7 Best Paint Brushes for Walls in 2024

Painting your walls with a brush requires a bush of good quality bristles, good handle, which saves you time and gives you value for your money. In this article, you’ll learn the high-quality paintbrushes for either professional or DIY painters. Best Paint Brushes for Walls


As a DIY or a professional painter, the paintwork is not just painting without a good quality paintbrush. The best paintbrush for walls, concrete, furniture absorbs more paint and applies it more evenly, giving you a smooth and subtle finish. 

We have gone through the bristle quality, handle type, size, and shape to give you the most conclusive information on a paintbrush’s best choice for walls. You may consider going through the article below one-by-one.

s: Top 7 Best Paint Brushes for Walls in 2024

1. Purdy-144400340 Swan Paint Brush-XL Series, 4 inch

Purdy-144400340 is yet another great product from Purdy Brush Company from the USA. The brush blends polyester and nylon bristles to give a stiff and absorbent paintbrush.

Best Paint Brushes for Walls Check Price on Amazon

This brush is the most suitable for oil-based paints, primers, stains, and latex paints for outdoor and indoor painting jobs. The brush is designed with a flagging and tipping mechanism to give excellent and smooth paint coverage. 

The copper ferrule firmly holds the bristles together while still avoiding the handle from cracking after numerous paint jobs.

It is also designed with a square-edged shape to give the natural wood to handle a fine finish – thanks to the great paintbrushes.  

Many professionals and homeowners have considered this multi-purpose brush with a beaver-tail style to finish painting like walls, trim, and ceilings.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Copper-coated ferrule
  • Smooth bristles
  • Durable
  • Can be reused
  • Beaver-tail designed handle
  • Used on all kinds of paints and stains


  • Expensive


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2. Wooster-Q3211-2 Angle Sash Paint Brush

Wooster-Q3211-2 is a unique brush designed to give you quality results with smooth finishing. It was first manufactured by Wooster brush Company in 1991 and has continually competed with other brushes.

Wooster-Q3211-2 Angle Sash Paint Brush Check Price on Amazon

The handle is designed for plastic and giving it a soft touch and flexibility and safer over other wooden brushes. The bristles provide the brush a smooth coverage on acrylic paints, water-based stains, and latex paints

The bristles blend both nylon and polyester, making the brush stiffness and making it a good absorbent of the paint without the dripping effect. 

The ferrule is brass-plated for the bristles’ firmness and giving the brush a long-lasting effect – during your heavy-duty paint spraying

The bristles are also soft and firm that can last even after multiple painting jobs. The brush handle is designed with plastic material and is short gives the painter precise control and comfort while doing the paintwork. 

The Wooster-Q3211-2 brush will offer a smooth and professional outlook with no leftover brush marks or uneven paint streaks – you’ll also find it simple to reuse and clean. 


  • Durable
  • Nylon and polyester bristles
  • Suitable for all kinds of paints
  • Gives a smooth finish
  • Easy to wash
  • Made in the US


  • Too short handle


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3. Pro-Grade -4 set Paint Brushes

Pro-Grade is a set of four brushes angular-designed brushes for painting walled surfaces. The brushes are made with synthetic bristles designed to absorb a lot of paint and smooth finish without leaving marks behind – even for beginning painters.

Pro-Grade -4 set Paint Brushes Check Price on Amazon

The brushes come in a set of 11/2” angle brush, 1” flat brush, 2 ½ inches, and two stubby brush and are best suited for stains, latex paints, and other liquids.

Pro-Grade can be used for both interior and exterior jobs. Professional painters prefer the pro-grade for Jobson cabinets, doors, walls, decks, art & crafts.

The brushes come packaged with a cardboard cover for storage after use for durability. The brushes have well-designed handles that allow long hours of painting without getting hand-fatigue. 

The brushes perform the multiple paintworks, including trim, and therefore no need to acquire another set of the brush. They can be used by both professionals and even beginners at the paintwork. 

They also have ferrule designed with stainless steel and firmly hold the bristles together and avoid cracking the handles. The brush will also effectively handle any of your heavy metal paints) with its 30 percent paint-holding capacity.


  • Long-lasting
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Good quality bristles
  • Wooden handle
  • Useable on all kinds of paints
  • Angle and flat shaped brushes


  • Bristles shed more often.

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4. Purdy-144080515 Sash Paint Brush-XL

Purdy 14408515 is a high-quality brush designed with a blend of Orel polyester and DuPont Chinex bristles. The polyester bristles allow the bristles to be stiff enough, while the Chinex bristles allow the brush to self-frag while doing the painting job.

Purdy-144080515 Sash Paint Brush-XL Check Price on Amazon

You can use Purdy 144080515 to paint all types of paints that include oil-based paint, stains, and primers. This combination gives you a smooth paint application with scratch- resistance and a faster cleaning surface.

Therefore, I recommend using Purdy 14408515 on all kinds of paints, including low VOC paints, high solid, and heavy body latex coats.

Purdy 14408515 is best suited for cutting in walls & trim due to its hand-chiseled handle that is long and natural to give a firm grip when doing the work.

Additionally, the square-edged ferrule has been designed with a stainless steel metal to brush a long-lasting feature and firmly hold the handle together.


  • Durable
  • Used on all kinds of paints
  • Stainless-steel ferrule
  • Natural wooden handle
  • Nylon and polyester bristles
  • Bristles are easy to clean


  • None found

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5. Presa-Premium 5 Piece-set Paint Brushes

Presa premium is packaged in a pack of 5 brush from the Presa Brush Company. You can get Presa brush in a set of 4 inches, 2 ½ inches, 2 inches, 1 ½ inch, and 1 inch at a very affordable price.

Presa-Premium 5 Piece-set Paint Brushes Check Price on Amazon

The premium paint brushes are designed with SRT bristles known to hold paint 30% more than the normal brushes. The bristles are good for all kinds of paints, which include oil-based paint, stains.

The brush is known to give a smooth and precise painting that is and scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The brush can also be cleaned and reused on other paint jobs.

The brush makes an excellent choice for professional painters with a handle designed with wood and a stainless steel ferrule. The ferrule firmly holds the bristles together and, at the same time, avoids the handle from cracking, making it long-lasting. 

Additionally, the brush is highly recommended for heavy and professional painting, including ceilings and interior walls, and fences.


  • SRT bristles
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean bristles
  • Absorbent bristles up to 30 % more than normal bristles
  • Recommended for professional
  • Good on all types of paints


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6. Hiltex-00308 5-Piece Paint Brush

Hiltex-00308 is a set of 5 brushes designed with polyester bristles feathered at the tip and designed with extra holding capacity for paints. You can find the brushes in 3 inch, 21/2 inch, 2 inches, 11/2 inch, and 1 inch, respectively.

Hiltex-00308 5-Piece Paint Brush Check Price on Amazon

The brushes set is designed to do multiple painting jobs and comes with a good price tag.

You can use this brushed on any paint, oil-based, water-based, or stains, and their variant sizes and shape make them suitable for any painting since they can reach any surface.

Hiltex-00308 is known to shed bristles after multiple uses, including painting the furniture and reused several times, giving you value for your money.

All the Hiltex-00308 are designed with wooden ergonomically shaped handles and are long to give you the user a comfortable grip at any angle when working.

The ferrule is made with stainless steel cutting between the bristles and handles to avoid cracking when in use. This ensures the brushes can be reused after cleaning and storing them.


  • Affordable
  • Used on all kinds of paints
  • Bristles soak a lot of paint.
  • Come in the asset of 5


  • Bristles wear off quickly.

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7. Purdy-144116030 Angular-3 inch Trim Paint Brush

Purdy-144116030 is a designed angular-sash and trim brush built with a round-edged from Purdy Brush Company in the USA.

Purdy-144116030 Angular-3 inch Trim Paint Brush Check Price on Amazon

It is designed with quality and black china bristles capable of holding more paint than any other bristles and gives even coverage.

These bristles are most suitable for oil-based paint, enamels, and varnish, giving a smooth and quality finish on woodwork, walls, excellent painting for ceilings, concrete, and cabinets. The bristles guarantee you maximum durability with minimum wear and tears and can be reused after cleaning. 

The flat and natural handle guarantees your comfort as a professional painter or a DIY painter as you engage in your paintwork.

The stainless steel ferrule is designed to firmly hold the bristles together and prevent the handle from cracking, giving your excellent brush performance over a long time.


  • Wooden flat and natural handle – suitbale for painting walls and ceiling
  • China bristles
  • Durable
  • Uniform coverage
  • Holds more paint than any other bristles
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Angular-sash brush


  • Expensive

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The best ranking and quality brush we recommend for you is Purdy-144400340 Swan Paint Brush-XL Series, 4 inches. It makes an excellent brush for your walls, as you will notice on every stroke of paint applied – with the right painting knowledge.

Additionally, the bristles are designed to hold more paint with a non-dripping effect, long-lasting, and reused multiple times without the bristles wearing off. But you may need to buy an angular finer brush for trimming and application on the edges.

For multiple uses, brushes Pro Grade -4 set Paint Brushes will make an excellent choice for you. It is affordable and comes with all the variety you need for complete paintwork of your walls. The stubby brush is best suited for the big wall surface, while the 11/2 inch angular brush best suits the trim edges.

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