Top 7 Best Harmonica Microphones for 2024

The best harmonica microphones should be capable of producing quality sound output throughout the performance without distorting.

Because the harmonica is played in genres that generally need amplification, it is imperative to reinforce live performances with your kind of microphone.

When recording, the harmonica needs to be miked in order to capture all the sounds accurately – just like with the mac computers.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Harmonica Microphones for 2024

1. Audix Fireball V Harmonica Microphone

This is the go-to choice if you are looking for a state of the performance on-stage, given its distortion eliminating capabilities during live performances and recording.

Audix Fireball V Harmonica Microphone Check Price on Amazon

The built-in volume control is easy to control thanks to its long shaft. In addition, the V features a higher-amplitude presence peak.

Its full-bodied sound output capable of handling over 140Db of output without distorting. A full-sized dynamic capsule featuring the VLM technology offers you a clean and accurate sound output.

Designed for cupping it in hand, this microphone is ideal for performing in the most demanding conditions in the open-air environment.

Featuring a wide frequency response of 50Hz-16khz, this mic integrates a cardioid polar pattern which allows you to focus on the particular environment you are performing in without having to worry about ambient noise.


  • Lightweight design
  • Wireless set up
  • Crystal clear sound output
  • The easy volume control feature


  • Relatively pricey

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2. SHURE 520DX microphone for Harmonica

The 520X is one of the top picks for blues harmonica performers thanks to its signature green and chrome casting which is specially designed to fit the harmonica in your hands.

SHURE 520DX microphone for harmonica Check Price on Amazon

Its conveniently positioned volume control knob at the base allows you to adjust the mic to suit the user’s needs during live performances.

This unit delivers a uniform cardioid pattern which helps minimize feedback during the action. This instrument comes supplied with a 0.25” connector, allowing you to connect the mic to a range of high impedance devices, while a 20 feet cable length offers you increased reach and flexibility.

This Shure edition gives you a wide frequency response of 100hz to 5khz and an output impedance of 1 Kohm. Check these quality music video cameras.

Weighing in at 1.62 lbs, the 520X is lightweight enough which allows you to take the stage with confidence, particularly for lengthy performances.


  • High impedance
  • Rugged and dynamic cartridge for improved response
  • Customizable volume for different music performances


  • Relatively heavy

3. Peavy H5-C Cherry Bomb Microphone

The Cherry Bomb mic edition gives you the convenience of use, thanks to its conveniently positioned on/off button and rotary volume control.

Peavy H5-C Cherry Bomb microphone Check Price on Amazon

The specially designed rubberized red casing with a black grill is one of the most distinctive features of this instrument. This harmonica mic comes integrated with a detachable 0.25” microphone cable.

Featuring a cardioid polar pattern, this dynamic type mic is the go-to choice for blues performers. This unit comes in cherry red, black, or silver if you are looking for a customized look.

In addition to its aesthetic features, this harmonica mic is both lightweight and high performance. You get an impedance of 0-49 ohms and a maximum SPL of 139Db with omnidirectional a characteristic.

In addition, this unit features a sensitivity of (DVB/PA) -51. Finger placement grooves give you more grip while the center detent volume control feature allows you to control ambient noise.

Weighing in at merely 340 grams, this unit is compact in design, with dimensions of 9” by 11” by 3.25” when packed.


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Reasonably priced


  • Unspecified maximum/minimum frequency

4. MXL V67G Condenser Mic

This unit is specially designed for vocalists, thanks to its large capsule condenser.

MXL V67G Condenser Mic Check Price on Amazon

This edition features a transformer integrated output and FET circuitry which guarantees a creamy and warm sound output.

For improved audio quality, this unit’s gold-sputtered diaphragm is especially suited for professional recording and other vocals projects.

The V67G offers a frequency response of 30 Hz to 20KHz capable of replicating audio signals across a wide range. Aesthetically, this is one of the most attractive harmonica mic designs.

The green and gold features give this unit a professional vintage look. What’s more? The internally integrated Mogami cables offer you high-grade connections, resulting in warm vocals.

This unit features several bonus accessories that make it a valuable addition to your microphone collection.

In addition to its attractive gold metal filter, it also features a durable shock mount, a cleaning cloth, and proprietary Mogami cables.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Rich midrange performance
  • Excellent for vocal tracks


  • Relatively bulky

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5. The Feather-Soul Myers Pick Up

If you are looking for a maneuverable and lightweight harmonica mic with great sound output, the Feather-Soul version is highly recommended.

The Feather-Soul Myers pick up Check Price on Amazon

This unit comes fully equipped with an internally powered preamp which gives you the richest sound quality. In particular, the pre-installed lithium battery makes it an excellent choice for most wireless systems.

This unit gives you unrestricted mobility without compromising the use of your fingers due to its hand-free capability. Given its lightweight design, you will barely notice you have this mic on as you perform your vocals.

You get a 6” flexible gooseneck, which allows you to adjust it to your perfect playing style. A patented Saddle Clip secures & comfortably clips it as you perform across the stage for live performances.

Each Myers unit features a 48” long lightweight cord which gives you the flexibility of movement and reaches. This unit features dimensions of 1.97” by 1.38” by 0.79”.


  • Lightweight in design
  • Unlimited reach
  • Durable lithium-ion battery


  • None found

6. Superlux D112C hi-impedance Microphone for harmonica

This mic gives you a hi-impedance blues performance and features ergonomically designed curves that fit perfectly in your hands on the stage.

Superlux D112C hi-impedance Microphone for harmonica Check Price on Amazon

A permanently attached 0.25” connector allows you to plug the mic directly into the guitar amplifier among other high impedance instruments.

A 6-meter shielded cable gives you a long reach as you perform on-stage. What’s more? You get a wide range of frequency response of 100-6000 Hz.

With an output impedance of 10k Ohms, this mic will suit a wide range of needs. Featuring a titanic blue finish, this mic is aesthetically appealing and gives you the confidence to give a star-studded performance.

Measuring at 63mm by 80 mm, and weighing in at merely 650 grams, the D112 is small and lightweight enough to carry around throughout your performance.


  • Warm and full sound output
  • Ergonomically designed to fit in the hand
  • Can be attached to the guitar amplifier


  • The 6 meter permanently attached cable limits your movement

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Its active preamp allows you to achieve the richest sounds that the mic can achieve. The attached volume control knob allows you to adjust the sound level to your preferred style.

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