Rustoleum Rust Reformer

In this article, I’ve reviewed the Rustoleum Rust Reformer on its suitability for rust repair – so that you can now maintain your metallic tools. Rustoleum Rust Reformer

With the right product, you can prevent or duce surface or metal corrosion. So, Rustoleum Rust Reformer is mainly made of water and tannic acid – treating rusting through chelation.

The chelation process will make possible bonding (molecular level) of the tannic acid with your rusted metals. The process (tannin-metal bonding) results in a paintable and durable metallic surface.

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Details: Rustoleum Rust Reformer  

1. Reduces Maintenance Time and Cost

Rustoleum Rust Reformer will reduce the effort, time, and cost – and you also won’t have to purchase other metallic tools soon (lower replacement cost) as the one you’re reforming will last longer. 

Rustoleum will extend your tool’s lifespan – including that of different machinery and equipment – and thus you’ll get a better economic value. 

2. Offers Better Metal surface Protection

Rustoleum won’t damage the metal surfaces – but will on the contrary make your tools better. You’ll touch-up or even paint the metal surfaces easily – it’ll be intact and safe. 

The product will give a great primer layer on your metal tools, machinery, and equipment – and this will help reduce corrosion while also enhancing durability. of your metal.

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3. Metal Surface Restoration

Rust development tends to create imperfections on the metal surface. Thus, using the Rustoleum rust reformer, you can hide the surface flaws and remove the rust.

Thus, for your metallic tools and DIY metal projects, you can use this reformer to restore the smoothness and integrity of the metallic surfaces. 

What’s this Rustoleum Rust Reformer

Rustoleum Reformer is a coating (flat-black) that’ll bond with the metallic surfaces that are rusty and hence reduces rusting – by simply spraying the surfaces – with no sanding

Created in 1921 by a famous sea captain (Robert Ferguson), Rustoleum Reformer derived the inspiration from noticing that fish oil tended to perfectly repair deck rust. 

So, Rustoleum keeps the metallic surfaces intact and safe – and you can readily touch-up or paint on the tools, machinery, or equipment – the primer layer increases durability and eases corrosion. 

On Rust Reformer usage, just pour some Rust Reformer onto a container (non-metallic), then spray or brush the solution onto the rusted surfaces – creating a black coating in 15 minutes. 

Suitable Features of Rustoleum Rust Reformer

1. Easily Paintable 

Despite that it is not required, Rustoleum Rust Reformer will leave a very paintable metal surface using your various oil-based primers or using other water- / oil-based paints. 

On the quality of the resulting metal surface, you’ll love that it’ll be even and smooth. But this is highly dependent on the prevailing rust situations, and the spraying skills employed. 

Therefore, Rust Reformer will reduce the chances of future rusting while also allowing different paint types to stick easily and leave a fine finish. 

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2. Fast Drying Time 

Outright, the product manufacturer outlined that Rust Reformer has a very fast drying time – it’ll dry into a black film within just 15 minutes of application subject to 50% relative humidity and 70°F.  

NB: Don’t return the unused Rustoleum as this will contaminate the other material and hence reduce its effectiveness in repairing rust. 

Compared to different available rust converters, Rust-Oleum offers drying time that relatively competitive – complete surface drying will require roughly 2 hours. 

But you should give the surfaces a minimum of 24 hours to rest prior to painting – but this rises to about 48 hours when you have 2+ coats of rust reformer.

2. Highly Durable

You won’t require to sand down the metallic surfaces – just spray down the Rust Reformer on the rust – it is corrosion-resistant, durable, and great for outdoor or indoor. 

On durability, Rust Reformer is excellent and with just 2-3 coatings, you’ll get great results – it is thus loved by many enthusiasts like the Ulti-mate Handiman and the Chaes Garage. 

The repaired surfaces will have an amazing seal that’ll allow the metal to remain pristine for roughly 3 months. But I would recommend that you paint a top-coat over this rust reformer. 

3. Value for Money

Rust Reformer is a budget-friendly rust repair product that’s loved by middle-class DIYers. Considering its great price-to-performance rating, Rust Reformer is a suitable deal. 

The budget-friendly product comes out as a quality brand with long performance history. So, if you’re looking for a classic, efficient, and popular Rust killer, get this Rust-Oleum. 

I recommend using Rust Reformer for your small-to-medium rust repair projects but not suitable for commercial or larger projects as it may provide not cost-effective. 

Luckily, with your acrylic or solvent-based paints, Rust Reformer will offer great durability on the excellent finish that’s created from the created bond. 

4. Lightweight and Safe Design 

The compact and lightweight design allow one to spray evenly on their different metal surfaces. The container measures 2.5 by 2.5 by 8 inches while weighing 10.25 ounces. 

The black-color finish may be used both in your outdoor or indoor projects covering about 15 feet square – considering coat numbers used – large surfaces may need 2+ Rust-Oleum containers. 

On safety, Rust Reformer is safe to use on your various surfaces provided it’s away from possible fire sources like naked flame or cigarettes. 

5. Less Toxic 

Rust Reformer uses tannic acid – which is less volatile and less toxic. This is unlike other rust reformers that utilize phosphoric acid for their chelation process – and thus are more harmful. 

Despite that, you might not require to wear a gauze mask, get yourself safety glasses and rubber gloves while spraying the rust reformer – and keep some safe distance. 

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With this rust reformer, you can now easily maintain the metallic surfaces and tools over a long time. Here’re the key benefits of using this rust killer.

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