7 Best Paint Thinner for Oil Painting in 2024

Have you had a difficult time choosing an oil thinner for your oil paints? We’re going to talk about all your options – the best paint thinner for oil painting. All these paints can be used both to clean the brushes and thin your oil paints. Best Paint Thinner for Oil Painting

You must know how to mix the paints with the right medium – the paint in your tube could be very stiff and thus thinning it down will make it simpler to work with.

So, for both noob oil painters or expert professionals, get yourself a great oil solvent – it’ll act both as paint thinner while also speeding up the paint drying process. See Also: Sprayer for Interior Walls.

s: Top 7 Best Paint Thinner for Oil Painting in 2024

1. Chelsea Lavender-Spike Classical-Studio Oil-Paint Thinner Essence

Chelsea Lavender-Spike won’t leave to dangerous health problems that may be caused by using mineral spirits, vinegar, and turpentine. 

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Chelsea Lavender-Spike is a natural solvent that’ll help thin your various varnishes, resins, oil-painting mediums – you may paint the paintbrushes into the thinner, and this helps prevent wastage.

It’ll thin alkyds and standard oils with great functionality. 

The thinner is a budget-friendly solvent that you may mix with materials such as varnishes, resins, and oil-painting mediums – and has a lavender and distinctive scent – natural, safe and handcrafted thinner for turpentine.

Chelsea Lavender-Spike is suitable for making aromatherapy and soaps – it’s a featured product and the brand has a suitable reputation. 

The thinner behaves and smells great – comparable to OMS. But the packaging for the product is poor since it won’t allow you to pour some of the thinners with limited wastage. 


  • You may dip the paintbrushes into your bottle and this will help reduce waste.
  • It’ll thin your alkyds and standard oils excellently – while also removing that bad sheen from your alkyds. 
  • So, for your art studio, you can now remove the toxic chemicals and turpentine  – with this oil paint thinner.
  • Despite that its smell is relatively strong, – can be applied around your living room and kitchen


  • None

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2. Mona-Lisa Odorless Accessories and Brush Cleaner – Paint Thinner

Mona-Lisa Odorless is a nontoxic and odorless solvent that’s safe compared to turpentine great yo your environment and painters. The paint is great for oil-thinning and acts as a solvent for different media.

Mona-Lisa Odorless Accessories and Brush Cleaner - Paint Thinner Check Price on Amazon

Mona-Lisa Odorless is a budget-priced thinner – you can use a rag for cleaning – it is also odorless, non-offensive, and not overly strong.

For great housekeeping and personal hygiene – ensure great ventilation plus wash the fingers and hands.

It is excellent for spraying items in your studio work – you’ll love the lidded steel canisters for storing brushes and turpentine.

The nontoxic and reusable mineral spirit is odorless – it is a safe thinner and solvent that you can work with within your contemporary and traditional painting tasks with simpler clean-up.

When using oils in brush-cleaning, this Mona-Lisa Odorless will work better – it keeps them soft while also equally conditioning them.

But is Mona-Lisa Odorless toxic? Well, no but make sure to adhere to the right procedures and wash your hands when you get into contact with this tinner – keep off pets and kids. 


  • You may use mineral spirits or thinner in cleaning the brushes – it’ll maintain the brush hairs in a soft state ready for your next oil-painting time.
  • But this thinner might not work effectively for painters who have thinner-allergic skins.
  • But I wish the manufacturer created a large-sized bottle for easy clean-up with less toxicity and odorless.


  • None

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3. Artists’ Grade Gamsol-Oil Mineral Spirits and Pure Odorless

Artists’ Grade Gamsol-Oil is a suitable solvent for your thinning medium and also for regular painting. It is more eco-friendly compared to turpentine 0- and thus safer. 

Artists' Grade Gamsol-Oil Mineral Spirits and Pure Odorless Check Price on Amazon

Artists’ Grade Gamsol-Oil is made from mineral spirits that are odorless and 100-percent pure. The non-toxic and re-usable oil-paint thinner is highly approved. 

My friend ordered this thinner that is odorless to clean both his acrylic and oil paintbrushes. The high-rated thinner is loved by painters and artists. 

We had attempted using other different products considered as “odorless thinners” but didn’t love their odor. Thus, you’ll love the thinner in your studio – despite being pricey. 

After pouring the product onto some tiny bowl and cup, and dip the blending nub in your product, utilize the thinner on the pencil-it (colored). 


  • The thinner is great for indoor painter thinning and hence a great alternative for Mineral Spirits that are Odorless.
  • You won’t have health issues or headaches – it’s formulated for your indoor use.
  • Offers uniform consistency to your paints


  • None

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4. Citra Solv 8 Removes Wax, Grease, Oil, Gum, and Adhesives

Citra Solv 8 is an all-purpose and versatile cleaner that’ll work on various surfaces including outdoor aluminum, upholstery, and ceramics surfaces – natural cleaner.

Citra Solv 8 Removes Wax, Grease, Oil, Gum, and Adhesives Check Price on Amazon

Citra Solv 8 will readily break down the grease – offers excellent versatility for the painted wall, stainless steel, and also laminate countertop.

So, for your artistic oil-painting tasks, get a suitable solvent – as reviewed. The thinner can wipe down the various workspace or recondition and clean your brushes.

The eco-friendly Citra Solv 8 thinner is excellently used as a substitute for various mineral spirits – while diluting the oil-paints and cleaning brushes. 

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The best paint thinner for oil painting is safe and will leave that aromatherapy – varnishes, resins, various painting mediums. 

It is a nontoxic option to the turpentine product – plus it offers excellent performance.

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