7 Best Stain for Red Oak Floors in 2024

Red Oak is considered one of the best solid wood to use on your floor to give it a durable and natural look. With this consideration, you may need to get the best stain for your red oak floor to give it natural beauty and keep it strong for ages.

Best Stain for Red Oak Floors

These stains are found in many forms, from water-based, oil-based to chalked ones, and you may need a little guide to help you make the right choice for your floor. A great deck stain offers your red oak an amazing natural color. 

Considering the characteristics of red oak floors, this article will outline all the top-quality stains that will give natural beauty, durability, and getting back value for your money. 

s: Top 7 Best Stain for Red Oak Floors in 2024

1. DEFY-Extreme Wood Clear Stain – Great for Playsets, Fences, and Wood decks

Defy is a water-based stain that is crystal clear and environmentally friendly. It is designed to prevent graying due to the sun’s UV effects without changing the natural wooden surface’s natural look.

DEFY-Extreme Wood Clear Stain Check Price on Amazon

The zinc nano-particle design provides your wood with sunscreen protection as they damage the UV rays, preventing color loss and premature greying. The Red Oak flooring will be both durable and natural – with suitable deck sealer and stain

Therefore, it is good to use your red oak, decks, fences, furniture, floors, and outdoor patios. Additionally, DEFY has high-quality resins that causing the darkening of the wooden surface and resist fading.

With DEFY, you do not need to sand or prime the surface; apply defy wood brightener before you apply a single coat of defying extreme wood stain to give you a fine and natural finish.

Despite the harsh weather conditions, you can still apply DEFY without worry as it will guarantee you quality and longevity of the wood surface.


  • Environmental friendly
  • UV light resistant
  • Deep penetrating
  • Durable
  • No sanding or priming
  • Easy to wash the surface
  • Made in the USA


  • None found

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2. General Finishes Gel Oil-Base Stain – Flat Out Flat and Gel Topcoat

If your wooden floor or your cabinet is worn out and you feel the need to replace it, maybe you should consider using General Finishes oil-based gel before doing the replacement.

Best Stain for Red Oak Floors Check Price on Amazon

The gel is known for its ability to refurbish the floor, giving them a whole new look – this pre-stain conditioner is suitable for species of blotch-prone wood like cherry wood and springwood.

Despite it being an oil-based gel, it does exemplary work on your red oak and other hardwoods such a pine stain and aspen giving them a glossy look that is easy to clean. 

To give you a smooth, natural finish, the oil-base heavy-bodied design allows it to penetrate the wood surface evenly and does not have a drip-effect as you apply it on your surface.

Applying this Oil-based gel just got easier and fast since this stain does not need sanding before application, and you will still achieve a smooth finish.

You will not have to get worried over the variety of colors since general finishes come in multiple choices that are equally affordable without compromising on your desired quality.


  • Can be applied even on other hardwood
  • Does not need sanding
  • Oil-based stain
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • None found

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3. Minwax-63483000 Stain Wood Finish Marker – Fast drying and Easy touch-up

Finding an excellent stain is not an easy thing, and you have finally gotten the best stain you have been looking for in your red oak. Minmax-63483000 is the most rated and the most looked after stain for the red oak.

Minwax-63483000 Stain Wood Finish Marker Check Price on Amazon

This stain will provide you with deep cover for your stains, nicks, and scratches for your wooden surface. Though it is not suitable for big projects, it perfectly works small surfaces like doors, cabinets, moldings, dark floors, and touch-up furniture.

With this, you are assured of great quality and come in various colors to choose from according to your wood surface. It’ll also protect your playsets and swingsets from rain, dangerous snow, high humidity, hail, and harsh winds. 

Apart from adding great decorative value to your wood, the stain is fast drying, and you will be surprised at how quick and fast you can apply it on your surface.

Apart from staining, the marker can also be used to prepare, maintain, repair, and clean wooden surfaces.


  • Great quality
  • Deep cover
  • Suitable for small surfaces
  • Good for light scratches
  • It is fast and quick


  • Not suitable for deep scratches
  • Can not be used on big wooden surfaces

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4. Rust-Oleum 211723H, Oil-Base Stain

Rust-Oleum is uniquely designed with soya oil-based stain that you can use on your furniture, doors, floors, trims, and paneling, giving a deep penetration on your surfaces.

Rust-Oleum 211723H, Oil-Base Stain Check Price on Amazon

This color’s translucent feature brings out the wood surface’s natural grain details, giving you more rich and natural color on your surfaces.

In case you were looking for a stain that saves you time, Rust Oleam is a fast-drying stain that takes 1-2 hours to dry up and, therefore, re-entry after the paintwork.

You may need to apply two coats after a maximum of 8 hours to achieve a finely naturally finished product.

Luckily Varathane has penetration 2 times deeper than similar brands due to its unique soya oil base and anti-dripping technique to give you an evenly furnished surface with one can covering up to 150 square ft.

However, this stain is limited to the red oak, giving you an easy to clean, durable surface.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • translucent on the surface
  • Retains natural grains
  • Fast-drying.


  • Not good for exterior jobs

5. Minwax-70040444 Wood Penetrating Finish Stain

Minwax-70040444 is an excellent wood stain made by Minwax Company in the USA known over the years in wood tones.

Minwax-70040444 Wood Penetrating Finish Stain Check Price on Amazon

In case you are looking for a perfect oil-based wood stain for your red oak, cabinets, doors, furniture, or trim, this makes an ideal stain for you.

Built with a deep penetrating effect, you can use it to get high-quality coverage on hardwood floors and moldings. However, this is possible in case you are applying the stain on indoor furniture.

Minwax-70040444 gives you a variety of 28 colors to choose from for your wooden floor. Though this stain cannot protect your wood against UV light and harsh weather, it equally serves as a highlighter for your wood surface and can be best used indoors.

In case you need a long-lasting stain, Minwax deep penetrating effect ensures it seals the surfaces and gives them a long-lasting effect.


  • Durable
  • Translucent
  • Available in 28 various colors
  • For interior use
  • Made in the USA


  • Cannot be used on exterior surfaces

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6. Minwax-70009444 Wood Penetrating Finish Stain

Minwax-70009444 is an innovative oil-based stain designed with multiple colors highlighting the natural grain in your wood surface.

Minwax-70009444 Wood Penetrating Finish Stain Check Price on Amazon

It penetrates deep in the wood, causing a staining effect on your cabinets, molding, unfinished wood, and hardwood like the red oak.

Made in 28 different colors, you can have a variety to choose from depending on your taste. You can achieve a fine finish in a single coat, which is fast drying taking up to 2 hours to dry, making it possible to achieve your stain in a day.

Apart from the natural beauty you achieve on stripped or bare wood surfaces, MinWax causes resistance on lapping for even colors and making suitable for interior surfaces.

You can use MinWax to protect, maintain, prepare, clean, and repair your surfaces, leaving beautiful, easy to clean wooden surfaces.


  • Long-lasting
  • Variety of 28 colors
  • Fast to dry
  • Apply a single coat.
  • Used on all kinds of wood surfaces


  • None found

7. Varathane-224459H Premium Stain

Varathane-224459H is just the favorite kind of premium gel that will give an easy time when applying on the vertical surfaces due to its thick consistency, which prevents running, lap-marking dripping, and grain rising on your wood surface.

Varathane-224459H Premium Stain Check Price on Amazon

You can apply it on the wooden vertical surfaces like doors, furniture, and window trims, giving them a natural look. This Varathane dry wood stain makes the red-oak floor to get that rich color with great coverage. 

In case you need a stain that will save you money, Varathane-224459H gives you outstanding coverage, which is twice the coverage given by traditional stains – excellent for your wooden projects.

Additionally, this stain gives you a rich color for the red oak floor and other wooden furniture. It dries to touch in 1 hour and ready for second coating in 8 hours with one can covering 250 square ft.

If you love the natural beauty of your red oak, Varathane-224459H retains the natural grains and provides a deep color with a long-lasting effect on your wooden surface.


  • Wider coverage
  • Durable
  • Suitable for vertical surfaces
  • Thick consistency
  • Deep penetrating
  • Non-dripping effect


  • None found

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Having the above article outlining the best stain for red oak floors, you now know the kind of stain you want. However, a further recommendation is given below to help you make a better choice on a great exterior wood stain.   

  • I highly recommend General Finishes Gel Oil-Base Stain for the best oil-based gel stain because of its great features and high ratings.  It can also be used on other woods other than red oak and gives an excellent finish.
  • For the best interior wood stain Minwax-63483000, Stain Wood Finish Marker makes an excellent choice. Despite being designed for interior and small surfaces, this stain also repairs light scratches on wooden surfaces and is durable.

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