7 Best Stain for Redwood Fence in 2024

By reading this article on the best stain for the redwood fence, you will gain deep insight into improving and painting your redwood fence. The redwood stain should be fast-drying, more comfortable to apply, and delivers a long-lasting effect.

Some of the vital considerations include the type of paint (water-based or oil-based?), color options, types of fence paint sprayers, stain durability, water-resistant properties, redwood texture, and prevailing weather conditions.

Best Stain for Redwood Fence

Notably, buy a dustproof redwood stain that is simple to apply and affordable without sacrificing overall finish quality. To gain more in-depth insight, let us get into the redwood fence stain to stain your fence

s: Top 7 Best Stain for Redwood Fence in 2024

1. Ready Seal 120 1-Gallon Can Redwood Exterior Stain

Ready Seal is a top-quality redwood stain that features high-stickiness properties and instant-action ingredients, which are environmentally friendly – even with using a sprayer

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You‘ll love the fine surface finish that Ready Seal delivers upon application – it’s dustproof and mildew resistant. 

The use of Ready Seal eliminates runs and laps that often occur during painting. This solvent integrates a simple molecular formula that breaks and spread quickly during application – more comfortable to apply. 

Ready Seal is long-lasting (durable) and fast-drying. The compound works best for all environments/weather conditions. You are provided with optional selectable colors that effectively work on redwood without affecting the primary surface grains with Ready Seal.

Further, Ready Seal can be applied without priming the surface or removing the previous coating. The streak resistant compound guarantees you a classic luster, while the waterproof coat not only seals the porous surface but also eliminate algae and molds.

The 1-gallon solvent helps you paint comprehensive surface coverage (using a single container), while the classic stand-alone design ease storage or placement when painting. Ready Seal comes with a comfortable handle that supports more accessible transportation when painting.


  • Comes with multiple selectable colors
  • It’s more comfortable to apply and Clean – leaves less roller or brush marks
  • Won’t irritate your skin upon contact
  • It is long-lasting and attractive.
  • Protect your fence from UV-rays and mildew
  • You can apply on other surfaces like deck, shakes, and shingles.
  • It is oil-based and semi-transparent – gives a natural look


  • Not for solid surface painting
  • Unsuitable for large surface painting


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2. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Solid Waterproofing Stain

Thompsons features a classic base design that improves stability and allows easier storage when painting. The waterproof solvent integrates an advanced polymer formulation that sticks instantly on the surface upon application without drains.

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Thompsons come with low VOC concentration (environmentally friendly) and high-quality grain integration that protect your redwood fence from UV-radiations. With a great sprayer, you’ll have great movability with painting the fence

Furthermore, you will love the impressive surface finish result that Thompsons delivers – it seals porous spaces and holes on the surface and resists mildew formation.

Thompsons come in three optional states (solid, semi-solid, and transparent) that give you optional selection when making your purchase. Moreover, the solvent is formulated with a simple chemical combination that breaks and stretches easily during application (has no runs).

To prevent mold formation on your redwood fence, you will need to clean the wood sufficiently before applying Thompsons as per the instruction given. Thompson is budget-friendly and won’t cause skin or nasal irritation upon contact.


  • Provides strong surface finish and attractive coat
  • Protect your fence from mildew and UV-rays
  • It is simple to prepare and apply.
  • It’s fade-resistant and waterproof.
  • Won’t irritate your skin or nasal cavity during application
  • Comes in three n]selectable state – solid, semi-solid and transparent
  • Affordable and comes with non-pollutant polymers


  • The capacity is only best for medium to small surface application.
  • Needs several coats in heavy rain environment

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3. Roxil Wood Protection Stain

Roxil is a waterproof stain that features a complex chemical formulation, which breaks and sticks instantly upon application. You can easily prepare Roxil and apply it without experiencing any skin irritation upon contact.

Roxil Wood Protection Stain Check Price on Amazon

The natural ingredients that come with Roxil guarantee you ten years of the weatherproof surface while the cream state seals poles and eliminate the growth of algae on the redwood fence.

Roxil sticks on the paintbrush softly (allows easier paint application) and can be cleaned without a thinning process – you can use the Graco Magnum X5 (an electric and airless sprayer). 

Indeed, the solvent formula entails a simple gain ratio that prevents chipping and peeling in a humid environment, while the grain inclusions improve stickiness on the wooden surfaces during application.

More so, your primary redwood surface will be protected from cosmic radiations and UV-rays upon the use of Roxil stain.

Roxil does not require surface cleaning before application – you can apply over old paint or rough surfaces without any problem. The stain is highly penetrative and won’t damage your wood upon contact.

Importantly, Roxil comes in a large container (1.5 gallons) that covers over 330 square feet if well applied.


  • Eliminates growth or algae and mildew from the surface
  • Protects the face from UV-rays and cosmic radiations
  • Seals pore and porous surfaces upon contact
  • Packed in a large container (1.5 gallons) – covers 330 square feet.
  • Won’t irritate your nose or skin upon contact
  • Highly-portable – comes with a comfortable handle.
  • Stable design (stand-alone) and quick-acting formula


  • Comes in limited color options
  • Unsuitable for small area coverage
  • May take longer to dry

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4. DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain

By selecting Defy for redwood fence painting, you will be able to protect your fence from UV-rays damage and mold growth on a single application. Defy feature a complex structural formula, which is self-activating and act instantly upon contact.

DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain Check Price on Amazon

The low VOC compound won’t pollute your environment (non-pollutant) and comes with a simple water-based formula, which is easier to prepare and apply. Defy is integrated with natural grains that improve stickiness ability and improves the aesthetic appearance.

Besides, the solvent is manufactured in semi-transparent color, which allows natural visibility upon application. Defy is waterproof and dust-resistance – it makes the cleaning process more comfortable and eliminates molds or algae’s growth on the surface.

You don’t have to clean the surface when using Defy for your fence painting activities – apply directly provided proper dilution ratio is achieved. Moreover, Defy is packed in a large container (1 gallon) that covers extensive surface painting.

Defy features a stable base design that allows easier storage and comes with a comfortable handle that eases transportation when painting.

The premium-grade wood stain is highly penetrative and comes with non-peeling properties – works nicely in heavy rain environments.

NB: Defy is budget-friendly and fast-drying.


  • It is highly portable – has a handle.
  • Dries fast and resists mold/mildew
  • Protect your surface from UV-rays
  • Gives attractive natural appearance – semi-transparent
  • Don’t irritate your skin upon contact.
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Free from peeling and chipping
  • Highly portable and stable –stand-alone design


  • Unsuitable for sold stain painting
  • Not for large commercial painting
  • Comes in limited color selection

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5. ECO-Safe Wood Treatment  Stain

To attain high-quality redwood protection, consider using Eco-Safe paint in the right concentration and painting procedure.

ECO-Safe Wood Treatment  Stain Check Price on Amazon

The non-toxic compound is manufactured using the best quality grains that are not only natural but instantly acting upon application.

Eco-Safe comes in powder form that can be mixed with 13.5 liters of water to form 3 gallons – this would cover an extensive surface area when painting. Moreover, Eco-Safe guarantees you lifetime protection on a single application.

The Low VOC compound is resistant to UV-rays and protects redwood from peeling and chipping in other low-quality stains. Eco-Safe is integrated with natural ingredients that have high penetration and seal porous surfaces.

Eco-Safe is packed in a biodegradable packet (decompose) with a stand-alone base design to improve stability during preparation. You will love the attractive natural finish (silver to brown patina), which Eco-Safe delivers – it improves the entire aesthetic outlook of your redwood fence.

You will not need to clean or scrape the wood during the application. Eco-Safe is applied directly with a paintbrush or roller. They are no many runs/lap or drips that occur when painting – the solvent formed is more comfortable to use and clean.

NB: Eco-Safe is affordable and durable.


  • Comes with attractive silver to brown patina
  • Mixed to form 3 gallons – cover 400 to 600 square feet
  • Can also be used on decks, siding, furniture, or marine application
  • It is biodegradable and free from VOC – no pollution.
  • Don’t irritate your nasal cavity or hands upon contact.
  • It’s simple to prepare and more comfortable to clean.
  • Guarantees permanent protection on a single application
  • It is resistant to peeling and chipping


  • Has limited portability – no handle
  • Cannot be applied directly before mixing
  • Comes in limited color options

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6. Rain Guard Water Sealers/Wood stains

Rain Guard is a liquid stain that features a complex chemical structure, quick-acting, and highly penetrative upon application – get a quality fence paint sprayer.

Rain Guard Water Sealers/Wood stains Check Price on Amazon

The solvent is specially formulated using natural ingredients that break and elongate easily during application without any problem – more comfortable to apply.

Besides, the rain Guard is agitated with active catalysts that improve stickiness actions and comes in the clear/transparent color that allows visibility of the redwood fence’s realistic outlook upon application.

The surface needs no cleaning during application-  you can paint directly. Rain Guard is dust-resistant and waterproof – it is suitable for all weather conditions.

You will eliminate peeling, chipping, and alligatoring  (occur in low-quality stains) if you consider using Rain Guard for redwood fence painting.

Moreover, the USA made solvent is long-lasting and penetrates deeply without affecting the primary grain material. Rain Guard is fast-drying (dries in 1 hour after painting) and comes with no VOC components, thus no pollution.

Notably, Rain Guard is budget-friendly and covers a wide surface area.


  • Allows natural visible impression – transparent/clear
  • It dries faster – one hour after application.
  • Works for all weather conditions
  • Resist peeling, chipping, and alligatoring
  • Protects your fence from molds and mildew
  • It’s affordable and more comfortable to clean.
  • Long-lasting and environmentally friendly


  • Comes in limited selectable colors
  • The quantity could be more.
  • Maybe brighter on some surfaces

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7. Wood Defender – Semi-Transparent Fence Stain

Wood Defender is a semi-transparent stain that features a high-grade solvent solution, which is highly penetrative and comes with low VOC.

Wood Defender - Semi-Transparent Fence Stain Check Price on Amazon

You will eliminate mildew, molds, and protect your redwood fence from UV-rays using Wood Defender.

Wood Defender is packed in a large metallic container (5 gallons) that guarantees you comprehensive surface coverage.

Further, Wood Defender comes with a simple climate formulation that supports all weather conditions. However, it’s advisable to repaint after three years to maintain the best surface finish always.

Wood Defender is portable (has a comfortable handle) and comes with a classic stand-alone design that supports more accessible storage and placement during stain application.

The integrated pigments that come with Wood Defender improve overall outlook, while the self-activating stain formulation eases the application process.

Wood Defender is more comfortable preparing and applying. It won’t cause skin irritation upon contact or choke you if inhaled. 

You can opt to use any color of your choice since Wood Defender comes in a variety of color options such as water-based and solvent paints.


  • No prepping needed when painting or cleaning
  • More comfortable to prepare and apply
  • It is environmentally friendly and long-lasting – 3 years
  • Does not irritate your skin or nasal cavity of inhaled
  • Has high penetration and improved stability
  • You can protect your fence from molds and mildew
  • Comes in multiple selectable colors


  • Unsuitable for small fence staining
  • The life-time could be more
  • Not solid – semitransparent use only

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Having read about the best stains for redwood fence, you must have gained deep insight on how to deal with your redwood fence paint applications.

Remember, you will have to choose a simple to prepare a redwood stain, more comfortable to clean, long-lasting, budget-friendly, water-resistant, and high-penetrative.

Further, go for redwood stain that features optional color selections, strong stickiness-ability, and packed in the right quantity compared to the intended painting area.

Finally, it would help if you purchase a redwood stain suitable for all weather conditions without compromising the solvent formulation that each product is manufactured.

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