7 Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House 2024

What’s the best ladder for painting 2 story house? Painting 2 story house may be challenging especially when it comes to reaching the roof or ceiling of your house at ease without any accident. Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House

Ladders are designed with various features that call for keen selection to suit the job at hand.

Perhaps you’re stuck and wonders which ladder would fit your house-painting task without hassle among many brands in the current market. See Also: Here’s how to stain a deck.

7 Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House 2024

1. TOPRUNG Model-17 with Aluminum Extension – #1 Pick

Toprung Ladder tops our list due to its unbeatable service provision as per the current clients’ response. The product features the top quality aircraft grade aluminum, which gives it sturdy strength suitable for holding extra weight up to 300 pound while painting without deformation.

Best Ladder for Painting 2 Story House Check Price on Amazon

The ANSI standard ladder is self-hardened and pure aluminum made thus won’t rust upon paint contact or when rained on.

Actually, Toprung is specially designed with a classic, fiberglass stepper model that extends upwards nicely for optional height fixing while painting – including with latex paint sprayer.

Indeed, the 5 multiple stage scaffold options gives you a nice ground stability that enables you to set it nicely on the stairways or side-wing of the roof easily when painting. In addition, you can set a cross scaffold ladder to give you a horizontal painting option without shifting your ladder assembly.

You can definitely trust the wide slip-resistant feet that secures the base firmly without release thus guaranteeing the user top safety while painting.

Moreover, Toprung is stand-alone designed to avoid leaning on the walls and this makes it more stable & comfortable for the user. You can actually work at a height of 17 feet while maintaining a safe base width of 1.8 ft. to 2.5 ft.

Importantly, this product is lightweight (34.5 pounds) thus making it more portable for both youth and adults. Not to forget, Toprung comes with as short storage height of 4.6 feet that won’t occupy much of your store space.


  • Strong and sturdy aircraft grade aluminum
  • Extra stability – wider base with at high heights
  • Highly portable – less weight 34.5 pounds
  • Comfortable and slip-resistance
  • 100% safe – no leaning on the wall/stand alone
  • Easy to assemble and extend
  • Excellent vertical height of 17 feet
  • 5 Multiple stage scaffold and 1 foot fiberglass stepper
  • Carries maximum weight of 300 pounds
  • Durable, easy to use and steady
  • Store nicely in a small space


  • Slightly heavier for young kids
  • Hard to pull clasp pins

2. Idealchoiceproduct 15.5 Feet Folding ladder – #2 Pick

Idealchoice is a specially designed ladder that is made with double frame sturdy EN131 aluminum structure, which allows extra weight carriage up to 330 pounds.

The Convertible design that comes with this ladder makes it easier to form high scaffolds reaching up to 15.5 feet height. See Also: stain for pressure treated wood.

Idealchoiceproduct 15.5 Feet Folding ladder Check Price on Amazon

Actually, you can easily assemble Idealchoice alone since the package comes in simple self-locking steppers. Moreover, the product is made using heavy-duty durable aluminum, which is long lasting.

The 4 assembly rungs come with 2 step plates that can be set across to allow large horizontal surface painting without leaning on the wall. Moreover, this ladder comes with simple 5-ways combination options that either gives you a straight ladder, double sided ladder, flat work station ladder or a stair ladder- this is needful to meet your painting demands.

The rust proof product comes in a portable lightweight package of 37.5 pounds. In fact, the Idealchoice has a convenient foldable design that occupies W24.4”x D10.83” x H50” space.

The versatile ladder also features multiple hinge lock mechanism that guarantees you top safety while painting and further gives it an awesome design set ups while working.

The base of Idealchoice is fit with non-slip rubber feet angles while the rungs are fitted with side slip-resistant projections to prevent any skid movement. Notably, this ladder has ground stabilizer bars needed to keep the base still.


  • Heavy duty dual plates aluminum
  • Foldable design and strong Lock hinges –safety
  • Non-slip rubber feet and slip resistant rungs
  • Excellent height (15.5 ft.) and strong base stabilizers
  • Easier to assemble and carry along – 37.5 pounds
  • Rust proof material and Multiple scaffolds
  • High load capacity – 330 pounds


  • Not heavy enough for professional use
  • Unstable at maximum height

3. Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescopic Ladder – #3 Pick

Ohuhu is the best retractable painting ladder that comes with a classic instant retraction key, which effortlessly reduces the vertical height to your top options.

This product is crafted using high-quality sturdy aluminum alloy that can hold up to 330 pounds workload without deformation.

Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Check Price on Amazon

The telescopic extensional ladder has a strong rock-solid stability and non-slip floor caps that stick perfectly on the ground to prevent any slipping while painting. Moreover, the ladder comes with simple, intelligent locking mechanism that is compliant with SGS and EN 131 European safety standard-thus assuring you 100% safety while onboard.

Ohuhu has extreme versatility and allows comfortable painting of sections within 12.5 feet height while maintaining a strong ground stability. In fact, the ladder comes with simple retract straps that easily resize it to a short portable height of 2.9 feet.

This product has a special spring load mechanism that locks the vibrations that may result from vertical movement while painting. Moreover, the anti-slip top cap strongly cling on the wall preventing any downward slipping while painting.

Importantly. Ohuhu is budget friendly and has very impressive design. It’s ANSI certified too.


  • High-quality sturdy aluminum material
  • Retractable key lock and foldable
  • Has Non-slip end cap and anti-slip top cap
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has spring loaded lock mechanism
  • ANSI certified and budget friendly
  • Rock-solid stability- safe
  • Convertible and collapsible
  • High load capacity (330 pounds) & great height (12.5 feet)
  • Rust proof and has descending control key


  • It’s a wall leaning option
  • It may pinch your fingers when collapsing

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4. Louisville Ladder Fiberglass FE3228 Ladder

Louisville Fiberglass ladder features a top quality heavy-duty aluminum material that is self-hardened to carry extra weight up to 300 pounds without sliding or deformation.

Louisville Ladder Fiberglass FE3228 Ladder Check Price on Amazon

The special design ground levels and mar resistant rails end caps secures you perfectly well without slipping while painting (safe).

Actually, this ladder has double sliding frame structure that extends smoothly up to an amazing height of 28 feet. Moreover, the instant latch rungs, that are patented, lock nicely and have a wide stepper to give you a comfortable posture while painting.

The product comes with sturdy resetting rope and pulley as well as strong steel-plate swivels for feet protection. In fact, the D-shaped rungs clip and lock perfectly thus preventing any movement. You will definitely love the classic design and color that Louisville comes in – it would boost your confidence further while carrying out commercial painting.

Louisville comes with super industrial standards that even exceeds the CSA grade 1 and ANSI 14.4 thus proving to be scratch resistant and durable. Notably, this ladder is lightweight and highly portable.


  • Strong ANSI certified aluminum framework
  • Resetting rope and pulley – simple to set
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • High load capacity – 300 pounds
  • Classic design and color
  • Comes in various sizes and great height – 28 feet
  • Non-slip base cap and mar resistant end caps
  • High industrial standards and CSA grade 1
  • Easier to use and safe
  • Durable and Highly stable


  • Slightly expensive
  • Lean on the wall option

5. Little Giant 15422-001Multi-Use Ladder

Little giant ladder features a strong self-hardened, aircraft grade aluminum that is nicely designed to handle a maximum net weight of 300 pounds without collapsing.

Little Giant 15422-001Multi-Use Ladder Check Price on Amazon

Indeed, the ladder has wider footrest steppers that are firmly fixed to prevent any skidding.

Little giant is manufactured in a classic convertible design that is simple and easily adjustable to your height choice. In fact, the product is a stand-alone model (no leaning on the wall), which makes it suitable for stairway painting and horizontal wall clearance.

The 5 in 1 ladder comes in awesome combination design that enable you to set it into over 33 possible configuration as per your painting demands. Moreover, Little giant has wide-flared feet to increase ground stability and offer optimal safety.

It’s important to note the wide rough rungs that will not only reduce your foot pain and fatigue but will also increase entire body stability while painting. In addition, the ladder comes with a rock lock system and dual-pin hinges that easily allows smooth extensions to your vertical choice.

Little giant is fitted with strong glide wheels to allows smooth push/pull movement without sliding on the ground. Notably, the versatile ladder has nice top land that can be extended horizontally to create scaffolds best for ceiling painting up to 22 feet height.

Not forgetting, this ladder is lightweight (39 pounds) and can be folded to occupy smaller storage space.


  • Wide flared feet for extra stability
  • Great vertical height and a wide top land.
  • Stand-alone design- no leaning on the wall
  • Highly portable and Light weight – 39 pounds
  • Sturdy aircraft grade aluminum frame
  • 33 classic configurations and combinations – 5 in 1 ladders
  • Safe – has strong lockable steppers and non-slip feet
  • High load capacity (300 pounds) and smooth extension
  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Has movable base wheels and non-slip rungs
  • Affordable and low maintenance cost


  • Unstable at maximum height
  • Slightly heavier for kids

6. DeWalt DXL3020-28PT Fiberglass Ladder

DeWalt is an elegantly designed ladder that is engineered with strong nylon rope and quick latch to allow smooth continuous extension up to a maximum height of 28 feet.

DeWalt DXL3020-28PT Fiberglass Ladder Check Price on Amazon

The ladders is manufactured using sturdy fiberglass, which is lightweight and can carry extra weight up to 300 pounds without deformation.

Actually, this product has an elegant design and impressive color to give you extra confidence when carrying out professional commercial painting. Moreover, the ladder is fitted with strong heavy-duty aluminum swivel/steel shoes to offer an extra support and stability when painting.

DeWalt has non-marring rubber sides (prevent scratches) and strong side rung latches that reduce any whirling while collapsing. In fact, the ladder has a non-slip end cap that guarantees you 100% safety while painting.

Well, the non-conductive channels reduces any static shock while the top mar caps stick nicely on the wall without slipping or creating any marks/impressions.

Notably, DeWalt is a comfortable ladder that is easier to transport and comes with extra gauge industrial standards making it more durable.


  • Elegant design and simple convertible mechanism
  • Has a non-marring side rubber and top cap
  • Heavy duty aluminum swivel and steel shoes
  • Non-slip base caps and a rolling nylon rope
  • Maximum height of 28 feet and weight up to 300 pounds
  • Non-conductive channels and mar rung latches
  • Comfortable and 100% safety
  • Scratch resistant and smooth finish
  • Rust proof and budget friendly


  • Wobbles at maximum height
  • Slightly heavy

7. Werner D1524-2 24 Feet Extension-ladder

Werner ladder is engineered with sturdy I-beam design and strong lock brackets to provide superior strength and a smooth compacted sliding without whirling.

Werner D1524-2 24 Feet Extension-ladder Check Price on Amazon

Actually, the ladder is made using heavy-duty aluminum frame suitable to carry a maximum load of 300 pounds without fatigue.

Werner is fitted with traction tred rungs and slip resistant latched to give you extra grip and comfort when painting without foot pain. Moreover, the ladder features Alflo rung connection joints that are steady and twist resistant to offer top-performance.

So far, Werner has spring load locks for smooth vibratory control while climbing and flat shoe lock (Shu-lock) attachment to give you extra support and stability.

The ladder base is fitted with non-slip end caps with extra static stickiness to offer optimal safety while painting. Indeed, the ladder comes with anti-skid, mar resistant top cap to prevent any down fall or slipping when painting.

Importantly, the versatile ladder is collapsible and lightweight making it highly portable. You will enjoy top performance with Werner in commercial painting while spending the least maintenance cost (budget friendly).

Normally, the rust-proof ladder comes in a simple assembly impressive design that is easier to set and pull down alone. Check this guide on the best automotive hvlp spray gun.


  • Sturdy heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Alflo rung connects and twist resistant
  • Rust-proof framework and weather friendly
  • Anti-vibratory spring load locks
  • Slip –resistant latches and traction tred rungs
  • Mar resistant base caps and top ant-skid caps
  • High load capacity (300 pounds) and great height (28 feet)
  • Impressive design and simple to assemble
  • Strong lock brackets and I-beam design
  • Comfortable and high commercial performance
  • Budget friendly and low maintenance cost


  • Wobbles at very high heights
  • It’s a wall lean option
  • A little bit heavy


When selecting the best ladder for painting 2 story house, it’s important to consider base stability, safely options, extension ability, material strength as well as the entire weight.

Moreover, the storage height and durability is crucial before you decide on best price that favors your pocket. Indeed, excellent final paint finish is a function of the best ladder selection.

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