7 Best Dynamic Microphone for Podcasting 2024

Hence, your pick can break or make your podcast. The best dynamic microphone for podcasting should be easy to use and capable of isolating the sound in front of the mic. Best Dynamic Microphone for Podcasting

Dynamic microphones are the go-to choice for podcasters because they tend to be more durable and are excellent at filtering out ambient noise.

The integration of advanced electromagnetic shielding is effective in isolating the hum of computers and other studio equipment. Read Also: Dynamic Microphone for Streaming.

Reviews: 7 Best Dynamic Microphone for Podcasting 2024

1. Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

The SM7B performs excellently in producing polished and purified voices during the podcast. Its wide frequency range makes it the ultimate choice for various professional audio applications, given its capacity to preserve the natural beauty of the captured sound.

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Some of the best-selling features of this unit include the cardioid polar pattern, the rugged construction design, which protects the microphone cartridge and wide frequency range.

Thanks to its flat frequency response, this mic enhances the high and midrange frequencies generated during podcasts. This results in quality and natural reproduction of sound, while the bass roll-off and presence boost controls accommodate different voices. The highly detailed audio profile of this mic ensures that the podcast reaches the intended audience in the same quality and clarity.

The SHURE SM7B effectively isolates mechanical noise transmission, thanks to the integration of an air suspension shock absorption pop filter. Besides, this feature filters breathiness, which ensures that your words get through as intended. What’s more?


  • Uniform sound capture
  • Highly durable
  • Highly detailed audio profile


  • None found

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2. Heil Sound PR40 Dynamic Cardioid Studio Microphone

What makes this mic one of the best picks for podcasters is its fantastic sound output, the integration of the cardioid pattern feature, and the wide frequency range.

Heil Sound PR40 Dynamic Cardioid studio microphone Check Price on Amazon

Thanks to its high-performance dynamic element, this mic offers a smooth response with a clear natural midrange. This makes it a suitable choice for talk show hosts, podcasters, and voice-overs.

As compared to other Heil PR series mics, this edition features the widest frequency range. The large size and reduced mass of the mic element coupled with the powerful nature of its magnet signature allow it to capture high outputs while offering you a wide dynamic range.

This unit’s 4 rear ports are specially designed to put off off-axis noise, allowing you to achieve a smooth cardioid pattern throughout the voice over session. In order to keep unwanted noises low, the PR40 utilizes two different web like screens while an internal filter keeps breathiness to a minimum. An internal shock mount reduce the effects of unwanted noise, which is achieved by separating the internal element from the body.


  • Rugged and durable steel body
  • Comes in three color choices
  • Professional sound output
  • Wide range of applications


  • Lacks a pop filter

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3. Rode Procaster Cardioid Dynamic Mic

This mic is specially designed for recording and broadcast applications where low distortion and wide frequency response are needed.

Rode Procaster Cardiod Dynamic Mic Check Price on Amazon

Reputed for their unparalleled studio quality in on-air applications, this is another high-performance mic from Broadcaster an award-winning company.

This brand is synonymous with the high-frequency response and high pass filter. Hence, the Rode Procaster is custom-made for voice frequency response making it an ideal choice for podcasters. Its low self-noise feature is all you need to get your message across as you originally intended.

You are guaranteed of quality voice over and broadcast performance from this edition, thanks to its integration of the internal filter. This feature helps in isolating unwanted sounds, which tend to overload the capsule and alter the audio output.

In addition to the high-quality recording capability, you will be amazed at how the Procaster is capable of handling all your vocal frequencies without hassles. The tight polar pattern and voice-tailored frequency response make this mic the perfect choice if you are looking for superior ambient noise rejection.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Award-winning mic audio performance
  • Offers professional broadcast quality


  • None found

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4. Electro-Voice RE320 Variable-D

This is the ultimate pick for audio professionals looking for sound amplification applications requiring minimal noise and improved tonal response.

Electro-Voice RE320 Variable-D Check Price on Amazon

This edition is synonymous with high sensitivity and wide frequency response, which makes it ideal for handling a range of recording applications.

The integration of a neodymium capsule element allows this unit to capture accurate sound signals from vocals, percussion instruments, and amplifier cabinets. Besides, the Variable-D patented pattern control feature reduces positional tonal changes. For a virtually noiseless performance, this edition’s internal pop filter and integrated coil are all you need.

For more convenience, this unit features a dual voicing button, which allows you to choose your preferred response curve. Hence, you are assured of unrivaled detail, a sweet natural tone and dynamic response with the purchase of the RE320.

This mic will also capture a wide range of vocals, for the best podcasting performance. Additionally, this mic offers an unmatched studio performance, thanks to its sonic signature, which makes it ideal for podcasting and voice-overs. This mic has a wide frequency range spanning 30 Hz – 18 kHz, which gives you wide versatility of application.


  • Wide range of application
  • High detailed sound output
  • It maintains the natural tone


  • Relatively pricey

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5. BP-40 Broadcast

What makes this mic an ideal choice for podcasting is its range of optimizations for voice and word capture applications. In addition, the voice coil utilized in this unit serves to reduce electromagnetic interference.

BP-40 Broadcast Check Price on Amazon

The large-diaphragm dynamic design utilized in this mic serves to increase the surface area, which enhances the overall diaphragm performance during the action. This unit gives you off-axis rejection to allow for maximum gain before the feedback loop.

This mic is popular for its stylish design, which features a rugged construction build and a waveform-inspired scheme. At the heart of the BP40 is copyrighted sound technology capable of delivering clear and precise reproduction. The optimized capsule location allows you to command vocal presence even from a distance.

The internal filter utilized in this unit features a multistage windscreen for best results in preventing voice distortion during podcasting. For advanced pop protection, the BP40 utilizes a 100Hz filter. Besides, the voice coil performs excellently in reducing electromagnetic interference.

This mic features all-round metal construction, which renders it highly dependable for repeated use in professional broadcasting environments.


  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Advanced pop protection


  • None found

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6. Telefunken M80 hand-held Super-cardioid Dynamic Mic

This mic is designed as an alternative to the midrange performance of most dynamic vocal microphones.

Telefuken M80 hand-held Super-cardioid Dynamic Mic Check Price on Amazon

The signature look of this mic gives it an old school feel, complete with an oak wood build a chrome grill construction. Its wide frequency response and a maximum output of 135db makes it a suitable choice for voice, on-stage and studio recording.

This mic utilizes a low mass capsule and ultra-thin capsule membrane, which gives you a wider dynamic range during live vocal performances. The connection between the head and the capsule is specially designed to improve on low-end clarity and counter proximity effects. As a result, this unit delivers an intimate feeling that is considered synonymous with condenser microphones.

Thanks to the super-cardioid polar pattern design, this mic gives you enhanced directionality and feedback control. With the Telefunken M80 hand-held super-cardioid dynamic mic, you don’t need batteries because it features the dynamic moving coil. No matter what this mic is plugged into, it offers consistent sound output. What’s more? The integrated custom-wound transformer effectively matches impedance, hence ensuring that you get consistent sound output throughout the podcast.


  • Clear and articulate sound reproduction
  • Wide frequency response for wider applications
  • Features a carrying bag


  • Not ideal for hands-free podcast performances

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7. Blue Yeti Podcaster Microphone

This model features a combination of software and hardware, which are especially suited for the needs of podcasters.

Blue Yeti Podcaster Microphone Check Price on Amazon

The Yeti Blue is the favorite pick for both beginners and seasoned podcasters, thanks to its combination of Yeti’s proprietary USB microphone with the Hindenburg Journalist technology.

The Blue Yeti helps bring out your natural voice thanks to its integration of an intelligent equalizer and automatic level adjustment, which brings out that much sought after radio voice. This edition utilizes the cardioid polar pattern, rendering it one of the best picks for recording a solo podcast.

For a USB microphone, this unit offers decent sound quality and captures your voice in the most natural state as possible. A dedicated button allows you to switch on the cardioid polar pattern setting hence eliminating ambient noise. Other dedicated switches are the mute button and gain control. Besides, this mic produces zero latency output.

While this mic comes with a table-top stand, you can take your experience to the next level by purchasing a shock mount or boom stand. Besides, obtaining an after-market stand can also help you improve your sound quality in different voice-over applications.


  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable to different situations
  • Stand-alone feature


  • Can only accommodate one speaker at a time

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Your podcasting environment and budget are some of the most important considerations when shopping for the best dynamic podcast mic. Also, check out these best microphone for recording vocals.

Whichever choice you go for, the best choice should be easy to set up and provide a quality sound output. Based on the featured list above, the SHURE SM7B stands out as the best performing podcast mic, given its feature-packed design.

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