7 Best Painters Tape for Textured Walls 2024

To paint like a pro, you need a painter’s tape especially if you want to create a boundary between two differently painted surfaces. Best Painters Tape for Textured Walls

There are many painters’ tapes available in the market but we are going to highlight the best painter’s tape for textured walls.

When you pick the best tapes, you have the courage to do your paintwork without fear of bleeding and seepage.

On the other end, when removing the tape you are assured that the tape will not leave a damaged surface that can heartbreaking. See Also: Removing soot from walls

s: Top 7 Best Painters Tape for Textured Walls 2024

1. ScotchBlue Original Multi-Areas Painter’s Tape, 1.88 inch

Defined by quality, ScotchBlue Original is definitely what every painter whether a pro or a homeowner wants to use in their painting job.

Best Painters Tape for Textured Walls Check Price on Amazon

This painting tape has been in production for the last 25 years giving you unmatched service.

When using this tape, you can be sure that it gives a sharp painting line which is the desire of every painter.

Its adhesion is medium and comes out of the roller easily giving you a smooth time as you work with it.

It sticks quite fast on any surface you apply whether glass, windows, metals, baseboards, ceilings textured walls among others.

It applies quickly and comes off easily without damaging your painted surface. Regardless of a flat or a curved surface, the tape will still apply well without any difficulties.

This tape can stick up to 14 days on your surface and come out very smoothly without damaging the painted surface.

The tape is treated to be UV light resistant and can withstand strong sunlight for a long. You can get it in different widths.


  • UV light resistant
  • Sharp paint-line
  • Does not damage the surface
  • Easy to apply
  • 14 days of stick ability


  • It’s expensive


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2. Scotch Contractor Grade Masking Tape, 9 Rolls

This masking tape does a fantastic job in preventing the bleeding and protects penetration of paint into the surface below.

Scotch Contractor Grade Masking Tape, 9 Rolls Check Price on Amazon

It is designed in strong adhesion and can stick well on surfaces like carpets, vinyl, or even non-painted wood surfaces.

However, the tape must be removed in less than 24 hours or at least when the surface has dried and ready to touch.

Failure to which the tapes stick on the surface and is likely to cause damage on the painted surface.

Before application, clean the surface thoroughly, dry it and it should be free of dust for better stick ability and performance.

When applying the tape stick it down well on the surface 30-60 minutes prior to painting.

You can use it on both exterior and interior surfaces and still perform well on the surface.

When removing the tape incline it 45 degrees and gently remove it to avoid damaging the surface


  • Strong adhesion
  • Controls paint bleeding
  • Applied on multiple surfaces
  • No damage on the surface
  • Leaves a clean line


  • Strict time adherence on tape removal


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3. XFasten Professional Blue Painters Wall Tape

This is for pros out there who do very delicate surface painting and like precise and detailed painting on either interior or locomotive and other surfaces.

XFasten Professional Blue Painters Wall Tape Check Price on Amazon

 Interestingly, you can leave this tape on your surface for up to 60 days and upon removal, it will not leave any sticky dirt behind.

You can apply it on surfaces like glass, metals textured walls, ceilings, porcelain, trim among others.

Unlike other tapes, this one is designed with water and UV light resistant abilities for durability. It can withstand any kind of harsh weather regardless of the season.

The selling points for this tape are, the non-bleeding formula gives a clean line and on top of that gives a narrow edge making it rank highly among the available tapes.

There is also greatly enhanced by its strong adhesion on gentle surfaces.


  • It is UV light and water-resistant
  • Stick ability of up to 60 days
  • Gives clean line
  • Designed with non-bleeding features
  • Strong adhesion
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces


  • Some people have issues with the brand name

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4. ScotchBlue Original Multi-Areas Painter’s Tape, 6 Rolls

This tape is very familiar to many Americans as the tape has been in the market for the last 25 years. It has been known for its unmatched branding and quality performance.

ScotchBlue Original Multi-Areas Painter's Tape, 6 Rolls Check Price on Amazon

Designed with medium adhesion, it’s easy to remove it from the wall without damaging your newly painted surface.

For most professional painters, they know what this means and is most preferred on surfaces regardless of their textured.

Such surfaces may include glass, tiles, trim boards, slightly textured walls, window panes, and casing metals among others.

Whether you have used a roller, a brush, or a spray for painting, the tape does an exceptional job in marking your textured wall, by the way, this tape can remain on your surface for up to 14 days and still come out clean without damaging your surface.

This tape is also treated to be UV rays resistant for durability and withstand strong sunshine.


  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • UV light resistant
  • Can hold to surface up to 14 days
  • Has average adhesion


  • May not work well on rough surfaces

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5. FROGTAPE-1358463 Multi-Areas Paintblock Painter’s Tape, Green

Frogtape is one of its kind when it comes to the uniqueness of the technology use.

FROGTAPE-1358463 Multi-Areas Paintblock Painter's Tape, Green Check Price on Amazon

It is designed with a paint block technology that plays a very important role in offering quality performance from this tape.

This technique does so well in making this tape anti bleed, anti-seepage and helps the tape in creating a sharp line on the surface.

You only activate this technology upon contact with latex paint and the process begins of protecting the sealed area against the paint

The tape has mild adhesion and you can use it on nonwood, glass, metals, or cured surfaces.

However, before application ensued the surface is well cleaned, dust-free, and dry. This is meant to enhance the performance of the tape upon the surface applied to.

If using the tape on the external surface, the tape can stick on the wall for up to 7 days and 21 days on interior surfaces. However, remove the tape before the paint dries it will always leave a clean surface.


  • Moderate adhesion
  • Designed in Paint-block technology
  • Used on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Use on multiple surfaces
  • Leaves a clean line


  • The surface must be cleaned before use

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6. IPG ProMask Blue with BLOC-It Masking Tape, Blue, (Single Roll)

IPG is designed in proprietary technology to enhance its performance.

IPG ProMask Blue with BLOC-It Masking Tape, Blue, (Single Roll) Check Price on Amazon

The tape also has edges that are uniquely designed edges make the tape anti-bleed and have non-seepage features.

Additionally, the tape is treated to be UV light resistant and can be exposed to sunlight for up to 14 days without losing its adhesion.

Upon its removal, the tape does not cause damage to the wall but gives a sharp paint line.

Preferred by many professionals, this tape can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces like wood, laminated surface, non-painted, freshly-painted surfaces or new surfaces, wallpapers, and polyurethane-coated surfaces

In case you are planning on doing a detailed painting or a corner, this is the best tape to go for to get the best results with its narrow width.

The tape is also scratch-proof and durable giving you service for a long.


  • Resistant to UV light
  • Designed with antibleeding features
  • 14 days adhesiveness on walls
  • Appropriate for detailed painting
  • Good for indoor and outdoor surfaces


  • Does well on wood surfaces

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7. FROGTAPE 280221 Delicate Surface & Multi-Use Painter’s Tape, Yellow

Frogtape is a superior adhesion tape that is purposely designed for freshly applied paint provided it’s ready to touch.

FROGTAPE 280221 Delicate Surface & Multi-Use Painter's Tape, Yellow Check Price on Amazon

The tape has permeable polymers that act upon contact with latex-based paint to release a gel that stops any bleeding of paints.

The easily removable tape can be used on surfaces like windows, glasses, trims, wallpapers, vinyl, dry walls, and unfinished wood, and only freshly painted walls.

However, before application, clean all the surfaces thoroughly where the tape is to be applied with a detergent.

Ensure the surface is free of dust, and dry the surface well for effective application of the tape. You can remove the tape after you finish painting but when the paint has dried.

You can use this tape for decorating your house and other interior purposes too.


  • Has superior adhesion
  • Suitable for interior surfaces
  • Designed with a gel-like formula
  • Easily removable
  • Creates a sharp line


  • Not appropriate for exterior use

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Having shortlisted the best painter’s tape for textured walls, the top recommendation goes to ScotchBlue Original Multi-Areas Painter’s Tape, 1.88 inches for its uncompromised and better rating from many painters.

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