7 Best Paint Stripper for Metal in 2024

So, what’s the best paint stripper for metal? It’s challenging to choose a remover for old wood or metal (such as spray paint for metal), including copper, steel, and aluminium. Best Paint Stripper for Metal

I conducted some quick research on the paint strippers so that you won’t have to mess your hands – also, you may check how to remove spray paint smell.

Klean-trip will remove paint shellac, varnish, epoxy, and polyurethane. So, with the right paint stripper at hand, strictly follow guidelines on removing paint from metal, including surface prep, applying the stripper, scraping the paint, applying some mineral spirits, and finally cleaning the meat.

s: Top 7 Best Paint Stripper for Metal in 2024 

1. Goof-Off FG653 Toughest & Professional Strength Paint Remover

Goof-Off FG653 is a great paint stripper for metal or wood, including oak tables that have varnish or ply and stains – these will peel and bubble off quickly – it’ll remove both epoxy and paint equally on metal – its an all-round epoxy or paint stripper.


Best Paint Stripper for Metal Check Price on Amazon

Goof-Off FG653 will work well for various kinds of paints, including Epoxy and Premium Paint. Its made to remove many synthetic coatings, including epoxy, shellac, latex, polyurethane, vinyl, and varnish. You can comply using a spray bottle to apply the stripper easily.

The US-made product is of high quality – thanks to adhering to the domestic raw material standards and manufacturing practices. It’s a great and versatile paint remover – considered an all-round epoxy and paint remover for metal (including copper, steel, and aluminium).

However, despite that the epoxy and paint stripper will be easy to apply, some people report that it has issues related to bottle clogging. Further, the stripper could release some dangerous fumes and might need some specialised equipment.


  • A US-made paint stripper
  • Removes various synthetic paints (Epoxy and Premium Paint), including epoxy, shellac, latex, polyurethane, vinyl, and varnish.
  • Suitable to remove paint on metal plus wood
  • Versatile and useful – just like with primers for rusted metal.


  • Bottle clogging challenges.

2. Dumond-Chemicals 3332 Smart-Strip Odor-free and Biodegradable Paint Remover

Dumond-Chemicals 3332 is a rotating paint remover or sander that’ll eat away the paint and damage the floor. It’s great for rough (but smooth) wood readying it for staining, varnishing, or painting.

Dumond-Chemicals 3332 Smart-Strip Odor-free and Biodegradable Paint Remover Check Price on Amazon

Dumond-Chemicals 3332 will remove even latex paints with no challenge, and after several passes, it’ll equally remove the enamel. It’s an easy-to-use paint stripper, but you’ll need to hold two hands for steady working – better working than your regular belt sander.

Dumond-Chemicals 3332 will eat off the paint and won’t damage the underneath surface. Further, it’ll remain cool, and thus your hands won’t heat up unnecessarily. It has a thermal fuse that’ll readily trip to allow the paint stripper to cool down.

Thus, you’ll need to reset the stripper’s switch if it’s switch trips. However, the paint stripper is quiet and lightweight – including when scraping paint off from metal (including copper, steel, and aluminium) or wood.

The stripper has a 3.2 Amp motor that’ll quickly smooth the metal surfaces after removing any paint chips.

Dumond-Chemicals 3332 has a useful sanding disc that is made using the open-web disc technology, which reduces the accumulation of dust and paints while working. It’ll thus work on the uneven metal surfaces for an even and smooth finish.

The 2600 RPM Dumond-Chemicals 3332 will make the 3M disc (spun-fiber) provide excellent abrasive power while allowing greater user control. Further, the 4-1/2″ disc sander of this rotary paint stripper will be gentle on the metal surfaces but equally tough on the paint.

Thus, Dumond-Chemicals 3332 will easily remove rust, cracked paints, peeling, and chipping from the metal, giving you a smoother surface – time-saving and very useful at working on your metal. It’s loved by both DIYers and homeowners who’re doing whole- or partial-house project.


  • Will strip paint without damaging the metal surface underneath
  • Easy to use paint stripper – has an adjustable handle and can be used with a single hand.
  • Has a 2600 RPM – powerful motor
  • Remains cool for longer when in use
  • Excellent sanding and its also lightweight


  • Not suitable for large projects (has a 4.5 inches disk)

3. Citristrip QCSG801 Metal Varnish and Paint Stripper

Citristrip QCSG801 is a Citrus scented metal paint stripper with no chemicals and can also be sued on wood like with weathered mahogany furniture. It’s chemical-free – it’s non-caustic, and lacks methylene chloride.

Citristrip QCSG801 Metal Varnish and Paint Stripper Check Price on Amazon

Citristrip QCSG801 is suitable for indoor use. The stripper gel will look anything like thick yoghurt and will stripe several paint layers for about 24 hours. Spreads on the painted metal surface (including copper, steel, and aluminium) allow it to settle for a few hours before wiping it off.

The paint stripper is easy to use – it’ll be active and wet within 24 hours and work with vertical metal walls and surfaces. However, the stripper will eat through nitrile, rubber, and latex gloves, and thus you must be careful when handling it – use only gloves made from butyl rubber.

The product is also budget-friendly, and thus the stripping gel will give you great value for your money. Further, the citrus scent makes the paint stripper great for indoor use – it’s also bio-degradable and won’t be hazardous to the environment.

The stripper will easily remove many polyurethane layers, lacquer, acrylic, shellac, enamel, and latex on masonry, wood, and metal. However, you must ensure proper ventilation when you’re using the stripper for indoor purposes – this reduces the chances of vapour contamination.


  • Bio-degradable paint stripper formula
  • Suitable for indoor use but with proper ventilation to avoid vapour disturbance
  • Easy to apply using just a brush on metal or wood
  • The citrus scent makes the stripper attractive and sweet to use
  • It’ll easily strip multiple paint layers including polyurethane, lacquer, acrylic, shellac, enamel, and latex


  • Needs enough indoor ventialltion

4. Motsenbocker’s Lift-Off Paint Remover (Latex-Based Paint Stripper)

Motsenbocker Lift-off paint stripper is also an easy-to-use product, and hence the painter won’t require to buy some extras besides this remover. The US-made remover is also manufactured using durable and high-quality materials and technology.


Jasco Premium Strength Professional Paint & Epoxy Remover
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Motsenbocker Lift-off will easily remove overspray, enamels, wood stains, latex paints, stencil paints, and lacquer from metal surfaces. This paint stripper can also be used on different surfaces like laminate, metal garage door, vehicles, brushes, trim, carpet, upholstery, tools, concrete, and bricks.

The water-based paint remover has low VOC – which means that it’s also eco-friendly – it’s also Green-Cross Certified for even better performance. However, it’ll keep the metal surface (including copper, steel, and aluminium) safe, and thus the latex-paint stripper is suitable for both epoxy and paint.

Motsenbocker Lift-off will also be critical in cleaning your painting tools. Besides, it’ll be great for removing unwanted paints and paint from spills. It’ll remove paint for both hard and soft surfaces – including for old or fresh paint – the biodegradable that won’t require paint thinners.

Motsenbocker Lift-off will also readily remove automotive paints and on leather couches. This is especially helpful when the cars get stained, and hence you won’t have to repaint regularly. Luckily, this paint remover is eco-friendly and safe for home use both around pets and kids.


  • Will remove old latex paint from metal, vehicles, hiking shoes, canvas shirt, and microsuede couch.
  • Easy to apply using sprayers, brushes, or rollers
  • Highly recommended in removing latex paints
  • Eco-friendly paint removes all metal surfaces.
  • Low VOCs paint and stain stripper


  • May need extended scrubbing

5. Rust-Oleum 255449 Paint Remover for Metal (Liquid, Aerosol)

Rust-Oleum 255449 is an excellent paint and stain stripper readily available for metals and other tough finishes. Luckily, this remover is unique for being non-flammable and hence is suitable for use on metals that are around hot objects – don’t fire hazard fear.

Rust-Oleum 255449 Paint Remover for Metal (Liquid, Aerosol)
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Rust-Oleum 255449 is also a lightweight and small-sized paint remover suitable to carry around as you work on different metal surfaces, including vehicles and aircraft (wood, fibreglass, mineral, and metal). Further, the stripper is equally fast-acting, and it’ll easily clean using water.

This fast-acting paint stripper will make the metal surface ready for working within a few minutes – however, you must not leave the paint stripper applied overnight. Rust-Oleum 255449 will strip off paint and stains from metals, including copper, magnesium, and aluminium.

The paint remover will be appropriate for metal doors, car wheels, and other metal surfaces (including vertical surfaces and walls). However, ensure that the surface to be treated has no rubber because it’ll be eaten away by the paint remover.

Rust-Oleum 255449 is a gel-like stripper and won’t be hazardous to Methylene Chloride or bases, plus it won’t be a fire hazard. Also, the remover will be highly helpful for stripping epoxy, polyurethanes, and glue. Again, this stripper is eco-friendly.

Luckily, with Rust-Oleum 255449, you won’t have to scrub the surface excessively or even scrap off the metal using some knives. The paint removal will dry the paint on the metal surface, and thus you’ll need to brush lightly to leave the metal bare – ease of use!

This paint remover is also budget-friendly and easy to use since it’ll be ready within 10 – 15 minutes, particularly on metal, vehicles, or bikes. However, avoid getting the gel coming into contact with the skin as it’ll cause a burning or irritation sensation.


  • Non-flammable paint remover gel and thus reduced chances of fire hazard
  • Ease of application and fast-acting – it’ll work within 10 to 15 minutes.
  • It’ll remove paint and stain on metal and other tough surfaces


  • May cause burning or irritation sensation on your skin

6. Klean-Strip Premium Aerosol Non-Methylene Paint Remover & Stripper

Klean-Strip Premium is a versatile and powerful paint stripper that’ll remove any oil-based or latex paint layers effectively resolve many problems related to old paint, including bubbling, peeling, and chipping. 


Klean-Strip Premium Aerosol Non-Methylene Paint Remover & Stripper
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I consider this Klean-Strip Premium as the fastest, safest, and most robust metal paint stripper. Due to its strength, the stripper will equally remove shellac, varnish, epoxy, and polyurethane for metal, masonry, and wood. 

Further, the Klean-Strip will strip off various paints in your home, including furniture, floors, and walls. The Non-Methylene Chloride will require 15 minutes to fully dissolve the multiple latex paint layers – 15 minutes for alkyd or oil paint. 

The paint remover is both environment, substrate, and skin-friendly, and thus, you won’t require to undertake unusual ventilation when applying. You can also use it on moulded, carved, and intricate surfaces – including marine paints. 

The water cleanable is equally gentle on your various antiques – including on small projects. The stripper will equally remove powder coat even on valve covers – acetone and glass bead had failed to work. 


  • The top-notch metal paint stripper will also remove paint from your old aluminium boat – thoroughly washing off the paint in just 10 minutes.
  • I used it, successfully, on my chairs and dining tables without causing damage on the wood. 


  • None


Removing Paint from Metal (Step by Step)

Paint stripping from your metal must be a marathon. For a start, use a synthetic pad, bristle brush or coarse rag – eliminate loosened paint. But don’t use steel wool as it’ll scratch the surfaces of your softer metal – use mineral spirits on a rag. 

Step 1: Gear up and Prepare the ted Metallic area.

To remove paint from your metal hardware, doors, dresser, and lamp, et yourself a paint stripper. Cover up the surface using cloth, cardboard boxes, or recycled newspapers – protects the surface using a chemical stripper. 

Equally, wear pants, a long-sleeved shirt, safety glasses, and rubber gloves – this will protect your skin. Also, using a mask or respirator will help prevent the inhalation of harmful paint stripper fumes. 

Step 2: Paint Stripper Application 

It is time to apply your chemical paint stripper on the metal or glass surface – you can use a disposable paintbrush – allow the remover to set as outlined in the product instructions. 

To remove the old paint, apply the stripper coat uniformly over the metal surface using the inexpensive paintbrush. Allow the stripper to work for 20 minutes until you notice paint bubbling. 

Step 3: Paint Scraping 

Next, use a plastic scraper to eject the metal surfaces’ softened paint before applying the next stripper coat, if required. 

But use a nylon brush or scrubbing pad to scrape off the paint from harder-to-reach place and crevices on the metal surface. Repeat the stripper application and brush or scrape off all the paint. 

Step 4: Mineral Spirit Application 

The next step is applying mineral spirits or vinegar on the metal and finally wiping the surface. Eject all leftover paint flakes and any other chemical residue. 

Finally, wipe the metal surface using water and wipe ant stripper traces to leave the surface clean and dry. 


So, there you have it with the best paint stripper for metal. These products will strip off paint and stains from metals, including copper, steel, and aluminium.

Further, consider if the product must be eco-friendly and doesn’t corrode the metal surfaces or the human skin – but use PPE for toxic or caustic paint removers.

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