7 Best Paint Brushes for Latex Paint 2024

For the best results over repeated use, you need a brush to maintain its shape and stiffness without compromising smoothness and evenness. Homeowners require ideal paints and quality paintbrushes for less hassle and reducing tediousness. 

Best Paint Brushes for Latex Paint

The best paintbrush for latex paint should be easy to clean and produce a high-quality finish for a professional-looking surface. The ultimate pick offers smooth paint release, given the water-soluble nature of latex paints. Latex Vs. Acrylic Paint

Choosing the right brush – either polyester or nylon will last for long. Latex paints will work best with polyester brushes – they’ll maintain their stiffness and shape – allowing an even and smooth surface painting. 

s: Top 7 Best Paint Brushes for Latex Paint in 2024 

1. Wooster New ultra pro firm Lindbeck Paintbrush

Since its establishment 35 years ago, the Wooster Company has distinguished itself as a distinctive brand by integrating shorter filaments that offer more coverage and improved cut-in control.

Wooster New ultra pro firm Lindbeck Paintbrush Check Price on Amazon

Despite the remarkable changes in paint configuration over the years, the Wooster brush company has continued excelling, as evidenced by this latest addition – excellent even for water-based stains. 

The Lindlbeck angled brush is constructed from the highest quality nylon/polyester blend, which guarantees constant control and color flow. The gold polyester and white nylon blends will be great, particularly for latex paints and acrylics. 

The firm filaments are ideal for users looking for a speedy and uninterrupted performance on the go. To reduce drag, the designers incorporated improved tipping on the filaments.

The balanced flex utilized in this pick guarantees you comprehensive coverage and maximum cut-in control, saving the valuable painter time. The distinctive polyester filament is one of the best-selling features of the Wooster brand.

The handle is made of maple wood, which works together with the sable polyester filaments, perfect for all medium coated latex paint jobs. Its small design is specifically suited to suit small spaces and provide extra reach.


  • Increased coverage with each dip
  • Comfortable to use
  • Highly versatile 
  • It offers excellent preferred coverage.


  • Questionable build quality

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2. Purdy 144152325 XL Glide 2.5” nylon/polyester angled paintbrush

The Purdy 2.5” XL Glide Series comes from a family of versatile brushes designed to tackle any form of paint or stain. The natural China-bristle made using hog hair will be excellent for oil-based paints. 

Purdy 144152325 XL Glide 2.5” nylon/polyester angled paintbrush Check Price on Amazon

This brush’s most distinctive feature is its copper ferrule compound, which comprises the right blend of the proprietary DuPont, Orel, and Tynex filaments. The bristles are solid, round, and elongated to tackle different kinds of paint projects.

The filaments feature medium stiffness hence offering the user a complete versatility of use from light to heavy finishes. You’ll get excellent results for latex and particularly the oil-based

This brush is ideal for all types of interior and exterior projects and can withstand different environmental conditions. The angular trim integrated into this pick makes it suitable for straight lines and angular painting. 

The wooden handle also improves user comfort and overall durability even with repeated applications. The filaments feature a hand-picked formulation that facilitates maximum paint lift while guaranteeing a ‘no drag’ application. 

The beautifully crafted wooden handle and copper finish could make for a valuable addition to your collection if you have an eye for that classic look. To apply the oil-based and latex paint, use the versatile paintbrush


  • Square edged for excellent angle painting.
  • Comfortable to use
  • Excellent value for money


  • None found

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3. King Origin 10 Piece Paint Brushes

This buy is suited for users looking for quantity, quality, and value in one package. The filaments utilized in this set feature 100% polyester construction, allowing the paint to easily flow through the brush.

King Origin 10 Piece paint brushes Check Price on Amazon

Polyester leaves a smoother finish and requires less application than standard brushes. King Origin is suitable for indoor or outdoor painting projects such as painting your metal pieces, unglazed ceramic, masonry, plaster, and wood. 

What’s more? The filaments fully absorb paint to reduce drips, but it also releases the paint excellently on pressure application. The flagged tips ensure there is no brush drag for both interior and exterior applications.

Specially designed for touch up paint, this package comes in different brushes to suit your painting projects. For every purchase of this ten pack, you get five different types of brush capable of handling other paints and stains.

This unit’s plastic handle spares you the hassle of splinters associated with wooden brushes without weighing you down during application. The King Origin brand is a trusted mark of quality that guarantees you a perfect finish devoid of brush marks.

So, can I use an oil brush with latex paint? Yes, you can use the oil brush with your latest paint provided you clean and dry it thoroughly between uses. Use water and soap for cleaning latex paints. Use turpentine, varsol, mineral spirits, and paint thinner to clean oil-based paints. 


  • Low price
  • Wide variety in one package
  • All paint application


  • Not suitable for repeated use

4. 3pc Stanley Fatmax Paint  Brush Set

The Stanley Fatmax range of paintbrushes is designed to offer a professional performance for all kinds of paints. The polyester filaments utilized in this pick are 100% tipped and round tapered for improved durability.

3pc Stanley Fatmax Paint  Brush Set Check Price on Amazon

Their smooth, chiseled elongation improves paint distribution without dragging or leaving brush marks. The Purdy will be great for the hobby or DIY renovation project, such as walls and such as ceilings

This is one of the most user-friendly picks in our featured list thanks to its ergonomically designed handles. On the other hand, the rust-resistant steel feature improves the tool’s longevity, even in the most extreme environments.

Coming in sets of three (25mm, 37mm, and 50mm), this package is ideal for covering a wide range of DIY and professional projects. The FBT filaments integrated into this pick are designed to retain stiffness when exposed to high temperatures or humid environments.

The high abrasion resistance provided by this pick attests to its rugged performance and dependable durability. The beechwood handles have limited moisture absorption features, ensuring that the brush does not contract or expand to guarantee improved longevity.


  • Excellent paint pick up and release
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Works well with all paints


  • Premium priced

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5. Presa Premium 5 Piece Brush Set

With only five years in the industry, Presa has distinguished itself from its competitors through this revolutionary five-pack of versatile brushes on a budget.

Presa Premium 5 Piece brush set Check Price on Amazon

These brushes may not be handcrafted as other premium paintbrush brands, but they offer excellent value for money. The heavy-duty nature of this set makes it ideal for professionals looking to take on different tasks. 

It features the revolutionary SRT design, the filaments utilized in this unit hold up to 30% extra paint for more comprehensive coverage without compromising on ease of cleaning after use.

With this new filament dipping process, you are guaranteed a smooth finish for indoor and outdoor projects. Besides, the filaments are smoother and softer as compared to other standard brushes.

You get excellent paint release thanks to the firm bristles integrated into this set. The minimal paint absorption feature allows the paint to wash off easily. The smooth design utilized in the handle facilitates a comfortable grip while allowing you to paint in a fluid motion in action.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Professional performance
  • Easy to use


  • None found

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6. PXPro Nylon and Polyester Brush 3 Piece

This professional brush set from PXpro comprises three units comprising a 2.5” rattail angle sash, 3” varnish, and 1.5” rattail angled sash brushes.

PXPro Nylon and Polyester Brush 3 piece Check Price on Amazon

This set is made with the highest quality standards in mind. The best-selling features are the smoothly sanded wooden handle, long nylon and polyester filaments, and the stainless steel finish.

This line of brushes is handcrafted to provide an uncompromised performance for both latex and oil-based applications. The integration of premium filaments allows for a smoother application, improved paint pick up, and release with every stroke.

The PXpro 3 piece set also covers a larger area without leaving behind brush marks if you are looking for a highly precise application. 

The handle comprises an epoxy sanded wooden handle, which improves your handling while adding to the tool’s longevity. The brush has a self-flagging tip that offers long-lasting brush life and great stiffness retention. 

The premium build design of this set can withstand rough surfaces and a wide range of applications. For best results over prolonged use, clean carefully before storing.


  • Dual application
  • Wide and precise application
  • Value priced


  • None found

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7. Kilz Collection Master Handcrafted Nylon-Polyester 2.5” flat brush

This brush is specially constructed using a blend of nylon and polyester filaments to guarantee your dependable flexibility and durability.

Best Paint Brushes for Latex Paint Check Price on Amazon

This product is easy to clean using only soap and water, making it the ideal pick for covering larger areas requiring water-based paints over repeated use. In addition to its value-based price, this 2.5” brush is ideal for all types of printing applications.

This flat-based unit measures 0.5” by 9.8” by 2.5”, making it ideal for a wide range of projects. This brand has won the trust of professionals and DIYers alike for over four decades of unrivaled performance.

This KILZ specially handcrafted brush features a blend of polyester-nylon and a metal ferrule, allowing it to tackle a wide range of paints and stains. For best results, use an angled sash brush to paint edges, straight lines, and sharp corners.

Based on user recommendations, it is imperative to clean the brush immediately after applying soap and water to prolong its life. Additionally, the manufacturer recommends storing the brush suspended in its original package to maintain its shape.


  • All-purpose
  • Excellent paint release
  • Tradition of quality


  • Questionable durability


The most important buying considerations for a latex paint brush are type of application (line/edge/wide application), budget, durability and filaments.

Nylon and polyester filaments are preferred for latex-based paints due to their application quality and ease of washing off.

Based on our featured list, the Wooster New Ultra Pro Firm Lindbeck paintbrush stands out because it utilizes shorter filaments that offer more coverage and improved cut-in control.

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