7 Best Paint Roller Cover for Interior Walls 2024

To choose the best paint roller cover for interior walls, check both the paint’s sheen (either knit or woven) and then consider the nap height – fibers length extending from the backing. Best Paint Roller Cover for Interior Walls

I would recommend using a 3/8-inch nap height if you’re working with interior walls, including lightly-textured surfaces. You’ll get the covers mainly in blue, yellow, or white colors. 

For Drywall and ceilings, choose a nap roller cover that is Medium 3/8-inch or Small 1/4-inch for Metal, Wood, and walls. But use Microfiber rollers for Surfaces that are light-to-medium in texture. 

s: Top 7 Best Paint Roller Cover for Interior Walls in 2024

1. Purdy 14B863400 Dove-Cover, 9 Inch X 3/8 Inch 

Purdy 14B863400 is a 9-inch, high-performing, and versatile roller cover that has a 3/8-inch nap. Its created from a nylon-derivative but equally picks up enough paint to give some lint-free finish.

Best Paint Roller Cover for Interior Walls Check Price on Amazon

So, for your lightly-textured and smooth interior wall surfaces, you may use either oil-based or water-based paints – and it’s also effective on wood stains

An excellent roller cover will work well for painting your rough and drywall – Purdy 14B863400 has a suitable Nap size for revamping your floors, ceilings, and drywall. 

Purdy 14B863400 produces that even and smooth finish fast and effortlessly. The roller cover prevents dripping and its shed-resistant since its woven-Dralon fabric is also high-density. 

The woven roller cover allows it t carry more paint, which will improve your painting efficiency and speed. It’s made from tiny filaments, and it’ll cover your rigid surfaces – smoothly. 


  • Excellent for oil- and latex-based paints 
  • Higher efficiency – carries more paint. 
  • Gives some smooth finish thanks to the high-density Dralon 
  • Excellent for rough-surface painting 


  • Not recomeneed for textured painting

2. True-Blue Professional 4-Inch Paint-Roller Covers

True-Blue Professional has microfiber that is premium – this also allows you to add space color. It’s great for painting different surfaces – with the appropriate nap length. 

True-Blue Professional 4-Inch Paint-Roller Covers Check Price on Amazon

True-Blue Professional will hold and release more paint (about three times) – this makes painting faster, and with just one coating, you’ll get that smooth finish with great coverage. 

Thanks to its microfiber material, the roller cover enables most painters to work as professionals on most DIY projects. The material allows great pick up plus release for faster painting. 

Besides, the roller cover is lint-free and shed-resistant. You can use the device on various paints, including epoxies, oil-based, acrylic, stains, and latex paints with smooth-consistency. 

You’ll get the nap length at ½ inch (for textured walls) or ⅜ inch (for semi-smooth or smooth surfaces). It is loved by painting contractors suitable for custom homes and commercial spaces. 

I also recommend True-Blue Professional painting your small projects, including on the furniture, trim or baseboards, walls – but you’ll need to choose a suitable roller frame (4-inch). 

3. ALAZCO Mini 3-Inch Covers for Small Areas, Edges, and Painting Trims

ALAZCO Mini 3-Inch is different – it’s not your usual 9-inches+ paint roller that is suitable for large ceiling or walls – this one is smaller (3 Inches) and better for confined spaces.

True-Blue Professional 4-Inch Paint-Roller Covers Check Price on Amazon

ALAZCO Mini 3-Inch is thus better for tight edges and corners – which is comparable to using a good brush – but now at a faster painting rate. 

The roller cover is made from polyethylene fibers, and thus they’ll prevent paint spraying, splatters, and drips for your tight configuration. 

Compared to your regular roller pads, the ALAZCO Mini 3-Inch is smoother and will wash clean if rinsed. Also, the device is budget-friendly – and thus no need to re-use. 

The devices come with a 3-Roller Cover and a Roller Frame that’ll work in smaller areas, window frames, edges, corners, and painting trims with its interlocking pattern. 

The roller cover offers a comfortable grip for a very smooth free-spin with solvent-resistant core, low splatter, matte resistance, unique density, and shed resistance. 

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4. Wooster-Brush RR723-9 3/8-Inch Roller Cover

Wooster-Brush RR723-9 is loved by expert painters that love flawless finishes – it’s made from high-capacity and dense fabric with less shedding due to its inter-locked fiber. 

Wooster-Brush RR723-9 3/8-Inch Roller Cover Check Price on Amazon

Wooster-Brush RR723-9 resists matting and stays resilient through a full day of use. The shed-resistant pack will work well for various paints, epoxies, and primers urethanes. 

The roller’s white fabric is high-density, plus its golden pinstripe will prevent matting – and it is resilient – this allows the creation of a smooth, expert finish. 

The roller covers are versatile is suitable for your surfaces with light-to-medium texture. It’ll give you a professional plus smooth finish because they’re resilient and will resist matting. 

Wooster-Brush RR723-9 is excellent for drywall and ceilings thanks to its 3/8-inches of the nap size – you’ll also get other 3/16, -inches, 1/2 inches among different nap sizes. 

The roller must give you a uniform and smooth finish – but choose an appropriate one for your specific paint like urethane or Latex sprayers. They must easily paint constricted and tight spots. 

5. Wooster-Brush RR632-18 1/2-Inch Nap Roller Cover

Wooster-Brush RR632-18 is a quality roller cover made from shearling (100 percent natural), and hence it creates that subtle sheen, and it’s soft.

Wooster-Brush RR632-18 1/2-Inch Nap Roller Cover Check Price on Amazon

Wooster-Brush RR632-18 is of high quality – because it is hand-sewn. The natural shearling is soft to allow painting with different paint types, including urethanes and latex-alkyds enamels. 

The ½ inch nap in roller offers excellent painting for your textured surfaces that may penetrate the crevices and cracks. The phenolic-core-made roller provides dimensional stability and strength. 

The roller covers won’t also get deformed in any damp environment – so it is very stable and is solvent- and water-resistant. The 9-inch roller is very fast in the painting process. 

The ‘Y”- frame makes the roller cover stable since it is held from the two ends, and thus the wall pressure will be distributed evenly and thus allows more consistent painting. 

With the Wooster-Brush RR632-18, you won’t experience any throw paint, drop, drizzle, or drip. No paint will be left on your roller (including on carpet) – apart from when it’s required. 

The roller cover won’t leave any edges, no lines, and no vertical roll streaks. If it latex at hand, use a garden-hose sprayer for cleaning. 

Get a roller frame that’s simple to grip – this gives both comfort and safety while you’re painting. Ensure the handle is very ergonomic for painting in various rooms and ease wrist strain. 

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The roller cover’s ball bearings must be high quality, and thus it’ll enable smooth movement while you’re rolling it on the walls with a roller for a smooth finish.

You may also get a roller cover with a threaded handle – ensure there are clips and thread at the handle’s bottom, allowing easy attachment of an extension pole while you’re painting wall tops. 

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