S0 With Microphone and Remote Control

You can’t actually call them basshead IEM earphones. But they have balanced sound output which leaves you wanting to use them over and over again. It features a dynamic driver which does not require an amplifier to eliminate distortion.

Brainwavz S0 With Microphone and Remote Control Check Price on Amazon

Brainwavz S0 also features a microphone that comes in handy when you want to make or respond to calls. The rubber buttons on the control unit give you the option to vary the volume and play/pause.

With the remote function, you can use these earphones with iOS, Android as well as some window devices.

The included premium quality foam tips play a significant role in noise isolation to prevent interruption from background noise. These tips are also configured to enhance the bass response no matter which song you’re listening to.

Also included are different-sized silicone ear tips. So, you have a chance to choose the one that fits appropriately to eliminate the inconvenience of constant adjustment.

Brainwavz S0 makes use of a flat cable which is not only durable but also tangle-free. Plus there’s a clip for hooking the earphones to your shirt. What’s more, it comes in a metal housing which guarantees its durability.


  • Foam tips provide effective noise isolation
  • Premium metal construction
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Additional silicon eartips


  • None

6. SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones

This SoundMAGIC E10 is a great addition to your collection or even take as a birthday (or maybe Christmas) gift.

SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones Check Price on Amazon

Interestingly, they have an audiophile quality sound and feel equally premium. Further, the earbuds will give you a neutral sound signature – and guess what all for cheap.

For runners, you’ll need the sweat-proof option for your runs. So, for small ears, go for an earbud that feels snug on the ear and one that’s having soft silicone tips to fit your size. I noted that the medium-size (silicone-rubber) tips are a great fit for most people. But the double-flanged tips offered adequate seal.

It’s designed from durable metal and textured cable, but you could find them to be slightly more substantial compared to the plastic earbuds. Luckily, with the tangle-resistant, you’ll not have problems with line interweaving.

Further, the SoundMagic E10 provides enough bass response and noise isolation. Also, it allows an agile and neutral response, which guarantees that you’ll not disturb people near you, such as travelers. 

It has some extended bass, and they tremble – with an active bass that easily handles complex music track mix. However, note that these earbuds are not the Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200.

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7. Optoma BE Sport4 Nuforce – Best for Workouts

If what you’re looking for is a quality wireless earbud for your workouts, then BE Sport4 is specially meant for that. It’s designed with a sporty touch and robustness that you may encounter in a premium sport earbud.

Optoma BE Sport4 Nuforce - Best for Workouts Check Price on Amazon

It boasts of an incredible performance in both low and high frequencies, thanks to the graphene coating on its drivers. Unlike most materials, graphene exhibits remarkable conductivity, which results in better sound clarity and minimal distortion.

What makes them ideal for exercise is their ability to isolate background noise. This is made possible by its design and the silicone ear tips which fit perfectly in your ear canal. You can choose your perfect fit from the three ear tips that come with the package.

BE Sport4 also comes with several earrings that add extra support to the earbuds. This helps in reducing the chances of the earbuds coming out, especially during exercise. Thus, you won’t always be adjusting your earbuds during your workouts.

Other features that make BE Sport4 stand out include the microphone configurations and its ability to resist water and sweat. What’s more, a battery life of 10 hours will be enough to take you through most of the sessions before you get a recharge.


  • Impressive low and high frequency audio
  • Earwings for better anchorage
  • Sweat-proof
  • Microphone enabled
  • Great for workouts


  • Stays on until you turn it off

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8. SOUNDPEATS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

If you want to get the experience of dual-dynamic drivers then you check on these wireless earbuds. Not only does this configuration contribute louder sounds but it also reduces distortion and makes the sound clearer.

SOUNDPEATS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Check Price on Amazon

The two drivers work separately to enhance the quality of sound that you get. One of the drivers is meant for the bass while the other takes care of the mid and the high frequency. This results in exact lows, mids, and highs.

Soundpeats utilize CVC technology, which is very useful in noise isolation. Thus you can use it in a noisy place without worrying about background noise. The ear tips fit securely in the ear canal and won’t make you uncomfortable. Also included are ear-wings, which help in securing the earbuds in your ears.

It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which allows smooth transmission with your Bluetooth devices such tablet and smartphones. Plus there’s an advanced microphone which allows you make smooth calls.


  • Features dual drivers
  • Water-resistant
  • Incredible battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Effective noise cancellation


  • Microphone could be better

9. Sennheiser Earphones – CX 300-II

If you’re looking for a basshead earphone, then CX 300 II from Sennheiser will be a good choice. It’s popularly known for its enhanced bass and excellent noise isolation capability.

Some earbuds won’t give you the bass sound you want with some music genres. But CX 300 II performs greatly with all music genres.

The highs also tend to be very pleasant, allowing you to listen to the vocals without getting fatigued quickly. Thus, no matter how long you listen to music using these earbuds, you won’t feel uncomfortable.

CX 300 II features silicon ear tips, which enhance the quality of sound and ensure your comfort. The package comes with three different-sized ear tips so that you can choose one that fits into your ear perfectly.

Sennheiser sticks to the asymmetrical cable which for some reason doesn’t impress much. You might have to wrap it over your neck to keep the earcups from being pulled down. In addition, the material and design of the cable make it vulnerable to twisting under certain conditions. But it’s long enough to use comfortably in any position.

Both new and popular brands are innovating each day to edge one another in the earphones industry. This puts users in a dilemma when searching for the best cheap earbuds.


  • Bass-enhanced
  • Lightweight
  • Ability to isolate noise
  • Great sound quality


  • No microphone
  • Cable tangles easily

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Considerations for Best Earbuds Under 50

1. Sound Quality and Fits Comfortably

If you’re a sound engineer or music producer, check the headphones for music production or the Dj headphones. When you browse the internet for the best earbuds, you’ll be surprised by the myriad of products the market has to offer.

Perhaps sound quality is the most crucial factor to consider when searching for the best earbud. All audios and instruments should be heard clearly and in detail. The design of the earbud should also be able to eliminate any distortion before the sound reaches your ears.

You don’t want to be inconvenienced by earbuds that keep coming out and allow sound interference. Ensure they come with different-sized ear tips so that you choose the one that fits comfortably in your ear canal. Not only does this eliminate constant adjustment, but it also isolates noise from the surrounding.

2. Microphone and Easy to Use

Most people listen to music from their smartphones. If you’re using earbuds, then it’ll be great if the device allows you to make calls hands-free.

Your earbuds should be easy to pair with your audio devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Ensure the Bluetooth connectivity it comes with allows quick and stable connections.

You might also consider earbuds that allow multiple pairing where you pair with more than one audio device simultaneously. The beauty of this is that you can shift from one device to another with less hassle.

3. Durability and Water-Resistant

Some people love working out or running while listening to music on their earbuds. Such earbuds are prone to damage. So, it’s advisable to buy durable earbuds which won’t break down quickly.

Earbuds can be damaged by water or sweat if they are not water-resistant. Therefore, ensure to get water-resistant earbuds so that they don’t get damaged by sweat or by the sea in case you get caught up in the rain.

Battery Life – Most people use their earbuds when outdoors, such as in the gym, walking, jogging, or in the library. So, it can be very inconvenient if your Bluetooth earbuds run out of power. However, you can avoid such inconveniences by getting an earbud that comes with a long-lasting battery.


Getting a quality best earbuds under 50 isn’t an easy task. Without proper research, you might end up getting a low-quality product that does not give value for your money. A right earbud should have the right balance in performance, quality, and durability.

Most of the products I have reviewed are popular brands that have been tested for years and have proven to be the best. Maybe you need in-ear headphones to fight the solitude at home, work, subway, or gym.

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