7 Best Wheel Paint for Aluminum 2024

Selecting the best wheel paint for aluminum may not be an easy task but will play a very vital role in making your wheels durable and also adding beauty to them. Best Wheel Paint for Aluminum

Some of these paints are designed scratch-proof, water-resistant among other abilities that add value to your wheels and in your car in general.

The finer details of such paints will be helpful to you in making a good buying choice. I have reviewed and consolidated some of the best paints and presented the best buying options. See Also: Paint a Metal Interior Door

s: 7 Best Wheel Paint for Aluminum in 2024

1. Dupli-Color Shadow Chrome Coating Kit

Dupli-color is an innovative and quality paint and shadow chrome that will produce an excellent performance on your wheels.

Dupli-Color Shadow Chrome Coating Kit Check Price on Amazon

After being tested and approved by the vehicle manufacturers, you can use this paint to restore that either aluminum or steel old wheels.

Additionally, it can serve the good purpose of making your surfaces resistant to scratch and chipping.

Before spraying, always ensure the surface is well cleaned if you have to achieve better results.

It is also important to note that with this paint you may need to apply more than one coat for effective results on your wheels.

After applying, it dries fast on your surface but it always recommendable to give it at least one hour before you can apply another coat on it.

Constantly shaking the can is advised when spraying to avoid experiencing some challenges like uneven spray.


  • Restores your surface
  • Durable
  • Approved by vehicles manufacturers
  • Scratch and chip-proof


  • Needs constant shaking
  • Needs several coats

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2. Bundle-Plasti Dip Wheel Kit, Copper Metalizer & Black Base, – 7 Pieces

Plasti Dip paint is a set comprising of 7 different paints. This paint has been designed to be multi-purpose and can be used on both aluminum metals and plastics.

Bundle-Plasti Dip Wheel Kit, Copper Metalizer & Black Base, - 7 Pieces Check Price on Amazon

This paint has the ability to make the wheels scratch resistant and also hard to crack. Moreover, even when exposed to harsh weather, this paint makes it possible to withstand it.

The copper metallizer leaves behind a copper-like finish on your wheel caps that can be peeled off after a period of time when need be.

The paint is easy to apply but proper surface preparation is very important if you have to achieve a perfect finish. This pack of 7, comes in a way that you are able to apply all four wheels of your vehicle without necessarily having to buy more paints.

To achieve a perfect color, you may need to apply multiple coats ranging from 3 coats and the paint dries fast and within a short time, the surface is ready to touch.


  • Great copper finishing
  • Harsh weather resistant
  • Versatile
  • Easy to remove
  • Comes in a set of 7
  • Resistant to crack and non-brittle


  • Needs several coats

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3. 1. Performix 11287 Plasti-Dip Spray – 11 oz

Performix is a special kind of paint designed with strong bonding especially on special chemically structured wheels.

Best Wheel Paint for Aluminum Check Price on Amazon

For the aluminum wheels that have been dipped on plasti-dip, they are able to withstand cracking that occurs when they are exposed to high temperatures.

Wheels painted with this paint have also been proved to be non-brittle. Additionally, the excellent adhesion of this paint gives it superior performance and makes the wheels more durable.

On the contrary, applying this paint gives your wheels a graphite finish and you will definitely fall in love with its great finish.

Formulated with metallic ingredients, this paint produces a shiny look on your wheels and it is easy to apply and the results are just awesome.

However, the paint is highly flammable especially when subjected to high pressure and necessary caution must be practiced.


  • It is durable
  • Has excellent adhesion
  • Resist cracking and brittle
  • Simple application formulae
  • Glossy and graphite pearl finish.


  • Its highly flammable
  • Its adhesion on some surfaces is questionable

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4. Rust-Oleum 248927 Automotive Spray Paint, 11 oz

Rust-Oleum has been in the frontline to produce quality paints and this is no exception.

Rust-Oleum 248927 Automotive Spray Paint, 11 oz Check Price on Amazon

The premium paint comes with a pocket-friendly price tag and also produces excellent results on your wheels.

Whether the wheel is steel or aluminum, this paint will protect them and make them durable enough. Moreover, this paint also does an excellent job even when applied to plastic hub caps.

We are getting worried in case of an overspray, however, this is not the case with this paint because it still looks fabulous even on it.

If you are running a quick project that needs you to save time, this paint is fast drying and within 10 minutes the paint has dried and ready to touch.  This is on condition that the surface is well dried otherwise wet surface may delay the drying process running into hours and delaying your project.

With this paint, your wheel is well covered and resistant to scratching and dents, and most importantly rust-proof. This makes your wheels more durable and gives them a longer shelf-life.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Rust-proof
  • Resistant to scratching and denting
  • It is durable
  • Fast drying
  • Glossy finish


  • The spray is sometimes uneven.

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5. Dupli-Color HWP104 Wheel Paint, 12 oz

Dupli-color is one of the most highly designed paints that is purposely suited for use on cars.

Dupli-Color HWP104 Wheel Paint, 12 oz Check Price on Amazon

Being a high-performance paint, it has passed the vehicle manufacturers’ approval on the restoration of original factory finish and also refurbishing scratches and cracks.

The good thing about this paint is the metallic and glossy finish that it leaves behind making your wheels worth admiring. However, doing a clear coat which is a great way helps you in achieving a perfect color match for your wheels.

Apart from protecting and restoring, you may need to add a primer and a clear coat for the paint to hold on to the surface and make it more durable.

By using this paint, you save a lot of time on your project because the paint is very fast drying and within 30 minutes it’s already dry.

But recommendations are not to touch the surface until 1 hour is over.  The unfortunate this about this paint is its consistency that calls you to add a primer and clear coat.


  • Fast drying
  • Glossy finish
  • Protects against flaking and cracking
  • Restores original color
  • Durable finish


  • Has low consistency

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6. VHT SP187 Wheel Paint, Gloss Black, 11 oz

The VHT paint is uniquely designed to be multipurpose but most customers limit it on aluminum and steel wheels.

VHT SP187 Wheel Paint, Gloss Black, 11 oz Check Price on Amazon

The special formulation in this paint gives it is strength to withstand the high level of temperature up to 250°F and when fully v cured can resist up to 900°F.

It has great finishing and good enough to protect both customized and standard wheels. Also, the paint protects your surface from dust and beatings from salt, sand, dust, and rocks.

It also does a good job in protecting the surface against oxidation and from the damages that may be caused by either chemicals or high temperatures.

When you apply this paint on your wheels, it dries very fast and within 30 minutes it drys but to enhance the results and better performance of the paint, you are advised to leave the paint to cure overnight.

You may encounter a few challenges that can be overcome like the nozzle or even the paint being inconsistency.


  • Protects against high temperatures and chemicals
  • Durable
  • Excellent finish
  • Fast drying


  • The paint is inconsistent
  • The nozzle is sometimes hard to use

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7. Rust-Oleum 248928 Automotive Wheel Spray Paint, Matte Black

Rust-Oleum has been known to producing premium paints and this is among them. Its versatile nature allows its usage on metals like aluminum and steel and also on plastics.

Rust-Oleum 248928 Automotive Wheel Spray Paint, Matte Black Check Price on Amazon

Designed with an oil-based formulation, this paint has been proved to offer rust-proof features and corrosion resistance on the metals applied.

And to both plastics and metals, it prevents cracking and scratching of the surface.

When doing your project, this paint dries very fast and the surface is ready within 10 minutes. You will get unmatched durability for your surface from this paint than any other paint.

When applying this paint, it is very easy to apply with a great can that can be used at all angles and reach even those hard places.

The positioning of the nozzle is in a way that it will not cause finger fatigue even on long hours of spraying.

The end result of this paint is a matte black finish that is non-reflective and a glossy look.


  • Rust-proof
  • Multi-purpose
  • Fast drying
  • Unmatched durability
  • Good spraying nozzle
  • Matte and glossy finish


  • Some clients have complains of paint peeling off

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When it comes to choosing the best wheel paint for aluminum, the list above has outlined the well.

The top recommendation goes to Performix 11287 Plasti-Dip Spray – 11 oz. for its good rating and unmatched features above others.

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