7 Best Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets 2024

With any of the best chalk paint for kitchen cabinets and the right tool, you can quickly revive the beauty of the kitchen cabinets by painting them. Best Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Luckily, chalk paints are thick but will also dry quickly, and thus you can add another coating immediately.

I noted that one could adequately cover all the flaws or holes like oak grains using about three coats – but you may require to sand lightly using some 600 grit dry or wet sandpaper.

s: 7 Best Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets 2024

Unlike the oil-based and latex paint, chalk paint may require limited furniture and ends up giving the furniture items vintage or rustic appearance.

1. Rust-Oleum 285144 Ultra-Matte Chalk Paint for Indoors

Rust-Oleum 285144 will give your kitchen cabinets a sheen finish with low VOC and limited odour. It offers 150+ square-feet coverage on canvas, glass, ceramic, metal, and wood for some vintage look.

Rust-Oleum 285144 Ultra-Matte Chalk Paint for Indoors Check Price on Amazon

Rust-Oleum 285144 is approved for just interior use, and you’ll simply need to clean up the surfaces of your kitchen cabinets using water and soap.

The latex and low-odour paint are natural to clean with just water and soap. The 1-coat coverage will also be quick-drying bein today for touching in only 0.5 hours.

So, if you’re considering furniture and interior painting, you can choose from colours ranges with your chalk paint with cabinets paint sprayers.

Rust-Oleum 285144 requires minimal preparation and has an easy and quick application process to give a smooth and ultra-matte velvety surface finish.

The chalk paint is also an automotive component-approved for excellent ‘Transformations’. With a single coat, you’ll get 150 feet+ surface coverage.

The paints will come out like a deeper matte compared to what you get with Annie Sloan or Renaissance – and it’s the suitable spray can.

Rust-Oleum 285144 offers great coverage plus its a thin-consistency chalk paint that’ll be suitable for your kitchen cabinets leading to saying in effort and time needed.

Finally, this paint is quick-drying plus odour-free, and thus it’ll be great for your kitchen with a deep-matte finish at some relatively low budget price and excellent coverage.


  • Thin consistency but excellent coverage for the chalk paint
  • Budget-friendly model
  • The latex cabinet paint is suitable for most furniture and other material like ceramic.
  • Rust-Oleum 285144 has some thin consistency, and thus you can utilize a spray gun with excellent coverage.
  • Great for noob and profesioanl DIYers
  • Excellent surface adherence plus quick-drying to give some soft-matte finish


  • Requires surface priming

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2. Spruce BestHome from KILZ 14604 Chalk Cabinet Paint

Spruce Best-home offers excellent colour Selection as top chalk paint for kitchen cabinets. Also, the dusty blue paint will refurbish your tables, old dresser, upcycling furniture, or dining room chairs.

Best Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets Check Price on Amazon

Spruce Best-home is suitable for painting wicker, metal, glass, concrete, cast stone, and wood. It produces an antique outlook that’s also very durable after drying.

Spruce Best-home has a concentrated formula that’ll easily over the surfaces (only one coat) to give the cabinets some beautiful finish. However, you may thin the paint using water.

For example, I found the brand’s “warm linen” shade that pretty being more yellow-toned but with a shape of white tone. It’s great for painting the old table, kitchen hutch, and dressers.

However, it might require some thin primer and will give the cabinets a good cover if you apply a second coat. But you may still need to spot-treat any areas for better paint coverage.

Spruce Best-home will make the texture of your kitchen cannet’s wood beautiful and shiny mainly if you use some fine-grit sandpaper for a weathered and rustic finish.

The beautiful cabinet paint holds up for long even on camper cabinets producing a wax topcoat that’s adequately clear and clean.

Excellent chalk paint even for refurbishing the finish of your large mirror either in the bedroom or in your dining room. The chalk paint will also get a perfect ‘pop’ on your hallway doors.


  • On the colour range, these paints for your kitchen cabinets come in deep blues and anything towards soft neutrals.
  • Every quart will cover about 60 sq. Ft. to 100 sq. Ft. of your kitchen cabinets.
  • It’s also quick-drying since you can recoat within 2 hours while it’ll be dry to touch within only 1 hour.
  • However, you can get a smooth feel and protect the paint using the Clear Sealing Wax.


  • None


3. Retique Furniture Chalk Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinet Paint

Retique Furniture Paint also offers great coverage in 1-2 coatings and required no proming or sanding for application. Its a less known chalk paint, but has a range of 40 colors with good coverage.

Retique Furniture Chalk Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinet Paint View Price on Amazon

This model is a little thicker with great adherence and hence needs no priming or sanding. You’ll have a smooth and chalky coating to get a finish considered as shabby-chic.

Retique Furniture Paint is made by a company offering an extensive colour palette for the cabinet chalk paints. Retique Furniture Paint has ultra-low VOC with excellent finish quality.

However, this paint model won’t work well with your spray gun but will be applied with a brush or roller (particularly for textured walls), and you may dilute to avoid clumping.

Besides, due to having some thick consistency, Retique Furniture Paint will cover less surface compared to other best chalk paints for kitchen cabinets and various furniture.

With just some simple standing, this paint model will produce an excellent finish, something I would consider silky smooth. The cabinets, despite being wear-prone, will thus need less maintenance.

You’ll love that Retique Furniture Paint is budget-friendly, has ultra-low VOC, and comes in an excellent color palette with great paint quality.


  • Great surface adherence with limited priming
  • Has ultra-kiw paint VOC
  • Comes in a variety of can or container sizes
  • Offers broad level of color palette

  • Limited coverage due to thickness.

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4. FolkArt Furniture Decor Chalk Craft and Furniture Paint

FolkArt Furniture Decor produced by Arts & Crafts is a wonderful chalk paint that’ll amazizingly pimp your kitchen cabinets. The paint is top on the quality chart for an excellent finish.

FolkArt Furniture Decor Chalk Craft and Furniture Paint Check Price on Amazon

FolkArt Furniture Decor comes in a smaller bottle but it’s also budget-friendly and an elaborate color palette (42 colors) with excellent quality.

The chalk paint is relatively thick (more drying time) creating some excellent deep-matte finish and requiring no priming and it’s thus comparable to the Rustoleum model.

Due to the larger thickness, the FolkArt Furniture Decor will thus take some longer drying time. Therefore,m the second coating might require waiting before getting to it.

FolkArt is loved by homeowners or DIYers who like their chalk paint coming in small cans. Luckily, the small size will be implemented by the high quality of this great paint brand.


  • Great adherence due to its comparatively thick nature
  • Offers non-toxic finish – its also deep matte
  • Excellent color palette – about 42 colors m
  • Great price for the excellent quality
  • The containers or cans are small-sized and hence awesome for small furniture


  • Lower coverage – about 20 sq. feet per can
  • Longer time of cabinet paint drying

5. KILZ 00003904 Indoor Chalk & Decorative Paint

KILZ 00003904 Indoor is the ultra-matte kind of finish paint that’s considered a Decorative model that’s suitable for interior paijing like kcthen cabinets or upcycling furniture.

KILZ 00003904 Indoor Chalk & Decorative Paint Check Price on Amazon

KILZ 00003904 require limited preparation before applying this chalk paint. It offers coverage but also thick it’ll easily while incorporating character yto your cabinet surfaces.

To clean, simply use regular water plus soap to wipe off the dirt just like it’s also simple to apply the fantastic paint on various surfaces including metal, concrete, cast stone, and wood.

The ultra-flat KILZ 00003904 chalk paint is described as decorative and is recommended for your small DIY painting that requires small paint quantities.

You can choose from a variety of chalk paint colours available including Red Flare, Authentic Navy, Basic Teal, Swedish Blue, Toasted Poppyseed, or Smokey Eyes e.t.c.

You can seal the surface using KILZ Wax after the chalk paint dries up – use a clean rag or brush. This will give the painted surface a beautiful and inviting vintage outlook.

You can refresh the look of your kitchen cabinets or other furniture. After waxing the surface, you may sand (using a 200- to 220-grit sandpaper) the item’s edges to achieve the rustic outlook.

You can use this chalk paint on various items like mason jars, wicker baskets, clay pots, mirror frames, and paint pictures. Use water to thin the chalk paint to achieve the required consistency.


  • KILZ 00003904 has a thick consistency and cover large surface area (100 sq. ft. for each quart).
  • As noted earlier, the chalk paint won’t require priming both on metal, concrete, cast stone, and wood.
  • It’ll give the ultra-matte finish on your kitchen cabinets and other furniture pieces.
  • There’s also colour variety including platinum ring, International grey, Chalk grey, and Cameo Coral.


  • None

Considerations in Best Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

1. Drying Time and Finish

Many models of the chalk paints will dry quickly. However, for pattern and different complicated painting, chalk paint might not be helpful compared to acrylic wet paints.

Homeowners and DIYers equally must get some quick-drying time depending on the current kitchen cabinet project. So, check the paint’s drying time on the label instructions.

On the surface finish, remember that the chalk paint will give you a matte look after drying – may be reliable and smooth. So, what will vary is the colour and thus choose from the colour palette available.

2. Surface Coverage an Eco-friendly?

So, next, consider the coverage per supposed price. The chalk paint must give you an excellent cost per coverage. The model must also be high-quality concerning the coverage.

Further, you must be environmentally conscious by checking of the chalk paint is eco-friendly. For example, check if the paint has ultra-low VOC and this must be outlined on the label instructions.

3. Chalk Paint Consistency

The paint’s consistency will affect how smooth the cabinets will be and how easy or difficult the product will be to apply for an excellent matte finish.

It’s possible to use stencils and patterns among different paint techniques for decoration for various to allow the project to have an excellent finish at the end of the restoration.

4. Adhesive Qualities

For renovating your kitchen cabinets, you’ll require to first clean, risen, and dry the surfaces before starting the spray painting process – some may require priming or sanding.

So, check the adhesive features of the chalk paint that’ll quickly revive the beauty on your cabinets. So, ensure that the paint will bond or adhere to the required materials.

Therefore, ensure excellent adhesion to that you as the DIYer or homeowner won’t struggle while undertaking the cabinet painting project.

Competing Brands for Furniture Chalk Paint?

1. Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum is a top brand when it comes to the manufacture of chalk paints. Notably, their paints are high quality but tend to take a longer time to dry.

As a guideline, the Rust-Oleum paint models require roughly 15-30 minutes to dry. But the company doesn’t;t have a variety of colours in their palette – but defined its possible to mix & match the paints.

Luckily, these Rust-Oleum chalk paints can be applied to various materials, including canvas, wood, ceramic, and metal. Therefore,m you can easily create that beautiful look on your kitchen cabinets.

2. Rennaisance

Rennaisance also manufactures considerably quality chalk paints suitable for your furniture and kitchen cabinets. Equally, their products in this class are budget-friendly with different sizes.

Unlike with the Rust-Oleum models, the Rennaisance paints have variety in their colour pallet. Get 1 or 2 coats of the Rennaisancepaint to achieve that excellent look with no priming or sanding.

Rennaisance paints will also provide that matte finish that’s also silky smooth besides also having a vintage outlook that you’ll love on your furniture.

3. Annie Sloan

Finally, the Annie Sloan company is also a swimmer for the chalk paints. Its a relatively older brand in this category that came around during the raise of the chalk paints.

So, Annie Sloan is a famous brand with better priced per coverage (150sq ft for each quart) and fast-drying after application on various surfaces including wooden kitchen cabinets.


On the best chalk paint for kitchen cabinets, the above models will give your furniture an excellent finish.

You might also need to check the silhouette, doors hinges and give them some Polycrylic or polyurethane coating.

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