7 Best Gold Paint for Wood in 2024

If you are looking forward to painting or turning your furniture into a golden decorative surface, the options are available for you. However, you need to carefully go through the best gold paint for wood in order for you to identify the best for your furniture and other surfaces. Best Gold Paint for Wood

I have carefully gone through these paints and stains available and summarized the top qualities that I hope this is what you are looking for to give your wood that fantastic look.

Below is a summarized list to guide you into making the best choice. See Also: staining pressure-treated wood

s: Top 7 Best Gold Paint for Wood in 2024

1. Jacquard Products 442392 Acrylic Paint, True Gold

Jacquard Metallic is an acrylic paint designed with a light metallic body touch.  Unlike other paints this paint other miracles to give bright applications to dark backgrounds even with peeling paint

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It is easy with an easy-to-use formula and possesses great coverage especially when applied with a brush equally, you can stencil this paint, airbrush, or screen-print it on wood, fabrics, or paper or woods to give a brilliant golden finish.

Apart from being water-based, this paints a dry and cleanable feature that remains soft and flexible on the surface like an outdoor wood deck

The advantage of this paint is that it also comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from and get your desired touch.

If you are looking for paint with great consistency, then this paint is the right one for you especially if you are doing detailed work that needs precision and the use of a small brush.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy application
  • Easy to clean-up
  • Affordable
  • Made in the USA


  • It is not alcohol ink

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2. Design Master 731 Gold Metallic Paint

Design master is truly a master of paints when it comes to getting that true golden color that you desire for your surface. It is multipurpose and can be used on many surfaces like metal, wood, ceramics, plastics, and masonry among others.

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With this paint, you will achieve a translucent finish and also a satin finish giving you a variety on your surfaces. Apart from that, the finish gives your surface a decorative and fantastic color.

Its quick-drying technique is indeed amazing and saves you time in case of any other job you may want to accomplish.  If you are a beginner, your interest is covered with the easy to use a formula that is designed in this paint.

Indeed, buying this paint is big because it not only gets you an elegant finish but also gives you value for your money – painting vs staining deck.


  • It is affordable
  • Easy application
  • Multipurpose
  • Quick-drying
  • Perfect color


  • Its durability is questionable

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3. Plaid, Classic Gold 6110 Paint, 1 Pack

Plaid leafing paint is one of its kind when it comes to giving you an excellent and durable finish. It is designed to give an amazing look to your furniture, glass, metals, plastic, and ceramics among others.

Plaid, Classic Gold 6110 Paint, 1 Pack Check Price on Amazon

If you are into DIY projects, you will definitely like it when you get that golden metallic sparkle on your surface – after uisng the sander for the deck.

It is easy to apply with a brush but is difficult to clean-up the brush after application. However, caution must be taken to avoid any drips or splashes on your skin because of its difficulty in coming out and also irritates the skin and eyes.

The paint is fast in drying and helps you save time to do other projects that you may intend to do. As a beginner, this paint does well on indoor surfaces that are not exposed to extreme weather conditions.


  • Quick-drying
  • Can be applied on multiple surfaces
  • Easy application
  • Leafy golden finish


  • Irritating to skin and eyes
  • Difficult to clean up

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4. Rust-Oleum, 253537 Metallic Accents Gold Paint

If you are looking forward to giving your wood a decorative golden accent, Rust-Oleum is here to give that elegance and touch you need.

Rust-Oleum, 253537 Metallic Accents Gold Paint Check Price on Amazon

For any of your projects, this water-based paint is multi-purpose and can be used on furniture, trims, walls, and many other surfaces. The metallic accent from this paint gives your interior and exterior surfaces a decorative and brilliant finish.

Before application, you will need a proper surface cleaning indoor to achieve an easy application and get a smooth durable surface. The good thing about this paint is that it comes with a single-step application and you will not need to do thinning to achieve a fine texture.

Besides, the paint is designed with a low odor and a fast-drying feature. Within 30 minutes, the surface is already dry to touch and ready for a second coat if need be. In case you have splashes or drips it is very easy to clean it up with soap and water.



  • It’s expensive

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5. Shabby Chic, Furniture Chalk Paint, Antique Gold

Shabby Chic Furniture Paint is a premium chalk-based paint that is multi-purpose and can be applied on multiple surfaces. Such surfaces include metals, stones, plastics, ceramics, art and crafts, and furniture among others.

Shabby Chic, Furniture Chalk Paint, Antique Gold Check Price on Amazon

Unlike most paints, this water-based chalk paint is harmless and environmentally friendly, and safe to use before children or in their crib. It is equally safe for use both outdoors and indoors without any limitations.

As a professional or beginner, you will love how this paint saves you time since you do not need a primer before its application. However, it takes some time to dry and can take up to an hour to dry and touch, and just in case you may need to do a recoat.

It comes in a variety of 37 colors and you can apply the color of your choice including golden touch among others. The coverage of this paint is dependent on the surface and the method of application but with all factors constant, a 250ml can cover up to 100 square ft.


  • It is multi-purpose
  • Comes in a variety of many colors
  • Safe for use even before children
  • It is chalk-based paint
  • Good for use both outdoors and indoors on cabinets


  • Expensive

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6. Krylon-K15151002 ColorMaster Paint & Primer, Metallic

Krylon is one of the most highly spray paint on the market and comes in multiple colors to choose from. This paint does exceptionally well on indoor furniture and other surfaces even with its easy application formula; spraying.

Krylon-K15151002 ColorMaster Paint & Primer, Metallic Check Price on Amazon

Krylon act both as a primer and a paint and saves you time and money since you do not need to buy them separately. Consequently, you do not need to do priming for the same surface before application.

The fast-drying feature in this paint is just amazing and within 15 minutes the surface is dry to touch therefore saving you time to do other things. Just in case you need to apply another coat, the surface is ready for such.

The multi-use feature on this paint allows usage on furniture, doors, cabinets, and other surfaces indoors.

However, this paint has an odor and produces fumes when applying and necessary caution must be taken to avoid harm to the vulnerable.


  • Fast drying
  • Has a variety of colors
  • For indoor use only
  • Easy application


  • Has fumes and odor

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7. Modern Masters, ME701-06 Metallic Rich Gold Paint

Modern Masters Paint manufacturing company has been on the lead to manufacturing quality paints since the 1970s and their brands have been uncompromised taking the lead. This particular paint has been being water-based formulated with low levels of odor and VOCs that are acceptable in California.

Modern Masters, ME701-06 Metallic Rich Gold Paint Check Price on Amazon

If you intend to do the indoor application, then this is the paint to go for. You can use it on surfaces like metals, wood, walls, and many more. This paint is designed with pure metal particles, to give you a durable surface that can last for ages with fading or abrasion.

You can get this paint in 3 classy levels that include sheer, translucent, and opaque with each color having different application formulas and different features. For instance, opaque does well in hiding imperfections with a maximum of 2 coats required while translucent also hides flaws but you need at least 3 coats.

You can be able to save time this paint fast drying time taking about 30 minutes to be ready to touch and apply a second coat – with mineral spirits removing paint


  • Low levels of odor and VOCs
  • Suitable for indoor application
  • Durable finish
  • Fast drying
  • Multi-purpose use


  • Requires more than one coat

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With a conclusive summary of the best Gold paint for wood, it is definite that some are better than others but this does not limit you to go for your choice.

Top on my recommendations is Jacquard Products 442392 Acrylic Paint, True Gold, which gives you nothing less than what you ask for.

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