7 Best Boat Bottom Paint for Speed in 2024

Keeping your boat’s hull clear of marine growth is vital to guarantee a risk-free, efficient, and speedy performance. A coat of racing paint should be hardy enough to last you for the whole racing season. Best Boat Bottom Paint for Speed

The best boat bottom paint for speed should be capable of keeping irritating slime and algae at bay without compromising on your vessel’s appearance.

Also, the boat’s color may fade due to being covered by marine growth. The fastest bottom paints should get wet sanded and burnished with relative ease to attain a smooth finish and corrosion protection.

s: Top 7 Best Boat Bottom Paint for Speed in 2024

1. TotalBoat JD Antifouling Select Bottom Paint

Since the condition of the bottom surfaces influences speed, your boat’s performance can be hindered by the additive effects of an uneven water interface, which tends to create drag.

TotalBoat JD Antifouling Select Bottom Paint Check Price on Amazon

This revolutionary product from TotalBoat JD works by filling the surface imperfections on your hull with nano-particles to create a more uniform boat-water interface.

The Nano-particle chains created by this paint serve to fill all voids thoroughly hence allowing water particles to break away immediately on contact. It’s suitable for steel, woody, fiberglass, or aluminum boats

By helping reduce the imperfections on your haul temporarily, this product presents as the go-to choice for boat owners looking to improve their vessels’ speed by reducing friction with water by as much as 45%.

This product works best on wetter surfaces, making it the perfect pick while the boat is in operation. Before racing events, the hull surface should be soaked to allow the vessel to cure.

The ease of cleaning and coating provided by the Nano-prom Aqua Speed paint makes it a suitable pick for DIYers looking to clean their hauls from the dock or local marina.

For best results, hand’s liquid paint should be applied to ensure that full coverage is achieved.


  • Reduces drag
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Fast-drying performance


  • Effects are temporary

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2. McLube Hullkote High-Performance Speed Polish

This citrus-based coating is one of the most environmentally friendly options which meet the OSHA standards mainly due to its non-hazardous nature.

McLube Hullkote High-Performance Speed Polish Check Price on Amazon

This solution cleans and protects your hull to ensure it maintains the optimal racing condition. This Hullkote edition works by repelling water and reducing drag to deliver ultra-fast results.

This polish applies easily over other waxes and polishes and is safe to use on painted boat hulls. The matte and high gloss finishes will be equally Lust – it’s excellent for metal surfaces

Since it is citrus-based, this polish also acts as a natural degreaser with the potential to achieve an ultra-smooth and sealed finishing and a lasting high-gloss shine, and unrivaled UV protection.

This is arguably one of the most environmentally friendly hull paint because it does not contain petroleum distillates synonymous with other polish brands.

This product is designed to last longer than its competitors allowing you to achieve a lustrous shine. Its effect lasts one year above the waterline and around 20 days of intense below the water performance.

This product is also easy to apply, taking up only half the time utilized by standard petroleum-based options. You also get a faster hull coating application performance with every purchase of the Hullkote Sped Polish.


  • Dual functionality (polisher and degreaser)
  • Ultra-fast application
  • Lasting finish


  • None

3. Spartan multi-season antifouling paint

Pick this product if you are looking for an all-season anti-fouling coating for your speed boat’s hull.

Spartan multi-season antifouling paint Check Price on Amazon

Featuring the revolutionary self-polishing technology, this unit delivers a smoother finish to guarantee you improved fuel efficiency for wooden, steel, and fiberglass boat hulls

The copper component included in this paint offers dependable protection both in fresh and salty water environments.

Although this pick is especially suited for previously painted surfaces, it combines the high copper content and self-polishing properties to eliminate slime and protect your hull from algae growth and other irritating sea debris.

Additional protective layers of Spartan guarantee you long-lasting performance for the toughest foulants. Burnishing will provide a smoother finish for your boat’s hull without losing protection. Additionally, its easy application and smooth flow make it easy to use for both beginners and experienced users.

Thanks to its utilization of the advanced co-polymer formula, this product releases biocides at a controlled rate to guarantee you a lasting performance no matter the speed.

This is the ultimate pick for boat owners looking for durable antifouling protection in all types of water. Besides, this paint virtually defies abrasion making the perfect choice for recently painted hulls.


  • Self-polishing feature
  • Long-lasting effect
  • All-season performance


  • Relatively pricey

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4. Total Boat Underdog anti-fouling hull bottom paint

For boat owners looking for short term protection on a budget, the Underdog solvent-based paint is the go-to choice. Its ablative properties allow your vessel to release biocide while reducing paint build-up.

Total Boat Underdog anti-fouling hull bottom paint Check Price on Amazon

Compared to other ablative bottom paints, this edition can withstand the hassles of trailering and beaching. This paint provides excellent adhesion on a wide range of surfaces, from wood to fiberglass to steel and iron.

For best results, apply on a clean and sanded surface. Additionally, this product is easy to use: mix, pour, and apply to the surface using a sprayer, roller, or paintbrush – just like with brake calipers

Apply this product if you are looking to eliminate slime and barnacles on speed boats raced frequently. For best results, let the paint dry overnight.

The Total Boat Underdog paint provides excellent coverage of 500 square feet per gallon. 1-2 coatings are sufficient to achieve a lasting finish on a budget.

The quick-drying time at high temperatures further is another selling point for this coating. The package includes a roller frame, stirring rods, scotch-Brite pad, and disposable cleaning tissues.

Since this coat has the capacity to hold on for longer, curing faster and applying more easily provides the most value in our featured list.


  • A long tradition of excellence
  • Wide coverage
  • Scrape resistant


  • Not suitable for aluminum hulls

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5. Inter-lux Micron Extra anti-fouling paint

Featuring the revolutionary Biolux Technology, this paint can protect your boat’s hull from slime and algae and barnacle growth in both salty and freshwater environments.

Inter-lux Micron Extra anti-fouling paint Check Price on Amazon

Its highly efficient polishing finish improves fuel efficiency while reducing drag to keep you ahead of your racing competitors. For its price, you get excellent value without blowing your budget.

The Micron-Extra pain retains its anti-fouling properties when the boat is not in use, hence allowing you to relaunch without the need for repainting. The smooth paint offers excellent performance and versatility for a professional boat finish

Compared to other anti-fouling options in the market, you are guaranteed a smooth performance with this option.  Also available in a low emissions formula, reduced carbon dioxide sulfur dioxide emissions significantly improve your hull’s performance.

The controlled wearing properties of this Interlux product deliver a consistent and uninterrupted antifouling performance. Depending on the surface preparation and layers of paint applied, you are guaranteed a lasting performance throughout the racing season.

This paint can be applied over hard conventional coatings after intense sanding. This paint comes in a 1-gallon size package, which provides sufficient coverage over larger surfaces.  For the best results in the long term, pay attention to the manufacturer’s indications.


  • Guarantee improved fuel efficiency.
  • Excellent anti-fouling performance
  • Suitable for all vessels


  • Complicated manufacturer directions for use

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6. Vivid Hybrid high-performance multi-season dual biocide antifouling paint

This bottom paint gives you a wide range of vibrant color options to choose from if you are looking for a departure from dull and dirty looking hulls associated with bottom hulls.

Vivid Hybrid high-performance multi-season dual biocide antifouling paint Check Price on Amazon

This pick allows your bright colors to maintain their shine while leaving your black paint as detailed as possible. The hybrid properties leverage the features of both ablative and hard paints.

In addition to the wide range of vivid colors, this unit also provides a powerful dual biocide antifouling performance, both practical and aesthetically appealing.

This unit comes in a 3-gallon bucket featuring red, green, yellow, red, and white colors. This paint delivers a hard and smooth surface after burnishing to guarantee a super-slick racing performance.

The Pettit Vivid works eliminating toxicants like its competitors, but it does more by disintegrating and exposing extra layers of toxicants, leaving you with a highly polished surface.

The key to Vivid’s decades’ long success is utilizing the new-age white copper feature thanks to its lightweight properties. It features 50% fewer biocide compounds than the cuprous oxide compounds used in conventional antifoulant paints.


  • Highly detailed finish
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for wide applications, including wood surfaces like railings, wood furniture, and trim. 


  • Relatively pricey

7. Hullspeed High-Speed ® smart armor hull paint

Originally designed as a high-performance racing option for the exclusive yacht racing sport, this company has since branched out into other recreational and commercial marine markets.

Best Boat Bottom Paint for Speed Check Price on Amazon

Whether you are looking to repair or protect your hull or improve speed efficiency or acceleration, this brand is the best pick for you.

This paint’s ability to deliver a fuel-efficient, environment-friendly and defensive performance for your vessel distinguish it from its competitors. The finish will offer protection from sea spray, weathering, UV rays, and mildew resistance

Based on user reviews, speed boats coated with HullSpeed paints have realized up to 10% improvement in speed and fuel efficiency performance. Additionally, it improves hull cleaning and maintenance.

Based on manufacturer information, this paint guarantees you more comfortable cleaning and maintenance performance. What’s more? It ensures five times more durability and reduced drag over debris.

This non-hazardous coating is easy to apply, thanks to its water-soluble nature. Unlike other conventional hull paints, Hull Speed is fully cured and devoid of biocides and heavy metal compounds.

Its ease of cleaning using water pressure or brush is just what you need to look for an environmentally sustainable solution. Overall, this paint is designed to improve your boat’s bottom durability and performance in the long run.


  • Easy to apply
  • Extends hull longevity
  • Wide range of applications


  • None found


This list has attempted to review the best hull paint for speed based on user feedback and prevailing market trends – just like with automotive HVLP sprayers

The editor’s choice from our featured review is the evolutionary product from Aqua Speed, which works by filling the surface imperfections on your hull with nano-particles to create a more uniform boat-water interface.

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